Thursday, July 21, 2016


YES, we know it is a HBO word but there are some circumstances that warrant saying DAMN every now and then.  Some.

"Why do I feel like we live in the weirdo house on the block??"

SO yesterday Mom was getting ready to go to work, and she stepped outside and there on the back steps were these two.

She almost squished them from not paying attention to where she was stepping!  At first she thought they were the wild 4 kittens that lives in the church garden shed but then she realized they were much smaller and very tame. 

WELL its stinkin hot out outside, and no momma cat is around so what does our MOM do.........yes, she took them in the house to DAD.  

And went to work.

Dad called her and said the little black/white one had a bad sore on his neck so mom called the vet and in the afternoon took Henri (well you can't call him the black and white kitten all day long) to the vet.   It turns out he and his he/she (we don't know so we just call her/him chubby) fleas all over them, ALL OVER THEM.  Mom freaks out, like losing her crap freaking out cos she hates fleas, the vet treats Henri and Chubs for fleas, and worms and looks at Henri's neck.  He had a big hole created by a horrible type of larvae that kittens can get.  Mom cannot say the name it is so long.  But thankfully it had left Henri's body and not lodged in his spine or brain as it usually does.  Yes, we know this is grossing everyone out.

SO Mom brings him back home, and in two days they can have a bath.  The fleas are finally gone this morning but Mom is going back to the vet to get us all a special pill just in case one or two escaped.........ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

We know these kittens are part of the kittens that live at KEVIN'S house and somehow they just wondered over to ours, .........we do believe there is a invisible sign blinking 24 hours a day that says stop here, this MOM and DAD will take care of you.

Cotton thinks they are trouble...........and she mostly punished them all day by slapping the poop out of them and rolling them around on the floor.  You know her normal self.

Are you nuts Mom??

Mom why are those kittens PLAYING in my kitty litter??

Mom I think that gray one is a fat chipmunk and not a kitten, GET OUT OF MY KITTY LITTER!!!

I fink mom is going to call me Eleanor if I am a girl.

Its okay sis we are safe now.

Of course Gussie is patrolling the baby gate all night long, trying to figure out how one became three.  I just go with the flow and sleep on my cooling mat cos it is going to be 104 out today, and Mags just don't care.   Mom says we will need to find good homes for Henri and Eleanor and then she is building a Donald Trump wall all around her house, know she won't do that.

Stella Rose

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Good Morning my friends..........Mom is letting me control the computer and write my own review for Mr. Chewy.  She even let me pick out my own item from the July newsletter.  I love Mr. Chewy, cos Ms. Sydney is always helping my mom out with answers to her questions. 

So  this is how it worked.  I and Mom picked out an item, and the next thing we knew, the UPS truck was knocking at our door, and this guy peeked in our window with a box for ME.  I was hoping they would send a delivery cat but that did not happen.

Maybe I should talk to Ms. Sydney about that idea.

I was so excited though about opening a package from Mr. Chewy just for me, that I ran up the cat tree and back down.  Mom was not fast enough though to get the camera so I cannot prove a thing to you.

So we got the box unwrapped and there inside was my present.
A KONG Cat Wobbler just for ME

So we get it out of the box and mom reads all the good things about it provide mental stimulation, Mom do I need any more stimulation??  It also provides exercise and playtime fun.   You can even use it to feed me my dinner did you know that MOM?

So mom put some treats and kitten food in it.  See the BIG hole on the side.  Now the bottom is pretty heavy and I am supposed to bat it all around and the food falls out.  Guess what, I batted it twice,  a few pieces fell out and I ate them.  Puzzle solved.

Now notice that hairy CATNIP little tail on the top.  I think I am supposed to think it is a long furry mouse and attack it.  I didn't.   We read that this is a great toy to slow down rapid eating also.  I am a slow eater so that is not a big problem yet for me.  Maybe we should put Gussie's food in there, cos he eats like a pig....done in two seconds.   Mom also liked the price ....$7.36.

Mom thinks as I get bigger and older I will play with it more.  So far it is just sitting on the stair steps waiting on my next batting time.  We will give this a 4 star, its very nicely made but I believe it is better for older kittens or cats. 

