Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been hearing through the blogville grapevine that when I became a Jr. Officer that I signed a contract that discussed behavior OUTSIDE of the work place.  Well, I am here to tell you it MUST have been in the very fine print cos Isa don't remember reading anyfing about that.

My BOSS Officer SideBites sent a message to me reminding me of this....he said I was lucky I didn't end up behind BARS for my behavior this week wif those rowdy road crew boys.

WELL, I nevers meant to do any harm at all, I guess going to the local tap for a brewsky at my age is against the law but I figured since they served food I would be alright....sigh......

Sometimes its hard being a big was easier when I was little just playing around, driving my little car and swinging in my swing.
Maybe it was a systems breakdown in my training...maybe I wasn't paying attention to "behavior while off the job" Class 101...maybe I was sleeping instead of listening....

Well, Isa will try harder to uphold my integrity and not let all my fellow officers down......Mom says the furst thing I haf to do is quit digging all over the yard looking for the EASTER BUNNY for Ranger cos Alcatraz looks like a minefield. is hard being 1 years old.

Angus McConnell

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Wesa been looking and looking for that darn rabbit, digging big holes inside of Alcatraz but all we seem to find is a little mole.  So we just keep on digging.

He probably is going to hop right by our crazy house anyway cos I am sure the word is out on the streets about my no account brother and my crazy mom.  After Mom lost her cool with Gussie's road crew boys our cable mysteriously went out for three LONGGGGGGG hours, Dad just gave up and went and took a nap.

Angus is still in trouble for his behavior but I don't think he cares.  I told him Maggie and I will get all the goodies from the Bunny this year and he won't.  He just rolled his eyes at me and tried to look cute.

Mom hasn't even got our Easter pictures taken yet...sigh.......

Maggie last year.  Doesn't she look thrilled.

Me last year.

The Easter Bunny hadn't dropped off Angus yet to our house.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quick Update

Abby spent the day at the vet and she did have to have IV's.  Mary Ann will be picking her up later.  I am hoping that once they get her diet under control and she gets her two shots a day that maybe someday she will not even need them.  I hope the worse is behind them??  I will let you know more tomorrow.


SOOOO....our Mom bought us a new bed at this big store on SALE for $13.00 and the next day when hers came home from work I had already tore a nice big hole right in the seam...but last night Mom got out the needle and thread and fixed it for us.  At first wesa faught hers was gonna us the stapler or glue gun but hers didn't.  Fank you Momma.  Dad said there was a reason it was on sale...wesa finks its pretty.

I is in a little trouble wif my Momma and I wanted to tells you all about it....okay so last night Momma gets home from work and wesa waiting out in Alcatraz for hers.....I was barking at that damn darn squirrel that ours Dad feeds everyday....I hates him....and I toles my Dad to quit wasting our college fund monies on hims.  I finks Dad likes that squirrel more than us.  Wesa also looking for the Easter Bunny cos we have some special requests for our baskets but he is no where to be found.

So anyways Maggie and I get all excited cos our Momma is home and also the road crew boys are back in ours driveway a working.  Mom opens the gate to come in and I run OUT of the gate to go say hi to the boys and invite them in for supper.  Well Actually Isa was gonna see if they wanted to run down to the TAP for a Brewski........Maggie followed behind me, ...I don't know why she did that cos she already called them stupid more than one time..right to their faces.

OUR mom freaks out right in front of my boys.  Hers starts yelling my name and Maggie's name and the road crew guys put their shovels down cos they are scared of my momma.  I run right over to them, and Maggie follows AND SO DOES MY MOM.

I swear friends hers head is spinning all around and I saw terror in those boys eyes.  She is yelling ANGUS MCCONNELL LONG and MARGARET MAE get over here RIGHT NOW!!!!  I decide I need to take a stand and run over into the arms of my boys.   OH MY LORD MY MOMMA WAS SO MAD AT ME!!!!!!   Maggie stops running and momma grabs her and glares at me...I swear I saw lazars shooting from her eyes.....I almost stop breathing  BUT the road crew boy is holding me so I figured I was okay plus I needed to ask him if he had seen that Easter Bunny anywhere in his travels all around our town.

My MOM comes over to those boys and says...and I quote " IF YOU IDOITS DIDN'T COME OVER INTO OUR YARD THE OTHER DAY GUSSIE WOULDN'T WANT TO COME OVER HERE TO SEE YOU....SO STAY OUT OF OUR YARD!!" And then her grabs me out of his arms and hauls my sorry butt back into our yard.

THAT was the end of her crazy rant, and my GROWING friendship with the road crew boys.  When I looked out the window this morning I noticed they had moved on down to anothers little dog driveway......Goodbye Road Crew Boys.....I is so sorry I have a crazy momma.

So can I get off of time out NOWWWWW Momma.

Angus McConnell Long


Thank you friends for sending POTP messages to Abby's Mom on her blog.  We think each and everyone of you are rare treasures that we were so lucky to find.  And Mom didn't even need a pirates map to do it!  We talked to Mary Ann last night and Abby finally ate just a little bit of boiled ground turkey.  Mary Ann was getting ready to check her blood and give her the first shot.  She was pretty shook up about doing it.  Abby had to go back to the vet at 7:30 this morning and we are waiting to here about her night and how she is doing today.  We will let you know as soon as we hear anything.

Stella Rose

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Abby's Mom just called our Momma and told her that Abby has diabetes.  Her blood sugar is very very high (465) and Abby's momma is very worried.  She has to give her two shots a day and check her blood several times a day.  She has to go back to the vet tomorrow morning.  She is very sick to her tummy and has lost a lb. just since Saturday. 

My Momma told Mary Ann that we all here on blogville are thinking and praying for her. That made her happy.  Stop over to her blog at Calamity Acres Hobby Farm  and let her know you are thinking of hers.  We will keep you informed as we find out more.

Stella Rose


This is our friend Abby the Pug
Her momma has a blog called Calamity Acres Hobby Farm

Abby is very very sick and on her way to the Vet right now.  Please keep her in your prayers cos she needs all the help she can get right now.  She is vomiting dark bile and very lethargic.  Her pug tail is not curled up at all!!

Her momma's name is Mary Ann.  We love Abby a lot!
Stella Rose
Margaret Mae and
Angus McConnell