Monday, September 29, 2014


Yep its me!  Dietzman Long doing my 2ND Mr. Chewy review.  Mom promised me she would get me something this month from Mr. Chewy and she decided we would try

Yeppers folks, Blue Kitty Yums made it Savory Salmon!!! WhOOHOOO!!!  Oh boy, when that box arrived I knew it was for ME because it smelled soooooo good.  At first I thought momma bought me a baby buffalo to loves but then I realized we are talking about me, Mean Ole Cat Dietzman and not one of those fat pugs of hers. 

The first thing I loved about these was they were soft.  And for someone who is 18 years old, soft is important.  Don't forget my smeller still works, so the smell was the second important thing I noticed, ......Mom gave me a couple to try and I gobbled them right up...and asked for more.  We give these things a 5 start ...wesa will try and get them again!  No monies were exchanged for my important opinion.

Here are some other facts you might like to know:

BLUE Kitty Yums are the perfect way to reward your favorite feline. Made with real salmon as the first ingredient, these tender morsels are packed with flavor that will leave her purring for more.
Key Benefits
  • Ideal for both cats & kittens
  • Real salmon
  • Taste cats can’t resist
  • Tender, tasty morsels 
  • Only 2 calorie per one bit!
  • Rosemary is great for freshening breath
  • Wholesome brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Fish oil these unsaturated fatty acids support skin and coat health, cognitive function and joint health
  • Taurine is an amino acid that promotes good vision and a healthy heart
  • Made with the finest ingredients available, BLUE Kitty Yums do not contain any chicken or poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat or soy.
  • Made in the USA!
AND they are on sale for less than $3.00!!!!!

I hope Mom buys lots of packages for my Christmas stocking!!!
Dietzman Long

Friday, September 26, 2014


A few days ago our friend Sweet Tweedles showed us hers magic paintbrush, where she could paint, beautiful sunsets, or bubbles in the air, or anything she chooses  see.....

Isn't hers a sweetie....

Soooooo the three of us got together and decided if objects could make magic things happen we would do this.....

create Magic in ours kitchen with mom's skillet!!!!!!   We would make eatable food appear....ayayyayayayaya!   Most of you know our mommies legendary cooking skills, I NOSE the firemans here in town do.

I wonder if we will need wizards hats on or a magic wand, hopefully it won't backfire and turn us all into these.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am running and leaping just for you.

Momma says I carry you in my heart.

Hold on tight!!

Angus McConnell

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We are so glad our Gussie made it home safe and sound.  Well at least safe, cos the only sound that we haf been listening to in the last 22. 5 hours is snoring....a lot of snoring!!!

We are anxiously awaiting him to wake up and tell us ALL about his adventures this past week with the doods, and pug ranch kids, dory and her brothers, and meeting Frankie and Mayor Madi.  We are so embarrassed by that!!  Geeze Gussie you could have gotten their autographs, instead you were making a pug fool out of yourself on the stage, did you really go MEOW instead of there a inner cat in there that we know nothing about??

On a better note......

WE HAD A VISITOR---Do you remember last Christmas when Mrs. Flea and husband stopped by our house and spent the night in our little town. She blogs for Jones Treats.

Well this time, she was at the PET EXPO in CHICAGO and we were on her way home.  So hers and momma talked and she decided to spend the night AT OUR HOUSE.  Oh boy did mom go nuts cleaning the house on Sunday, BUT I toles momma it didn't matter about the house, cos MRS. FLEA was there to see her and daddy and mostly US.

Here is Mrs. Flea's blog and we wanted to share it wif you this morning cos hers wrote about us last night.          SHE took great pictures of us, and WE were on our BEST behavior.  Even Gussie woke up long enough to get some treats.....sorta........

Mrs. Flea brought us a Boo Bucket for Halloween, filled with ALL kinds of goodies, a Christmas Stocking filled with all kinds of goodies, and a Frisbee for Christmas filled with ALL kinds of you see where this is going AND a purple Jones Bag filled with EVEN more treats cos hers loves us so much.  She also brought us a clicker present from Maggie at OH MY DOG AND a lavender anxiety spray for Maggie to try.  It felt just like Christmas at our house.  All we needed was the snow.

Her and momma talked all day long.  Momma took her around our little village, and Mrs. Flea toles her that she never had tried cheese curds before so off they went to the cheese curd factory. Mrs. Flea is probably chewing on them all the ways home.  Mrs. Flea has a LONG DRIVE  home this morning, another 8 hours before she see's her Chewy again.  We sent some clothes for him, from our stash that Gussie has outgrown and a crate she can take along to her next Expo that Chewy gets to go to with her in Atlanta.  We hope that all goes well for them both.

WELL, better go check on Gussie to see if he is ready for breakfast,    "Gussie are you awake..."


Stella Rose

Monday, September 22, 2014

THE GREAT DEBATE....Cough Cough Cough

I is still a coughin and a coughin AND without TELLING my Momma I decided to take a little more cough medicine cos I didn't want to interrupt the GREAT DEBATE wif my coughing.  So instead of 1/4 tsp.  I took, 1/4 cup.  I faught there wasn't much difference in that....apparently though I didn't read the fine print until later, about the amount of ALCOHOL that is in SOME cough syrups and the affect it could have on a little pug.  It also says DO NOT DRIVE....oh my Momma is going to be so mad at me when hers reads about it ALL over the BLOG ....I just NOSE the pupparozi is going to pick it up in the papers also...sigh.

I drank WAY to much cough syrup and for some odd reason I faught I was the ONE going on stage for the great debate.....ME, ANGUS MCCONNELL, and not the DOODS.  Boys and girls NEVER EVER take more than the recommended dose of medicine. Learn from my example.
"Is it time to come out on stage yet????"

"Oh nose I lost my bark!!!"
Mr. Bailey was so peeved at me, that he wanted to put me on TIME OUT but sweet angel Greta stepped in, and talked him out of it, WHEW!!!!
Now I am banished to the RV where I need to sleep it off, and Bailey put my medicine under lock and key.  Apparently, HE will be giving me my allotted daily doses.  FANK YOU Bailey for taking such good care of me.  I loves you a lot......
"Oh I is so embarrassed.....teheheheheh...."
I wonder if all my "womans" and my "girls" seen me????????  I wonder if Good Morning America will be calling me?????????
Angus McConnell Long
to go to WFNE Tee Vee

Sunday, September 21, 2014


WELL,  friends last episode Mr. Bailey and I were ready to go diving in the great bathtub that Artie and Bilbo had run for us.  I told Bailey not to look a gifted horse in the mouf and Bailey looked like he wanted to hurt me so I decided to be quiet.  I kept asking those boys for their cell phone so I could call my favorite tow truck driver, but they refused to give it to me.  Those boys needs some lessons in manners!!

Suddenly there was a racket going on in the other room, and the door busted open and in come the Doods, Hazel and Greta, and Dory and Jakie......I was embarrassed cos I was standing there wif my foot in the tub getting ready to hop in.......I was NAKEED!!!!

WELL, they saves the day, and the next thing here come Mayor Madi, Frankie and Ernie and FOOD....its a PARTY  

AND I finally gots to call my buddy for a tow!!!

Please join us tomorrow for the Great Debate here at
Angus McConnell Long