Monday, May 2, 2016


SO last week you read about our 30 day challenge with our cousin Theo and the cat food from Mr. Chewy.....

well good news, great news, ....he liked, loved it so much that his momma placed an online order for another bag.  His momma said his coat looks much better, it is helping with the matting and he is acting happier and healthier.

"Do you think if I stare at the sack long enough it will magically appear in my bowl?"

We are so happy that Theo loved this food, and that it had positive affects for him. We still don't know why wiener did not like it........I guess because she thinks hers is a pug and after all it is for cats.

we also wanted to let peoples know this food was very affordable.

stella rose

Friday, April 29, 2016


So a few days ago we shared with you the 30 day challenge on the cat food that did not work out at our house, so we decided to move it to Theo's home and see if he was up to it.
He really doesn't look like he is up to much does he???

Theo is around three years old now, and he thinks he rules the roost.  But then so does their dog Bear, and their Dad Abe, so it can be a confusing household at times.  We think this kid is who rules the roost.

Anyway back to the challenge.

My big sister was having trouble with Theo acting like he was hungry all the time, and even though they were feeding them decent dry food he also wanted to eat 3-5 cats of wet food everyday.  (really small cans).   So big sister tried worming him, changing his food, etc. etc.  and nothing was working.  Plus he was starting to not look as good coat wise as he had before.

So Mom took him the new food, with tons of good ingredients in it like......

Here are the good things about his holistic product:
  • Hypoallergenic recipe for all life stages
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat
  • Provides low dietary magnesium
  • Highly digestible and palatable
  • Quality ingredients allow for smaller feeding portions
  • Promotes healthy stools
  • Promotes balanced urinary pH
  • Stimulates the breakdown of ammonia to reduce stool and urine odor
  • No animal by-products, antibiotics or growth hormones
  • No corn, wheat, sugar or salt

  •  The ones we underlined are just a few of the good things that caught our eyes.  So we gave them the bag, and sit back and watched.
    Big sister said it only took a few days until he stopped crying around the house, and stopped wanting to eat more.  He loved it!!!!
    Now this is what she see's everyday..........
    "Put that in my bowl right now!!!"
    Part three will tell you how the month ended stayed tuned.
    Stella Rose

    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    30-Day Challange

    BACCCCCCK in March Ms. Sydney at Mr. Chewy sent my mom an email asking her if she would be interested in doing a 30 day challenge and gave her three items to choose from.  Well, way back then Mom decided she wanted to choose the Chicken & Salmon All Life Dry Cat Food, because of Wiener and her friends that Mom and Dad were feeding.

    Good intentions that did not go the way Mom thought it would.  She was so excited when the food arrived because she wanted to feed them healthy.

    Here are the good things about his holistic product:
  • Hypoallergenic recipe for all life stages
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat
  • Provides low dietary magnesium
  • Highly digestible and palatable
  • Quality ingredients allow for smaller feeding portions
  • Promotes healthy stools
  • Promotes balanced urinary pH
  • Stimulates the breakdown of ammonia to reduce stool and urine odor
  • No animal by-products, antibiotics or growth hormones
  • No corn, wheat, sugar or salt

  • Wonderful, right..................wrong.  No one would eat it.  Not wiener or her 100 brothers and sisters.  Mom was shocked, she even tried wet food with it, even tuna...........NO TAKERS. 

    Mom didn't understand what was going on in their heads, so she emailed Ms. Sydney and told her she has failed, BUTT she had one more avenue to try.   Yep, THEO our cousin.

    Theo is a big ole ragdoll cat that thinks he is more dog than cat.  Apparently that is part of their personality.  Lately, he had been giving his mom a bunch of worries cos all he would do was walk around the house and meow and yowl and meow, and want to eat, and eat and later eat.  So Mom called his Mom and said do you want to try this on Theo.

    Now Theo is known for his pickiness so Mom was worried how the challenge would turn out..........and so were we.

    Stay tuned.

    Part two will be running tomorrow.

    Stella Rose

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016


    Is this the face of a kind and loving little girl??  Why, yes it is, she is also 3, and learning about life.

    She is a little on the ornery side, but she loves and hugs on us so that is a good thing.  She really loves her two cats, smoke and lily.  AND our new baby kittens that belong to us pugs.

    Last Saturday her momma bought her two new goldfish for her bedroom aquarium.  She had never had goldfish before and must not have understood they needed to live and STAY in water.

