Monday, February 8, 2016


Friday we went to the University of Iowa Work Injury Clinic.  Butch has a MRI and they found several tears in his rotator cuff and his bicep.  So now we are waiting on Workmans comp to approve the surgery.  There were four different injuries in his arm, that will be repaired.   I will share more news as we find out....deb


I always wonder how people can give away a animal that loves them, only to replace them with another that they may think is BETTER.  See my heart does not work that way.  If I love someone and I have a place in their family then I will always feel those feeling, and have that place.  I guess though life does not work that way for everyone.

 If you could take a person to the shelter, that is where I would find myself today.  Left at the door. Behind.  Cos BETTER has come along.

Today I feel like those senior dogs must feel who have loved a family all their lives, and given their whole heart and wakes up to find see themselves left behind.  Lost, and alone, and hurt.

When I was a little girl my grandma told me I always wore my heart on my sleeve, and I didn't understand at the time what she meant.  Now that I am old and grown up I am actually as she said.  I wish sometimes my heart could be in a protected case, safe and distant, yeah sometimes I do wish THAT. 

People can be so toxic to us, even the ones we love the hardest, the ones who nurture us, and teach us about life when we are growing up.  I always try to figure out when one of my furry kids go to the heavens above what lesson I was to learned from having them, and then losing them, it helps me feel a little more sane, so this time I am also asking myself what lesson I am supposed to be learning from this OTHER kind of loss, and why there even needed to be one.

I know you are all shaking your heads and wondering what the heck this is all about, mostly its about me just needing to write words down, cos that helps me start to heal. 

I do want you all to know that you are a total different reality when it comes to the word family.  If someone would look FAMILY up in the dictionary it would be a picture of you.

I am lucky to have you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


WE haven't talked about what has been going on in our family for awhile cos ..well we don't know why. But we wanted to let you know some things because you have all been such good strong friends for us.

1. Macey finally got her sock!!  Her compression sock.  She got it almost two weeks ago.  It just looks like a skin colored thigh high sock but it is very heavy and pretty scratchy.  She wears it all day long and then has to take it off at night.   Last Thursday night after dance she wanted to take it off and Mom said she would help her. Well guess what, Mom couldn't get it off, she got it clear down to her ankle and then Mom wasn't strong enough to pull it off.  Why?  Well, it is that tight and heavy, and mom is WEAK.  Finally, Macey's momma got it off of her.  Hopefully by summer Macey can have a lighter weighted one.  It seems to be helping a little bit.  I think it will just maintain where she is at.


2.  Grandma started her radiation treatments this week. She will do 33 sessions five days a week.  At first she was really nervous but she has had two and told mom last night she is not so anxious now.  The Cancer center she goes to are very kind to her, and try to make her as comfortable as possible.  She will go back up to Des Moines this month for her checkup with the doc who did her surgery etc.  We are praying everything is going just fine.  So we figure by the time spring arrives she will be done and on her way to better health.  She has even cooked a few meals for Grandpa which is a good sign.
3. Our dad goes on Friday back up to the University to have a MRI on his shoulder and arm area.  Ever since the accident he has not been able to move it to the side, or use it to put his arm in a sleeve etc. without it spasming and locking up.  For some reason the doc's were not on the ball about it until last month when they xrayed to make sure he did not have a broken shoulder bone, which he did not.  We are hoping his new arm doc is very smart and can give us some answers.  In two more weeks he sees his back doc.  Yesterday he went to PT and they said they are going to tell Workmans' Comp that he does not need to come back because they just cannot help him without knowing what they are working with.  They said his body is pretty messed up, and they really don't know what to do.  So we are anxiously awaiting Friday....I wonder if our dad knows a MRI is in a tube that is sorta tight........ugh....................
So that is it folks, we are moving along, in the right direction.........thank you all for being right there beside us.
Someone asked yesterday why we call that cat "weiner"   well its because mom and dad used to call her the Halloween  cat when she would stop by our house....somehow it has turned into this name.??? 
Have a great Wed.
Stella Rose

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


THAT caught your attention didn't it.  WELL, remember those 951 cats + 4 kittens that we sent to live in Texas wif our good buddy SULLY........I guess when we were a packin the wagons, there was one jumped off..............and is planning on staying in IOWA, which is getting tons of rain wif a little ice today.

So wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back right before Dad got his back and arm hurt all those cats and kittens showed up remember???  This one cat though hanged around our house more than the rest, and one day mom came home and Dad had her in OUR house.  At first she onlys like Dad, and then one day she fell in love with GUSSIE and then finally MOM.  I personally am jealous of her cos Gussie is my boy and not hers.  We are not even sure Stella nose she is around ....?????

So she jumped ship and stayed wif us.  Everyday she comes in and makes herself at home.  She eats in our house, and sleeps in our house, and hugs and plays wif my Gussie and this morning she was Playing with my favorite soft balls that I chase all around.  THEN she goes to the door to go outside to the bafroom, Dad says she is INTELLIGENT. 

Dad and Mom always said she looked like a Halloween cat, except she is white on her chest, so she went from "oh here comes the Halloween cat" to here comes "wein"  to here comes "weinie" to here comes "weiner".

See those weird devilish eyes she has.  All moms pictures are blurry we don't know what the problem is.

She is looking down at me cos hers Nose I am trying to get her butt off the table. She was never taught manners in the wild.

She is showing her long skinny body to you.  She eats more than us three pugs, and she still is long and skinny.  We faught all cats looked like our angel dietzy round like us.
yes she is trying to tear up moms pretty lace cover.

I'm watching her Mom do you want me to get her out of the house??

Watch her Stellie she is going to sneak into the attention Stellie.

I give up........this house is crazy.

Maggie Mae

Monday, February 1, 2016


WeLL why me's and Ms. Leah are enjoying the Texas hospitality eating those big Texas steaks and sipping some Texas brew we were just wondering how our cat sized presents were doing at our buddys' Sully's house---------------lets check in.

Aww....Sully fed this one a lot of food.
We like that purple bowl Sully, is it yours?

I hope he shares his food wif all the others...........

Whooo there is enough chicken for at least 10 cats, its a feast!!

Awww Sully is bringing out his good crystal for this little kitty.

Um....this little treasure must be waiting on the food, and can you get a coat on that cat Sully, I hears there is a storm a coming.

Maggie Mae and Leah

Friday, January 29, 2016


Our dearest Sully.  My BFF and I was a talkin and we realized you never have any pictures of cats on your blog.  Well, you know all about our 951 + 4 kittens from Kevins house welllllll Princess Leah and I put our heads together, and our monies and we purchased a new old tractor and some wagons, and are headed your way.

Wif Love,
Maggie Mae and Leah

KNOCK KNOCK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, January 28, 2016