Thursday, January 19, 2017


WELL we read about the upcoming Valentine festivities and of course reminded MOM about our dates, and new dresses and Gussie's Tux, those kinds of fings, and of course letting Ms. Carol know we are coming and THEN Mom had ANOTHER NUTSO moment, and said "what a wonderful idea, the boys can go wif you!!!!!!!!!!"   WHAT BOYS????  WELL of course we were planning on asking Stan my love, and Peyton, but I had chills down my spine because I just KNEW those were not the boys she was talking about!!!!

(Gussie in shock when he heard the news)

Family comes first.  Mom tries hard to live up to those words and is learning each and everyday that family is not always blood but is usually found in the heart.  So ................our family of course is now also made up of CATS.  BOY CATS.  OH MY PUG she expects us to take the BOYS!!!!

Some of you remember little El and little Henri that were dropped into our yard by the cat stork.  Of course they showed up with 1 million dollars worth of things wrong wif them and it took all our treat money to get them well, AND then Dad took them to the Vet to get their girl and boy parts taken care of............ONLY to find out Ellen is not a Ellen but a Alan, but since she/he knew her/him name we still call him/her Ellen.  Only at my house.

 Little Ellen
Little Henri

 Big Ellen

 Big Henri. Even though he has a big bowl of water, he loves getting water out of the tub.

And of course we also have a cat named Fuzzy who does not know his name, even though he hears it over 750 times a day.  He was one of the original feral kittens who was born two years ago at Kevins, and found his way to our yard, and then onto our porch, and then into our house. 

He is bigger than Ellen and Henri but he uses the kitty litter, and minds his house manners well. He loves playing wif the kittens and the pugs.  He still can have moments where he acts scared and runs, but mostly he loves all of us.  SO  I am sure he is also one of the BOYS who will be going to the escapades wif us. COS HE IS FAMILY.

I am sure Sully will be laughing very hard at us, cos we did send him 952 of the feral kittens from last summer, but apparently 6 of them fell out of the wagon and eventually ended up in our yard. KARMA...

 They were super scared of MOM and DAD but always came out of hiding when it was dinnertime, and then they would run back into their hidden shelters.  Over the summer and fall though they got closer and closer to Alcatraz and we would come out and find them inside our compound running around and playing wif Henri and Ellen and US.  

Then one day mom came home from work and they were on the porch, eating and laying around on the swing, they HAVE NEVER LEFT.  So now we have 6 outside cats, that look like a cross between a beautiful long haired cat and a rabbit.  Mom thinks they look like Disney creations.  They let Mom and Dad pet them, and Mom made them a special protective place to go on the porch where the snow and cold wind cannot bother them.  I know THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE.  They don't know this but they are in line SOON to go to the VET.  Mom does wish she could find them all wonderful homes, so keep good thoughts for us about that.

Oh yeah and then there is GRANDPA.  That is what MOM calls him.  Last summer when the 1000 kittens from KEVINS showed up we also noticed a old gray long haired wilder than hell cat that hid by the big tree in our yard.  We would just catch glimpses of him off and on.  Sometimes Mom actually though he faded right into the tree bark like he was magical.  Mom and Dad both noticed he seemed to be in very poor health, and one side of his legs had a large red spot with no hair.  Dad told her he thought someone had shot him with a pellet gun, to keep him away from their house.  WHAT!!!!!!! 

Mom was furious and told DAD if he knew who did that dastardly deed, he had better march his *&* over and tell them to stop or ELSE.  It never happened again, but it took Grandpa most of the summer to heal. Then one day we actually saw him eat some food, and in a blink of the eye he was gone.  This has went on for several months, but one morning early when mom was going to her other job, and it was still dark outside there was GRANDPA waiting by the gate, meowing for his soft food.  Mom feeds him soft cos he is old and she thinks hard food hurts his teefers.  So now every morning he meets Mom at the fence and she feeds him, and every night when she gets home from work he is waiting on her.  No one has ever got to pet him yet, but mom has gotten close, and he has stopped hissing at Dad.  He has grown into a beautiful old cat.  Mom and Dad made him a nice warm place to stay in the winter time in the garage, but we really don't know if he does or not.  Life is a mystery when it comes to CATS.