    She decided she would play hide and seek with the black one.  She hid him in her dresser drawer.  She won the game, he lost.   Now the rule at her house is "always ask mom first."  

    That is a good rule.

    Stella Rose

    Monday, April 25, 2016


    This is the 7th year for MaKenna's dance recital and the 4th for Macey.  We are so proud of both of them.

    Remember Macey is our little grandpeep who has lymphedema .....well she nevers lets that slow her down, and she keeps on having an amazing attitude.  Her foot is still much larger than her right foot, and it has traveled to her knee.  Her biggest problem is having to buy two pairs of shoes to fit her feet.  In todays world of high price shoes it adds up.

    For instance one of the dance moms decided she wanted Maceys class to have two outfits, well not usually a big deal, but this outfit had boots that went with it, $60.00 boots for a 4 min. routine, which quickly added up for Macey another $60.00....two different sizes.  Sometimes people do not realize what it takes for "normal" when things are not normal in your life.

    BUTT Macey did just grand, jumping and bouncing and dancing in the air.

    See her purple wig.

    And here is her sister kenna.


    Stella Rose

    Friday, April 22, 2016


    Four....4....four is a number we are STUCK with and here is another reason why......................yesterday was my day (stella rose) to go see my very own FRANKENVET.  I loves Ms. Paige.  So furst she checked my eyes to see if the super duper miracle medicine is making more tears for my dry eyes.  The magic number is 20.  So they stick little strips of paper in each eye for 15 seconds, that felt like 150 minutes.  I was being a real good girl though and momma promised me my own little orange cutie when I gots home.    9 months ago my right eye's # was 2 and my left eye was 9.   Yesterday it was 7 and 9.  So my miracle meds has helped a tiny bit, so we are going to medicine #2 now to see if it will work better.  Mom said it will probably cos around 500 million bucks.

    Then I was weighed....guess what I weigh 16 lbs...I had lost 2 lbs from Mom cutting back on my kibble and me eating more fruits........16 is a good weight for me cos I am shorter and built different then mags and gussie big butt.  Mom says I look like a tiny bear.

    After that, Ms. Paige listened to my heart and took some blood to make sure I was super duper healthy.  I passed on all accounts.  BUTT Mom has been noticing me shaking my head and suspected something going on in my ears..........yep Moms know, ear infection.  Mom was pretty surprised cos I has never had that, but Ms. Paige says usually every dog gets it once in their lifetime.  So now I take medicine twice a day for 5 days.

    Then she clipped my nails, did my glands...blush>>> blush.......and I faught I was done....ayyayayya...but was also time for my shots.   I was give three shots in my butt end...but they were fast and I did not make a peep.   Yay we were out the door.......1, 2, 3.........................

    Until  we walked in the door (5 min. later) and Mom put me down on the floor and noticed I was walking funny, at first she thought cos I was sore, but she kept watching me and then I started breathing funny, and plopped down on the floor, and had a harder time mom called the vet back, and grabbed me off the floor and away we flew BACK to the Frankenvet.  This is where the #4 comes in................another shot!!!!!!   A steroid shot to help with my reaction to the damn shots.   4 shots in one day.   In about 15 min. I was much better, and mom took me home.  The doc said to give me some Benadryl in about 2 hours. about 20 more min. Mom noticed I was itching my eyes all over the floor which I sometimes do when my eyes are bothering me, so she was getting out my eye med. when OH MY PUG my mom picked me up and my eyes were swelling shut!!!!!!!!!!  You could only see a tiny bit of my eyes.......................SO mom called the vet back, and he said to give me my Benadryl right mom did, and it worked magically in about ten min.   I got another dose right before bedtime and again this morning.  BUTT I am much better.

    FOUR is not a good number for us.  I think I am going to put a tiny stuffie in Wienies bed, so she has 5 babies to take care of........maybe that will break the curse of 4.

    What do you think????

    Stella Rose

    Thursday, April 21, 2016


    Yes, as many of you have observed our home is NUTS.  Its so NUTS that the squirrels are lining up at the back door cos they have heard that we have so many NUTS at our house that we are giving them away.

    This is a perfect example:

    Dad: Alright you three can come up in the big chair and sit with me..........................(3 min. later) why don't you ever listen to me and stay down out of the chair you are bumping my arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mom needs a straight jacket, she is hoping it will have shades of blue on it cos she has heard blue is calming.