Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This is an old picture of me.  So mom is still not feeling good, she picked up a nasty virus someplace and it is giving her these huge awful headaches, and the feeling of sticks in her eyes...weird. We are trying to comment on your posts, but it is slow going.  Have a great Wednesday.
Stella Rose

Friday, June 26, 2015


It's Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails day in Blogville!   We love these events, even though Mom forgets to do them for us sometimes.

Okay, this month's inclusion is:   I knew I needed a good excuse for...
Here I go:

Well I faught and faught and faught and finally realized "hey its Friday, and I need a good excuse to go through some old pictures...and share them wif you!"

Grab some popcorn and relax.

Me at my first pug rodeo.   Remember that day Ms. Ellen?

Looking for a reason to wear my pretty hat, so Mom had a tea party for me, we invited 9 little girls, it was a blast.
Macey was three and the day before the party, took the scissors to her hair, her mom had to fix it the best she could....bol.......

Sometimes a girl just has to rest, to stay beautiful.

The next best thing to tearing up a stuffie

Can you find me in all the pumpkins??

This woman is mine all mine.  Take it back.

Yes, I am in the kitchen sick wif a pink sock monkey hat on.  Who has a sense of humor at our house??

Here is Gussie's scary picture when we brought him home.

Here he is when he realizes we are never taking him back.

His first driving lesson.

Have a great day
stellie rose

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Where's that woman at??

Maybe if Isa looks out the udder window?   Wheres you at woman?

Maybe if Isa wait wif Mag she will hurry home???   Is she home yet Dad??

Do you fink Stellie looks like a crazed bat?

How about now?


Gussie Boy

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Yes, friends it is raining again, and again, and again.

See KEOSAUQUA that is where we live, three blocks from the Des Moines River, UPHILL, thank pugness!!!!

Here are some pictures of the river Mom took this morning on her way to work.

 See the marker from the floods in the past, the park beside the River.
 There are signs all along the river, for the canoe races that we hold yearly....
 Bridge coming into town, it is only a few years old.  The river was moving fast this morning.
Mom thought this corner in our town is pretty.

 Two sleepy visitors we had Friday night and Saturday....later they helped work in the yard, and never complained.  Gussie of course made sure they were looking at the camera correctly.
 This little sweetie came by to see us on Sunday, she is scared of us.  One day Mom said she will like us.
This is her big brother.  We wonder just what he is thinking

Have a great I paddle away.......Stella Rose

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yesterday my mom went to take my grandpa to the dr.  Here is a picture of me and him out on the porch last year.  He likes me the best.

Mom told me she was a little frustrated at the Dr. but didn't say anything to grandpa cos he likes his Dr.  Mom said the first thing she noticed is the nurse talked to grandpa with her back turned to him so grandpa had a hard time hearing her, and there was music playing so that did not help.  The second thing was the dr. was on his computer looking at grandpa's information more than listening to my grandpa, Mom said she could feel herself getting a little pissy inside...(sorry for the HBO word but that is what she told me)  Finally the dr. explained that grandpa has TWO drug resistant bacteria's that contain a lot of super powers and the drug he was on to kill them, did not work, so he is sicker than he was in the beginning, which was two weeks ago!!!!  So the Dr. went back to an old standard, that hopefully will work, if not grandpa may have to go to the hospital and have IV is worried.

Then her and grandpa did some errands for grandma and picked up his super med's and went back to their house.  On the way home Mom noticed some storm clouds coming in.  BY the time she got home, a tornado had touched down about an hour away and was making it way toward grandpa and grandma's house.  They have a earth home, so they were very safe, but mom was still worried, about them and her kids out on the road.  YOU know all the things moms worry about.

Mom drove by this building on the way did not look like this at 5:00pm but at 6:30 it did.

Its an Amish Furniture Store.  Lots of wind damage in the county grandma and grandpa live in.  Our county just got rain, we were lucky.  

Luckily no one was injured, just structural damages.

We are supposed to get more rain tonight.  Wowzer.
Stella Rose

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015