Friday, March 6, 2015


Many of you have asked us how JIM is he still alive or did mom put him out in the garage or send him back to the zoo?

Jim is doing just fine.  He is kind to us, and when he is doing his chores around the house, he tries to never suck any of our feet up.  Sometimes he even lets me ride along when he is working.

We made a deal wif him, if we don't bark at him while he is working then he won't accidently suck any of our stuffies, bones, treats, or feets into his whirly brushes.

Jim is not allowed to sleep wif us at night, he mostly just stands against the wall and guards us.  Everyone needs a JIM in their life.

Stella Rose

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Well, my secret BFF and I decided to go do a little hang gliding just to get to know each other a little better....I must remember NOT to hang glide with my tongue out.....bugs!!!

Officer Bites it was NOT a sneaky squirrel that you have been looking for but ANGUS sneaking around trying to figure out who my BFF was.  He donned a squirrel costume and snuck around us......hoping that I would drop he/she name....well the name is LP......and that told him NOTHING.  Dumb brother.

Margaret Mae a/k/a MM

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Adventures with my new BFF have begun......

We thinks that Squirrel is a secret agent for the boys side trying to find out our girly plans.....he is leaving us a clue with that card.

Maggie Mae

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Mom says if she would have really looked at this smile she would have figured out just what life with Margaret Mae was going to be like.  I wonder what she meant by that!??

I made myself right at home from the moment I stepped into my new home, I introduced myself to all of Stellie's toys and promptly told them they were MINE, I ran over to her part time bed, laid down in it, and then Peed on it, Just so it became MINE and I ran over to mean ole cat Dietzman and he prompty slapped me, apparently he would never be MINE.  I ran zoomies around stella rose 100 times a day, and I did a little dance and yapped happily when I got up on the couch.  To this very day, I have the same routine, so at least I am consistent MOM.

My favorite thing in the whole wide world for the first TWO years of my life was this....

Yes, a binkie.....I am NOT ashamed to admit that either.  In fact MOM was still buying me binkies until a few months ago when I   started to bite the end of them off....thus NO MORE BINKIES.

AND My first BFF love was :
Yes Sweet Puddles.  She taught me all about how to drive, and how to make gunpowder into fireworks
and how to catch a ride to the grocery store to buy more drinkables   with the Amish.....she is one smart doxie. 
I even made her a shrine that my MOM made me tear back down....she felt it did not go with any d├ęcor of our were so WRONG MOM....

THIS....Angus sometimes in the soap operas of life your bff suddenly starts to pal around with your sibling, and suddenly before your very own eyes, they are leaving you in the dust,

Angus even took a picture of her along with him and the "Doods Tour".....

But one day our Puddles just went away...poof....was it because we were fighting over who was her friend or is it because the government snatched her away and are holding her in some cold and awful place....

Oh there have been some siting's and one time she even emailed ANGUS to let him know she was okay, but later we doubted the authenticity of the email.  Angus has it hanging on his bedroom wall....just in case.....and he leaves his bedroom window open just a crack.

Life goes on though and now that I am three years old I have decided I need a new secret BFF.  She/he must be kept secret long enough for us to form unbreakable bonds that no man or pug can tear apart.  And after searching the world over I received a secret email from just the right dog that I can now corrupt   teach  just like Puddles did me.   Bahhahahahahah............

Watch out world...........Margaret Mae Simpson a/k/a Maggie Mae

Monday, March 2, 2015


At our house when Mom wants us to listen to her she says, "Sit".  Maggie takes a deep breath because it is against her grain to listen to Mom the first, second and sometimes third time around, but she does sit.  Angus looks at Mom and sits, I look at Mom and ever since I first stepped into my new home 5 years ago I twirled.  Yes, when Mom says ,"sit"  I twirl like a beautiful ballerina.

Mom has come to accept over the years, that for whatever reason in my brain SIT means TWIRL.  Its a fact of life....

Yesterday Mom was waiting on her hair to change color and stop stinking so she told us we could not sit in her lap until she washed it.  All three of us were lined up in front of her while she was sitting in the recliner waiting for the stink to pass and she looked at us and said, "SIT".

Maggie sit promptly, which made Mom smile, ....Gussie looked at Mom and she looked at him, and he sat, and Mom said "Good job Gussie and Maggie Mae!" and then she looked over at me standing there looking at her, and I could tell she almost didn't want to say it to me, cos sometimes she doesn't want me to get my feelings hurt because I always Twirl, but she looked at me and decided to take the leap of faith, the same one she had taken for five years, and so she said, "Sit Stellie." and I sat and gave her a big pug smile.

Never never give up.
Stella Rose

Friday, February 27, 2015


I  says have beautiful Hershey drop eyes, the FRANKENVET says I do not.  (this is a picture of me and my brudder Sammy J. Simpson from when we were little)  Notice the chocolate film over my eyes.

Well as I have gotten older no matter what mom and the FRANKENVET has tried, or cooked up in the caldron they have continued to get worse.

I am getting so use to her poking around with paper strips in my eyes when I go to the FRANKENVET that it does not even make me cry anymore.  Good news though my left eye has the #14 for tear production which is pretty good, Bad news is it now has a ulcer.   Bad news my right eye that looks more bloodshot has the #4 for tear production.  Apparently the FRANKENVET says that is NOT good news at all.

I have been on my eye medicine and drops for a long LONG time now, and so for 10 days we are trying two different types of medicine.  A ointment and a teeny tiny bottle of drops.

Me at the pugfest with Ms. Ellen when I was little.  See my pretty eyes.  They make my Daddy do everything I ask him too.

Me and my love Stan.   So after the ten days are up the FRANKENVET is ordering me some new medicine to try in my eyes and she and mom are hoping it will help.  Neither of them are ready to give up on ME ever.

BUTT if all else fails the FRANKENVET will send me to a special VET that just takes care of eyes.....we are not even sure there is such a person in IOWA. 

Mom thinks I am beautiful and so does Ms. Macey who is still waiting on her appt.  Her foot has went down some though so that is good news.

Gussie is also feeling much better, he has a new wrinkle from his surgery around his mouth but it just fits in with the rest. 

And Grandma has started her first week of hormone therapy.  We are praying for great results.

Maggie said last night she is glad she wrote her whiney "marsha marsha marsha" post (thank you Casey's mom) cos from writing the post she now has a new secret sister who wants to be her one and only bestest friend.  You will never guess who it is.

Our little village gots 6 inches of snow and we are in for more on Saturday-Sunday and Monday says she is just staying home and sewing and playing wif us!!  Yay.....

Stella Rose

Thursday, February 26, 2015


WE got 5-6 inches of snow last night...and more headed toward us on Saturday, Sunday and Monday....we will never walk around the lakes again, or run at our favorite fairgrounds......get on board Stella Rose and Maggie we will squeeze you in.....hold on buddies, I may be stuck in the snow............Angus McConnell Long