ANYWAY just so you know the news..........we are taking the BOYS to the dance...........sigh.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


ONE of Mom's and my most favorite thing to do each night is to go to bed and read. 
She reads, I sleep.  Its the deal we made when I was little.  Lately though Mom is more needy so not only does she read, she silkies my little ears, rubs my little feet, and run her fingers through my soft fur, ALOT, ............finally she calms down and I am able to sneak down to the end of the bed, so the fan can blow on me, and I can get in my Zen zone, and imagine myself laying on a warm beach, filled with white sand and apples...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Over the weekend Mom bought a book from Kindle called, "Lily and the Octopus".  Mostly Mom buys dogs books and mostly they do not have good endings, which makes mom even more clingier to me.  So I was really hoping with a title like that, it would be a funny book that would not require a box of Kleenex and empty Dollar Store bag.  Or more loving on me.  

I was wrong, it had some humor in it, but mostly it was about an Octopus attached to a little doxies head that only her daddy could see, and of course Lily.  Mom deposited lots of Kleenex in the Dollar Store Bag, and I spent very little Zen Time at the beach.

THEN mom started to worry about THE STINK, worry a lot.  AND she started to imagine this.

So our Frankenvet said I would need my teefers cleaned.  Now I brush my teeth but I don't chew on a lot of other things that help keep the tarter off my teef.  Maybe its cos I have tiny teef, or maybe I just don't like to chew on stuff like Mags and Gussie do.  Anyway the Frankenvet said DON'T WORRY, we have done 100's of procedures like this, and on flat faced pugs.  MOM looked at ME and I looked at her, because we both knew that in all the trails we had walked around our little village we had NEVER seen another pug in this town.  Not even at the big dog park in the bigger town down the highway.

So mom being the hooverboard mom that she is says to the Frankenvet, "can you give me the puglets mom's name and phone number so I can talk to them about how their pug did with this procedure??'  Yes, folks she asked the Frankenvet to break every HIPAA law in the country just to  make sure their puglets did great.

Of course the Frankvet ran right over to her rolodex and wrote those numbers off for mom..........NOT!!!!!   So we are back to worry about the stink and my getting my toofers cleaned. 

Mom did prepare the Frankvet I would be wearing my pj's to the procedure because now Mom is telling herself that pugs clothing is actually our Thundarshirts and we need them for anxiety.  I know the vet hates my mom cos our picture is never on their facebook page, and who else comes to their office with three pugs in prison wear.

Thank you for all the comments on my stinky post.  I just want to answer one in particular.  NO, Carol I do not lick my butt, and that is not why my mouth smells.  No pug at our house does that, Maggie and Gussie lick each others ears, and face but not the butt.  I am probably to round to even find my butt.   NOW, Ellen and Henri are a whole nother thing, not only do they lick their butts, they start with their butts and work their way UP!!!!!    More on that later.

Stink you later................Stella Rose

Monday, January 16, 2017


AT our house being STINKY is a good thing.  STINKY is a word that brings out all kinds of worrisome feelings in my MOMS body so the BEST thing that happens is I get to SLEEP with her EVERY NIGHT in the bed just in case I start coughing or something or the STINK grows into a Larger STINK somewhere on my body.

MOM IS A NUTSO MOM here I stink, and mom gives me a bath, the next day, I stink again, so mom frets around and worries, and makes an appt. with Frankenvet, ...................she chews her nails down to the quick, she reads about stinkin pugs, she checks my wrinkles, my skin, my eyes, my ears, the STINK is there but she cannot find a reason for it.  She KNOWS she may have to go into battle with the STINK just so she can feel calm again, but the big question is "HOW do you BATTLE a enemy you cannot SEE??"   MOM IS A NUTSO MOM.

I imagine someday there will be a movie that comes out about smothering dog moms.  My mom and yours will probably have important roles to play.  Nutso, smothering moms.

So at the Frankenvet last week, I wear Angus's Harley orange hoodie so I will look tough, ......... I just look cute.

Mom says CUTE will not destroy the STINK but tough will!!   Okay MOM I will remember that .......

The vet cuts my nails, no STINK there, the vet takes care of my gland...........WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a BIG STINK there but not the RIGHT finally after the VET checks every inch of my round little hairy body she decides it must be coming from my MOUTH.    WHAT!!!!!!   YEP, MAYBE it is my teefers need Feb 1st I am going go to get my teefers cleaned bright and shiny and MAYBE the STINK will leave.

Until then I sleep wif mom every night, cos she is a smother, nutso mom, so stinky is not all so bad for me,  is it?   

