Thursday, October 30, 2014


Yesterday Macey and her family went back up to the University, it was a very long day, and they didn't get home until after 8 last night.  Her momma called us though and said her renal scan of her kidneys was just fine.  After that they did some blood work this time with a big needle but Macey was very brave.  Momma even called Macey while she was still at the hospital and Macey even told her all about the needle. She did tell momma that it hurt.  That was hard for our momma to hear.

With each good news in Macey's case comes not so good news because there has to be a reason her foot is big and her leg is swollen up.  So yesterday new doctors took over her case.  They are bone doctors and lymph gland doctors.  So before they let her go home last night they told her parents she would need to come back either today or tomorrow (we are waiting on them to call with the appt. time) and they were going to give her something to sleep and she would have a special scan that would take about an hour. (This trip is 4 hours each time) They are looking for bad tissues, like tumors......we are sad.  We don't know what to think anymore, and everyone life is a big rollercoaster.

What we do know is we want our Macey to be well, and we want to find out what is going on with her.  Tomorrow it will be 6 weeks.  We can tell the Dr.'s are taking things much more serious now and not like before.  We just wish they would have started back on week one.  We could sure use your prayers.

Stella Rose and Momma


I finks there are evil zombies living next door to us.  Do you finks there are good zombies, like there are good vampires????  Like Edward.  

The others night I was outside to go pee before bedtime and I faught I heard this noise across the yard.  I looked over and around the bushes and I swear I sawed this big shadow looking at me.

Well, being the brave boy that I am, I furst barked at him that he had better not come in MY yard....or else.....and I faught I heard this whisper..."or else what...." 

Well hes had me there cos I was trying to figure out what my or else was gonna be...."OR else Isa come over this fence and ......well.....cough cough....well lets just say you had better not come in my yard!"  I knew there was NO turning back.

Then I heard him make a comment about Maggie's Bumble Bee costume I was a wearing in my picture yesterday, and I finks I heard hims laugh.

I told him I was a great turkey hunter and Momma let me keep my water pistol so he had better run away while he still could.

Well he just kept coming closer and closer and my little heart was a racing ......and the shadow gots bigger and bigger and then I saw THIS!!!!!!!

The Zombie Cat!!!

Angus McConnell

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today I went to see Ms. Paige the Frankenvet.  Hers likes me a lot.  I can tell this because when I walked in the door she started to go out the back door, to pick me flowers or something like that.  Mom had also asked her to cut my nails, after hers checks out my eye problem.  See where the white should be wif my eyes, and how red they are???  Well, guess what after my appt. they are glowing green!!!!  I could not wait to get home and show Mags and Gussie.

Anyways Ms. Paige put these little strips of paper in my eyes, she checked for ulcers, she just checked them overs and overs.  She ended up giving me some new med's with prednisone and infection med's in them...I also haf to stay on my eye drops and optimums stuff, wow that is a lot.  She checked my eyes wif this special light to see if my sight had improved and she toles momma it was gone.  This made my mom really sad.  But I toles her it has probably been all gone for a long time, and I just handle it really well.  Mom said when I first cames to live wif them I could see a tiny bit and that was all. 

Then Ms. Paige and her helper cut my nails.  I was pretty good behaved for our house.  Mom was very proud of me.  We picked up our food, and got Gussie some special food cos his tummy is kinda upset these past days.  Anyway I just wanted to tells you I was back and besides the usual, and the glowing green eyes, I is just fine.   Mom says there are worst things in the world.

Stella Rose


she went on the road campaign wif me, she sat with Liberty my others girlfriend, and Serri my talking girl friend.  Now the difference between Puddles and Liberty is that PUDDLES and SERRI is my Girl---Friend, where Liberty is my that we haf that straightened out....ANYWAY her is coming back to blogville, and I imagine wesa will haf lots to catchup on....I imagine I will wear my

Manley scarf and not this.....

(Fanks Ms. Ellen for the bee outfit its lovely....cough cough.....cough....MOM I finks this is the girls and not mine!!!  My mom is such a

P. S. Today my sister Stellie Rose goes to the frankenvet about her terrible eye problem.  Instead of the whites of hers eyes, it is the reds of her eyes, we just want to make sure it is not hurting her cos hers is beautiful to me no matter what.   I loves my big sister (I faught that might get me some extra Halloween candy....)

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, October 27, 2014

Playing in The prison Yard--SUNDAY

Today it was a beautiful day outside so mom let us out to play in Alcatraz.  We ran all around in the sun and Mom took so pictures.

Mom would not get paid for the quality of her pictures.
Are you done torturing us yet Mom?

If I stand on this stupid table can I have a treat?

Maggie thinking of better places to be and other things to wear.

Guarding Alcatraz.

Mom's black and white version of me, Stella Rose.

See my beautiful neck wrinkle??


Have a great Monday. 

Update on macey: On Wednesday she is back to the UNI for a kidney renal scan and a Doppler of her arteries.....maybe they will figure it all out then.  We can hope.

P.S. Fanks Mrs. Ellen for our fantastic prison outfits.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell


Friday, October 24, 2014


Isa so glad it is Friday and our momma will MAYBE be home wif us this weekend, or MAYBe not cos she might haf to work.  It is raining sorta so maybe hers will just snuggle up wif us, cos we are going through the snuggleshakes from missing her so much.

I faught I would makes her laugh this morning by posting some of my old pictures of me cos hers loves me much.  Of course hers loves the girls BUT after all I is Angus McConnell Long.  I evens knows my last name, MaCEY!  When Macey was at the hospital the others day the Nurse asked for her last name.  Macey looked at her momma and quietly said, "Elizabeth jean" your last name is Elam that is your middle later while they were waiting 500 hours mom asked her more information like what the last name of her brothers and sister were...guess what she said, "Elizabeth jean....:" I toles my momma I need to go overs to her house and work with that girl on that stuff!!!!!  I fink hers really knows she was just fooling everyones.

Remember my Santy Claus I will be sending in my application soon for part time lead reindeer......

Update:  Macey went back to the Dr. yesterday and I finks hers Dad got a little LOUD and showed how frustrated wesa all are .....they took a urine test, I guess that means her had to pee on the pee pad like Isa do, and found blood in it.  SO.....they are going to do a renal scan BACK up to the big hospital next Wednesday...I finks before hers is done she is going to have all kinds of pictures on her Wall of Fame of her body organs.....ew............dumb doctors.

Angus McConnell LONG