Thanks Mr. Chewy for the new toy!!

We were paid no monies for this review.

 Is there food in here mom?

See me making it spin, the food flew out..............

I am done playing now.

Friday, July 15, 2016


POTP for France.  We hold you close in our prayers for all the families and friends affected by this tragedy.

Yay its almost Saturday, that means that Ms. Piper will be coming over to play wif us, and we will be exhausted when she leaves.  She usually has a standing Saturday play date at our house.  She likes us but we finks SHE likes cats better,  she keeps asking our mom is Cotton is bigger, we think bigger is code word for "when I can take her home"   Mom always says, "not yet."
If you look real close you will see the old man in the tree.  That is what we call him.  Sometimes he comes down from the clouds above and just watches from the tree trunk.  We like him....we think.  Its always a special day when we spot him.
This is Cotton checking out our toy box.  We tried to tell her that she has her own cat toy box, but she does not care. 
 Why should she?  She already has the run of the whole house, upstairs and downstairs, the porch and the outside.  Us three pugs have NEVER been upstairs and of course we stay with the walls of Alcatraz.  She is only 4 months old.  How can this be fair?
The guard tower called and there is suspicious activity going on outside the walls of the prison.  Where are you Cotton?
Dads buddy.
Then we have this guy that chatters down from his perch and tells us off everyday.  I tell you friends life in Iowa is hard for us 3 little pugs.
Stella Rose

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Princess Leah sent our daddy a Fathers Day gift.  Isn't it just grand for dad that his other daughter is a princess.  Thank you so very much.  Dad loves Harleys so he enjoyed looked at the pictures and reading all the its history. 

This book is nice.

Did you know mom fell off of Dads Harley and broke a gazillion bones, Dad was showing off his new pipes to a friend on the street.  That was the last time mom rode the bike.

Thank you sweet girl.
Stella Rose

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I am practicing to be a Princess just like our own Princess Leah.......did you know her and Mags are twins........I fink right now Maggie is staying at the tower wif her and getting into some mischief....enough about them now, more about ME.

I have heard princesses get pretty dresses, and sweet treats and pupicinino.......what ever that is .....maybe I want kitachino instead?????

Am I crossing my legs in the correct princess way Princess Leah?   Does it look like I really care?/

Sitting wif my Dad.  Do you fink he see's me hear?  Dad's eyesight has gotten really terrible since I have arrived, for instance he can be chasing me around the house, (its good exercise for bof of us) and all of a sudden he can't find me, AND I AM STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, another example is I am laying around on my cat tree, and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE HOUSE NOSE I AM THERE, but poor Dad is looking under the table for me.  Finally, I take pity on him, and jump on his head.  I am a good daughter.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Sunday was bath day at our house.  Mom had been telling us that for over three weeks, and it never happened so imagine my surprise when I found myself here.............

"Mom I was napping, what are you doing????"   We three enjoy our bathes so it usually is not a big deal to us, but for some reason on Sunday we sorta had an attitude about it.

Maggie prefers the shower method instead of the bath method, she also blew mom a raspberry.....

I am not happy about this today.

Then it was Gussie's turn.

I am not going to look at you so you can take a picture. 

See what happens mom when you turn your back on me!

Then after all our bathes were done, and we were dried off and shaking water all over our mom, mom realized there was one more bath she needed to do.  (when we have early morning bathes it still takes us till the evening to be dry).

Yes the MONSTER, is getting a bath....bahahhaahahhahahahah

Mom figured her arms would get all scratched up and we waited and watched to see just what was going to happen.

First mom had to find her.
Hey Cotton come here Mom has a really nice surprise for you.....teehehehehtteehee......

We have no pictures to prove this but she didn't give mom any problems, Mom got her wet, shampooed her quickly and rinsed and dried her off, all under 5 minutes time.  We think Cotton did not even realize what was happening to her.

"Why did Mom give you a treat and not us, you know we notice things like that!"

Later Mom got a bad migraine and it lasted until Tuesday.  Karma.

Stella Rose