Yep friends, keep track of your times wif your smother, nutty moms, I smell a movie deal for us.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I put this on my facebook page the other day.  It seems all I can manage is an occasional find to put on my page, words that I like or are feeling at the moment.  But these words made me think a little bit about perhaps a wrong that I never meant to be wrong.  And I wanted to fix it.

A few years ago a blogger left and it was sudden, and she was super loved in this blogging family, but she left, gone......blown away like some leaf in the autumn wind, and I did not understand it, and no matter what words I said, she never returned.  Of course I know she left for her own personal life reasons, but I had this hole where she once stood and it was hard for me to walk around it.  I never forgot those feelings......of loss.  And it also scared me in the sense that blogging had become closer than people I could touch in real life.

Then October 2015 happened and here it is January 2017 and I still am struggling everyday so bad that thinking enough to write words on a computer screen brings tears, and so... I don't write.

Until today.

Well, I have left and I can't really find my way back, and when I read this a few days ago, it hit me that maybe I have left a hole in someone's life here and that was not my intention. an abstract word anyway......I have never really left blogville, every morning, on my way to wherever I am working at that time, I go through the list and wonder how each and everyone of you are doing, and I always keep you close to my heart, and prayers.  I also see some on facebook, ........its like peeping in the window just to make sure all is alright. 

Grief comes in so many forms.  And loss comes in many directions.  One of the hardest losses I had last summer was my mom.  Many of you know she has been fighting breast cancer, and you all sent gifts, and letters and cards and she loved them very much.  BUT Families have so many dynamics though and ours has always been a way that my Mom has trouble letting to many of her kids in her life at one time.  As unreal as this sounds, I had my time with Mom and Dad, and in the summer Mom decided it was my other sisters turn, its been a long summer, fall and winter for me, not one word said, or phone call made.  I feel like a bag of garbage, that ends up in the quarry, full of really good things that no one wanted.  I have three sisters and this has pretty much been our whole lives, one of us gets a turn at a time to have a mom.  Mine was for 10 years, I doubt if my sister will be that long.

Grief.  So Mom is still here, but she is gone.  Grief.

It piles down on you, every loss here in blogville, every family change, catches up with you  to the point that you cannot allow yourself to think a word let alone write it in a blog.

I hope this makes sense to someone, and if I left a hole its not because I have left, I am just having trouble finding my way home.

I really am.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Our newest blogville Detective...............bhahahahahhahah................stella rose

Monday, December 5, 2016


For weeks now, our house has been QUIET, at first we thought the outside cats were planning a revolution because one of their own has now made residency within the walls of our nice warm house, but that wasn't it....................(and that is a WHOLE nother story)

NOPE, instead everyday Gussie would get up early, and leave the house sometimes not to return for a few days, Maggie and I put our heads together, and all we could think of was that he was BACK to doing this........

BUTT that was not even I guess dear friends lets set back and Let our gussie boy tell you where HE REALLY WAS.

Hi family:
I was approached late one night by a pup all dressed in a black suit and tie.  He asked me if I was Angus McConnell Long and I said yes, and I asked him if he was auditioning for the new "Men in Black" and he took out a white sheet of paper and made a big red check mark on it!!!!  

He told me right away check marks are BAD and I could only have 5 or I was OUT...OUT....OUT.  Well being the super bright pug that I am, I asked him, "out of Mr. Chewy Treats, cos if that is the case I am already OUT...OUT...OUT cos our Mom is working her *&&^%  off and never gets to do a review!"     He took off his shiny black glasses and rolled his eyes at me, and made ANOTHeR REd CHECK MArk.   I was starting to think if this pup smiled his face would crack.

SO he handed me over these official looking papers, the kind that Dad gets and calls junk mail and throws in the trash can,  (at first I thought I had won the Readers Digest Million Dollars, and I could surprise mom wif a vacation ) BUTT it said I was selected to become a POSSIBLE candidate for the Blogville Police Department, and if I do extra well I could even become a DETECTIVE.   WHOOHOOOO!!!!

BUTT.........furst they would need to talk to my neighbors, about my LIFE and also look into some accusations they had heard concerning the prior mayors of blogville, and their campaign trip with ME as their driver.                      UM.........folks that could be a stumbling block...........remember this.............

Do you think Willie could impact me NOT getting into the police academy??????????????????????

So I called Willie and we went over any questions they may ask us so our answers would match........of course there was nuffin to hide anyway............cos after all Willie is Willie, and Gussie is Gussie.

