Monday, September 26, 2016


MOM fooled us.  We thought we were getting ready for trick or treating and candy.

Instead we were really going to see our own Frankenvet.

Mom drugged us with a anti-anxiety drug.

We are researching the amount of prison time for that.  We need to make sure we can stand living wif our dad alone for that long before we call the district attorney.  We may give her a pass this one time.  Living with Dad alone, is scarier.

WE did great.  Gussie did not even scream one time.  Nails, butts, and two rabies shots done.  The Frankenvet loved our prison clothing.  It is appropriate we told her cos we live and play in Alcatraz.

Mom is learning her new medical job.  Sometimes she answers the phone, "law office" wonder how long they will keep her.

Stella Rose

Monday, September 19, 2016


We remembered.

We have been gone for awhile now, and Mom knew she needed to write this post but has been putting it off.  Today is our 980th post, so we only have 20 more to go to hit the big 1,000...which we will....down the road.

In a few weeks it will be one year since our Dads accident. Wow, has he went through a lot in this year, and so have we puggies, and our momma.  Dad is almost done seeing all the doctors and will be doing some tests to see if he can even work anymore in his life.  The arm doc told dad that he has a permanent frozen shoulder and he can only lift it so far.   So more changes, and adjustments.  One new change at our home is mom is going to be working at a second job.  She will be working as a medical receptionist at a walk in clinic about 30 min. from home.  She is nervous and excited about her new job.  She will still have her old job just different hours, so it will be harder to blog.

Mom loves to blog, and she loves us, and loves sharing the funny stuff about us with you.  So don't give up on our mom if you don't see her as often.  She still checks your blogs to make sure everyone is okay, and will try hard to comment.  She is not leaving blogville, just slowing down for awhile. 

She does get on facebook and check on peoples also, so you will see her there around ......

From Mom:
My friends sometimes there just is not any words to tell you all how much you mean me and my family.  You have been there through so much, and have always helped out whenever I asked anything of you.  I know I can always count on you, and that makes the folks here very rare, and hard to find in the whole world.   You are truly what every family should strive to be.  Blogville.

Deb and the puggies

Friday, September 2, 2016


Happy Birthday to our dear friend Easy.  Since our mom cannot manage to get a birthday card purchased and mailed in time, we are just going to have to make do with this post.

Thank you for always being so funny.
Thank you for always being so smart and handsome
Thank you for always being there for us.

Happy Birthday Easy from Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, Angus Mac, Henri and El

Thursday, September 1, 2016


DID you notice the kittens got to do THEIR review FIRST.   Yep now you know they run our house and pay no attention to the PUG RULES found on the wall beside their inside beach. 

So this month we chose to try Whole Earth Farms, Natural Salmon Stew which is MADE IN AMERICA and all natural.
 So Mom gets our breakfast ready by first putting our dry kibble in each of our bowls.  We eat grain free kibble and then Mom mixes some of this stew in with it.  We are so picky mom says but we loved this salmon stew.

See how meaty and chunky it is.  The chunks are super soft so mom just smashed them down, put some of the gravy in with it, and we went to town filling our bellies.

We cleaned our bowls.

High Protein
All natural fruits and vegetables and nuffin from China.

Five stars.

We were paid nuffin to say these good fings.

Stella Rose


Henri: we are late with our Mr. Chewy review.  I am so embarrassed!  

EL:  Well lets get this late show on the road Mom!

This month was our first time reviewing for Mr. Chewy and let us tell you it was one of our most wonderfulest experiences in our very young lives.  This is what arrived at our door.  We heard it calling our names.........Henriiiiiiiiiiiiii..............Elllllllllllllllllllllllen................come eat me.

Yep we ordered the variety pack of Tiki Cat---Aloha Friend. This box held 12 pouches of a 3 oz. size of cat food in four varieties.  There was Tuna with Tilapia & Pumpkin (3), Tuna with Ocean Whitefish & Pumpkin (3), Tuna with Shrimp & Pumpkin (3) and Tuna with Calamari & Pumpkin   Every morning it was like we were on vacation on some wonderful island, with our pretend beach, (scratch know that stuff called kitty litter) and our food filled with all flavors of seafood.   WE LOVED IT ALL!!!

Mom mixed it in with our dry kitty food, cos she was not sure how it would do in our young bellies by itself. 

 Mom liked the cool packages it came in.  She would take a spoon, take some out, and fold it down and put it in the refrig till our next meal. 

It took one month to finish up 12 pouches because we are still little so at a cost of $10.69 that was a great deal.

We give this Tiki Cat food 5 stars for sure.

Here are the things we really liked about it.
No Grain
No Gluten
and the tuna is always fresh.  What more could we have asked for?

I love you Tiki Cat.
I love you MORE Tiki Cat.
We were paid no monies to say all these true things.
Henri and EL.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Dear Friends:
I know we have not been on here very much lately, but without much explanation other than life is hard right now, we would really just like to talk about someone else much more important.  Time is of essence so we are pasting this from our cousins facebook page for all our friends to read.  If you would like to send her a card her addy is in the story.  Just let them know you are friends of us three pugs.

Thank you so much
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Mac

What did you want for your 11th birthday? What would you have wanted if it might be your last birthday celebration? What wish would u make when you blew out that candle on your beautiful birthday cake? These are questions no one should ever have to ponder let alone a 10 year old girl. These questions are what a little 10 year old girl has thought about, these very much real questions. Her name is Ava and she lives in Bondurant, IA. Ava, is a warrior like most warrior kids who are fighting the unfair & cruel battle against Cancer. This warrior isn't shy to the battlefield, she has fought this battle once before as a toddler. Cancer picks our bravest children our brave loved ones to go to war. We have no choice w...e have no volunteer to take their place not even a time out. It's you, you have been chosen so the war begins sometimes before we even know we are at battle. And sometimes the risk of the tactics to win the battle is that we might get chosen again. As cruel and heartbreaking as it is, it happens. Ava has been chosen to battle again and she is showing how brave she truly is, clear down to her soul. The bravest warriors always do. Since there is nothing most of us can do but send our positive thoughts, our pleading prayers for her to fight & win, her family has decided that this year her golden birthday will be the party any brave warrior deserves. So what does this brave warrior want? A pony? A day being treated as a real princess? An easy bake oven? Nope, none of these things...
She wants just a simple birthday card, okay she wants lots of birthday cards. So since no warrior should ever receive just one birthday card, we are asking for anyone, any grandma, any parent, any child, any office, any school, anyone and from everywhere just to send a birthday card to this brave little warrior so she knows we all wish her the best birthday ever ... A birthday unlike any warrior has ever seen! Mike Graves, a friend of the family will be delivering any cards he receives for Ava at her birthday party on Sept 11, 2016. Can you imagine getting birthday cards from across the city, the state, the country, or even the ocean? So please join us and send a birthday card to Ava @ Mike Graves -cards for Ava 104 9th ST SE Altoona, IA 50009 . I honestly hope that they we receive so many, that we have deliver tubs of cards to her! To see a warrior smile is truly the best smile on earth. Cards can be homemade or store bought, Ava just wants birthday cards :) please send them soon as you can!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Today is my Stan's 12th Birthday, I wanted to give him a special present.  Even though we live across the big pond, he will always be in my heart.  Stella Rose