Thursday, July 30, 2015


So our Mom has been gone all the time lately, and Dad is working on his "hotter than **%$" job flagging on the highway to hell (well that is what he said).........He is a ACDC fan you know....anyways when Mom leaves us alone to much I tend to get bored so I finks of stuff to do.

Gussie is always up for a good time, and he likes to be in my experiments, so last week I worked on creating a magic shrinking potion, (wif my BFF's help)................

I added all kinds of secret ingredients in it that I cannot share, because it would be a disaster if it would fall into the wrong hands.................

and so Gussie tried it................and this is what happened........

Doesn't he look happy?

Then's my BFF called me up and said she had a cool idea.

We're just flies on the wall..................bahhahahahhahahhahah
Maggie Mae

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We are doing a quick post today and then will be back a little later this week checking on posts, and commenting.

We wanted to let you know Mom's surgery went just grand, we could not have had better results!!!!  Her lymph nodes were clear, so that meant they did not need to remove any of them, no drain, and they were able to remove all the tumor and the Dr. did wide margins around that, to get any left over cells.  In a few weeks or so she will begin her 33 days of radiation.

She will go back next week for a checkup and to hear her pathology report.

I left home yesterday at 3 am....gosh I had not driven that early in the morning for years, it was just me and the deer out.  Mom and dad live an hour away, so for me the hospital was about 3 hour drive, needless to say it was a very long long day.

I got back home around 8 last night.  Of course it was a one day surgery so mom and dad came back also. Mom did great though for such a long drive, I think dad was more wore out! 

I will check back later.  Thank you for all your emails, and prayers.....deb and family

Friday, July 24, 2015


A few nights ago Mom toles us (first mistake) that it was that time of the month for our flea treatment pill.  We hates that pill and our Mom hates giving it to us, but we all hates FLEAS more.  So.   Anyways furst hers puts extra real chicken (from a can, that way hers can's burn it) and makes us our own homemade gravy.......she hides the pill in our dry food and spoons the special gravies all over it for us...................YUMMY!!!!!!

After chomping down on the food, and crunching and munching and moving all around the bowl cos it was so good, we all finish  and look up at our momma.  "More gravy please............" and Momma looks in each of our bowls and everything has been licked clean EXCEPT that one little flea pill ...........sitting all alone in our bowl!!!!!!!   Our mom said really bad words, like baby piper does, and picked up our pill and wrapped it all up in cheese and gaves them to us.

Yummy for our tummy, we licked all around on our cheeseball and licked and nibbled and when we finished all the cheese was gone, EXCEPT our flea pill.   Boy mom aren't you proud of us for winning this game you are playing wif us!!!!!

By that time Dad had gotten home from his flagger job, where he has to stand in the road and direct traffic, and watch everyone text and talk on their phone, and probably flatten him, if he didn't jump out of the way 100 times a day.  He loves his job though, maybe it is his sense of

So he tells Mom after he tells her he loves her and mushy stuff and he pats our heads and scritches our bellies, that Mom needs to hide it in his supper. 

WELL, Mom is picky about our food and watches grease and fings like that but by this time she is worried the damn (her words) pills is going to dissolve, and "those damn (her words) things are so damn (her words) expensive!!!" she puts some bits of barbecued sauce wif chicken and a little oil all overs all pills, IT ONLY TOOK HER THREE TRIES but we finally ate them for hers.

Yes, folks, who is in charge at our house!!!!!   QUIET!

Have a good weekend, we will not be back until Tuesday, Grandma's surgery is Monday.
Stella Rose, Maggie Mae and Angus

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Last week my bestest friend in all of the worlds here and above went on a holiday wifout me.  Now you may ask HOW a bestest friend can go on a holiday wifout you, but well stranger fings has happened.  AND she went wif her Aunty Freya and had all kinds of adventures wifout me

Mom said not to worry that bestest friends don't always haf to be wif each other to loves and cares about them, well Mom Isa don't agree wif you one bit, so I took matters in my own hands.



Do you see me Princess Leah and Aunty Freya?????
Very Truly Yours
Margaret Mae Simpson

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Mom read this book last night.  She cried..........................a lot.

Today she found out that it was mostly true.  Ivan passed away in 2012 at the Atlanta Zoo.

It said in the book that sometimes humans stink and sometimes they don't.  That is true also.

Stella Rose

Monday, July 20, 2015


Mom is trying a new rule in our is called QUIET.  The reason we have to learn this new rule is because we are unruly and loud with our barking anytime anyone comes to our house, or even when mom and dad move from one room to the next.

Do I look unruly to you?

Anyway Mom did some reading up on the subject and one site said to use treats to help train. So Mom got out a package of Zukes treats we had received awhile back from Mr. Chewy (yes, our mom is a treat hoarder) and we started practicing.

BARK..BARK...BARK........QUIET said our Mom, and we all sit for a treat, quietly...........

Then Mom got out of the chair to go start cleaning up the kitchen, and BARK BARK BARK, .......QUIET said our Mom and we all sit for our treat quietly.............................

FINALLY Dad came in the door later from a busy night fishing at the river, and we went all crazy like the crazies that we truly are and Mom said QUIET.....QUIET............and we finally sit for our treats.

This is going to take a long long time to undo this bad habit we have picked up, but boy can you imagine the amount of treats we are going to get until we finally learn it!!!!!

Stella Rose

Friday, July 17, 2015


Today friends we are joining Dory's flower Friday.  Our Mom has always loved flowers and plants.  When she suddenly found herself with three teenage girls in the house, she found that going outside and digging around in the dirt, helped her face going BACK into the house again. those girls are all grown up...but mom still digs in the dirt.

 Mom took this picture this week ....if you look close you can see the tree behind the big flowering hosta, well just a few days after she took  that picture the city came and cut it all down.  It was gone in 5 seconds because the limbs were to close to some new electricity poles they will be putting in.  All that is left is a stump and the memories of those little flowers we saw each spring.  Sometimes life happens that fast also and what you have left isn't what you started out with.

Gardening and life are very similar.

This plant is very invasive.  Moms sister gave it to her a long time ago, and every time she would move she would take some with her.  It is called "gooseneck" because the tiny white flowers look like a gaggle of geese all standing together.  Its a good plant to put somewhere that you don't care if it takes over.  Sometimes shovey and pushy can be pretty, ............other times not.  Yesterday we found out my mom's tumor is growing all of a sudden, and the Dr.. is worried it is getting to be like this plant.  So surgery has been moved up to this month instead of 6 weeks from now.  We are rather stunned, and worried.

This little pen is inside of Alcatraz.  Look close and you will see a tiny glass totem.  I like looking at it.  The old birdbath was given to Mom by my friend her mom passed away.  It weighs 100 lbs it seems.  We didn't think it would ever hold water so we was going to grow some succulents in it.  Well look close, and see the water, sometimes we have two baby cardinals splashing around in it even though it sets very close to our house.  You know the story of the mystical angelic cardinals....well we like to think those babies are my friends mom visiting my mom like she used to.   Sometimes  humans hold onto to whatever they can don't they?

Yes, this picture is turned on its side. Mom took it that way for some odd reason. Its also in Alcatraz, and the pots are inside of an old wooden wagon.  We love coming outside first thing in the morning and seeing all this beauty.  Sometimes even when things are upside down you can find peace and normalcy within them.

Its going to be above 95 everyone stay cool and safe.  Watch out for your friends and neighbors, and remember to smile at a stranger, cos we never know when that one simple act could be the very thing they needed the most today.

Thank you Dory for inviting us to join your Flower Friday. 

Stella Rose and Momma