I also called up my ole friend Santa and asked him if he could put a good word in for me,
The snotty pup asked me about my sordid past with Chrissy!!!  Oh my Lord, that troll has come back to haunt me!  I told him there was NO past, that she had tried to sabotage me becoming one of Santa's elves, and it almost worked but I outsmarted her.   Whew!!

and the next fing I knew I was standing at the door of the Academy, a knocking on the door, and darn it guess who answered the door, yep that pup in the black suit, with his darned red check pen, glaring down at me. 

Apparently he thought the only way I got in was having friends in high places............bhahahhahah.

So I worked hard.............

"Hey buddy, butt is stuck can you help a fellow out?".......................

and I played hard
with all my buddies...............

I practiced my driving skills in the getaway ..cough...cough....police car...............

and then this happened.

Yeppers Mr. Pup in Black meet your new DETECTIVE, you had better hope YOU never end up on the other side of the table from me!!!!!

Detective Angus McConnell Long reporting for duty Sir.

(oh my pug what have they created.........Stella Rose Long...........p.s. we hate that we can only read about 10 blogs at a time, we cannot even go back and read yesterdays or any that we have missed in the past, what is going on with our blogger??)

Thursday, December 1, 2016


This is what blogville does, many times my family here has stepped up and send cards, and gifts to my family member in need.  Its so wonderful to belong to a family that really cares.  Please read the following.
Stella Rose

 To Donate Money For Easy’s Medical Expenses:

PayPal – The fastest way is PayPal.  Because of the differing currencies we encourage you to use this method.  The money will go into an account (monitored by Idaho Pugs) and then transferred to Easy’s Family.  When you donate the money select the option “Sending Money To A Friend”.  Make sure you select that option! To use PayPal you need your own account (sets up quickly and easily).  Go to PayPal and send the money to pugranch2[AT]msn[DOT]com

We are trying to avoid setting up a GOFUNDME page because they take a larger part of the donation for their fee (5%+) and we want as much money as possible to go towards Easy’s medical expenses.  

There will also be an auction announced soon by Mollie & Alfie One Wing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Its always hard to understand why some prayers are answered and others are not.  I know Easy is loved by one and all, and when he got sick, heaven was overloaded with words of encouragement and love for this boy and his family. 

Easy though has never taken the path of the familiar and often made his own road for the day, even now.  So with our heavy hearts, and many tears, one more part of our family, this blogville tribe says goodbye.   He will be dancing in the stars forever, and each time we look at the brilliancy in the sky, he will forever take our breath away.

Stella Rose

Wednesday, November 9, 2016











Monday, November 7, 2016


Did you know when you check in, you also have to CHECK OUT .........that is why you do not see us check in very much............its hard when we check out cos we are not sure of the next time, we can check in....................does this make sense at all.

Mom works ALL the time, ALL. THE. TIME.  Finally this coming weekend she will have two days off, first time in almost 3 weeks.  She is lucky to have this job, but it comes with disadvantages also, like NO blogging, and now driving in the dark, watching for deer, and missing you and us, and everyone.

THAnK PUGNESS for Princess Leah or mom would have FOrGOT Mags birthday, Poor Maggie is still waiting on her pressies.  

Mom tries to touch base on facebook but it is not the same EVER, cos blogville is Number one ......

I hope all our friends are well, and happy.  and Happy and well.

We miss you much
Stella Rose and Momma

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I toles my mom the other night when Jes's dad went to heaven that all those little pugs of his waiting at the rainbow bridge was a dancing and a singing, and a hugging on him, giving him those sweet puggie kisses.  Mom said she thought so too, and she even thought that they would have the most wonderful time together from now on.  I told her I was worried about  how Jes and Lily were doing. 

Mom said they were just fine, they were doing their job of hugging on their mom, and laying close by her just to show how much they love her.  Mom said we are like anxiety medicine, in a more healthy way, as soon as humans touch us, their spirit calms down, and their brain starts to think more clearly.

I asked Mom if we were packing our bags, and leaving for Missouri, so we could be present at the funeral, and she said sadly that we could not go, but she had came up with a plan.  She said she had been thinking and thinking of something important and special to do for Mary Ann, and finally she figured it out.  (mom did share she is going down to spend a weekend soon)

See, Mary Ann and my mom are best friends, they are family, and have shared some funny memories, and some sad memories, you know like family does.  Mom even has a memory that involves threatening Mary Ann with duct tape on a trip from Iowa to Indiana over the summer.  Luckily she did not have to follow through with that love Mary Ann, and are sad that we cannot be there this week for her. 

Instead, though Mom will be there right beside her, when she first picks out what she is wearing, when she is thanking friends and family for coming to see her, when she listens to the music playing, and even when they hand her the beautiful red, white and blue flag.   When Mary Ann feels like she can't find her breath, or when her words are tired, and when the tears come,  Mom will be there,  and all she will have to do to find her extra strength, is to put her hand in her pocket.  Its simple.

Sometimes our life is to LOUD, and to BUSY and way to HARD..........and in all the hubbub of todays world simple is hard to be found, in fact simple could almost be extinct.  So Mom decided simple may be the best gift she can give to her best friend/family right now.........a picture in the pocket.


Stella Rose

Monday, October 17, 2016


WE feel like we are looking in from the outside, through a window filled with Blogville and all our friends and all the activities that we are missing.   Its HARD for mom to even find one day a week to post a blog or answer comments. 

Mom just got done with her first 13 day work stretch.  It was hard, and long, and tiring, and 5:00 in the morning is not always pretty--and she drives to work in the dark, and comes home in the dark....and she is whiney and grumpy. 

We miss you all and we feel like we will never find our way back to you.  In our brains we know it will not last forever, and we are brave, in our hearts we are not brave and we are sad.

Today we are sad about Mary Ann our dearest friend whose husband passed away early this morning, some of you met her at the BAR with sweet Jes.  We are also very sad about some of our friends here in Blogville who has went to the bridge since we have been gone.  SAD.

Maybe mom should be her own patient at that wacky clinic she works you think they have a pill for "missing blogville"?  

Stella Rose

Thursday, October 6, 2016


I was a little girl here.

Mom is in the middle of her 13 day work stretch, she is on day #5.  It seems that it is much harder for us to get on here, and read comments or even post once a week, and we are ashamed to say Facebook, it is fast and easy for us to like something or comment quickly and check on our friends. 

That being said, it is still nothing like our Blogville, and being part of this family.  Mom tells us it will not be like this forever and before long we will be back blogging happily and answering your posts.

A wonderful thing happened  because of Blogville and we wanted to share it with you.  Well, you all know our Macey.  And her lymphedema.  Finally, after fighting insurance companies and medical supply companies Maceys $8,000.00 pump arrived a few weeks ago.

Once a day for one hour she uses it, we can see some difference in her foot and leg, but we also can tell that she must be faithful and always keep on her schedule.  She is handling the routine very well.

So that was good news, BUTT here is even better news.  Last week Charlie's mom from downunder posted a letter that her granddaughter had sent to the prime minister asking for his permission for an angora rabbit.  Apparently, there is a rule that where she lives no one can have rabbits.  Grandmas started talking and came up with the idea that maybe Macey and Josie could be REAL snail mail pen pals.  What a grand idea. 

So here is Macey at the post office mailing a Halloween card to her faraway friend.  Whooohoooo....see how blogville impacts our life so wonderful!!!

On Saturday mom did not have to work so she had three of the grandgirls over to our house to make chocolate covered apples ........well you know how pinterest items do not always look like our own......

Piper, McKenna and 1/3 apple on a jumbo stick.

Macey stirring the chocolate.

 Macey decorating the apples.

Where's Piper?

 Macey and Piper with Halloween teeth.

Completed leftover apple slices.

In the little village of Bentonsport, buying pumpkins later in the day.

So Mom and the girls had a great day.  We three pugs mostly laid around hoping something sweet would be dropped on the floor to us.  We did snuggle with the girls while they watched the new goosebumps movie.  

(One year ago today our dad had his work accident.  It has been a long and changing year for our family.  He has his last appt. with the back doc yesterday so the next step in his life is to do a Function Capacity Test.  The doc yesterday told him he has at least a 30% loss with his arm, and we do not know the results of the back yet. We are glad this year is almost over.  Always though there are people and families in much much worse places then ours, we have an immense amount to be thankful for, so please send your prayers today to others struggling when we may not even know.)

We will be back.
Stella Rose and Momma

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


NO one told us these kittens would be growing.   I thought they would stay tiny, so we would always be in charge of them.  We told mom to sell them to the gypsies.   

Tiny little Henri.

Tiny little Ellen.

I thought I was in charge in this house.  (gus)

 Bigger Ellen.

Bigger Henri.  Mom tried to get a close up but he won't hold still.

Now we have a cat tree in OUR TV room.

Stella rose