Tuesday, October 21, 2014


My Mom is always saying she is getting OLD.  I tell her OLD is better.....she does not always believe me.  WE live in a very OLD house.  It is so old it is on the historical register.  Mom says what that really means is the floors are uneven and the walls are cracked.  WE love our old house though.

This is an OLD picture before the new green roof was done this summer.

OLD is the NEW.    OLD sometimes costs a lot of money at the stores. 

Mom's old blanket cabinet.  Only one door will open.  Sometimes being OLD has its quirks.
This is our old dry sink.  See the BIG BIG gum ball machine beside it.  Well that is OUR dad's and that is a whole nother "war of the roses" story for another day.  So far dad is winning.

Sometimes being older has its advantages...like riding instead of walking.  Mom says in my case she wishes she could stop the clock.........I told her that's okay, historical registers are kinda cool.....I wonder if they have one for pugs?

Stella Rose


Monday, October 20, 2014


I toles my momma we MUST blog today to say hello to our friends and let them know we are trying hard to get back to blogville, we miss all of you very much.  On Saturday we received pictures and a card with a handwritten note from the pug ranch kids momma.  Our momma got tears in her eyes, cos it made her heart remember JUST why we miss you all so much.  Thank you Linda.

Mom snapped this first things this morning, she says, "get in your beds, momma has to go to work.." and away we fly.  Of course Dad is home, so we can escape as soon as his feet hit the floor.

Wednesday momma is making the trip to the University to finally take little macey and her momma to the ped cardio guy.  It has been a long wait, five weeks this Friday.  Macey's little foot and calf are still swollen very very big....she has to wear flip flops all the time, and even those are tight on her foot.  She has had a ultrasound done to just make sure there was no blood clots, blood work and today an xray to make sure there is no hidden fracture.  (Mom wonders WHY they did not do that on day one!!)  We will let you know as soon as we are back on Thursday HOPEFULLY with answers.

Mom has taken up sewing....she says its more constructive than drinking (whatever that means) so we are gonna show you a few of her projects.....we try to stay out of her way cos she makes lots of mistakes, and we also sometimes step on the foot pedal so that is basically a disaster waiting to happen.

Here is a skirt she started for the 6 year old but it is to small cos Mom apparently cannot measure so it will be given to little piper instead.  Mom saw these funky little skirts on zulily and thought maybe she could recreate them....um......

Then she made curtains for the family room...we practically live in there, and mom likes a lot of light, dad not so much.....but he keeps quiet about it....

Here is a little owl mom made on a skirt for the 6 year old. She had to make the skirt over cos she measured Macey's waist but forgot girls have hips....To SMALL.....she had to start over.  She thought a straight brown skirt would look cute with her cowboy boots....hope it fits when she tries it on!

THEN mom was snooping around on pinterest and saw this site called Junker Jane's....and she laughed and laughed at these crazy little dolls she makes....they are not for everyone, and when mom showed the grandgirls pictures of them they said EWWWWWWWWW......Mom thought they said HOW PRETTY and decided to try her hand at her own creations...Monster Me's.......

This is Dixie.   She worked on her yesterday.  Dixie is the name of her sister.  She said has to add her funky little arms and legs yet and stuff her AND make a small doll to go with her.  Mom has to stain the material also.  See her memory with her sister (15 months apart) is that mom had this bride doll and she could only play with her when Dixie was asleep, well one day she left the doll out and Dixie ripped out her earrings, and ripped off her head.  That was the end of the bride doll.  So mom is going to make a little monster bride doll to go in Dixie's hand, and then give it to her sister for Christmas.  Her sister will love it!! (maybe)

So Mom is going to try to make them for each of her girls, and granddaughters for Christmas, with a memory.  Big plans....um.......

Thank you for being so patient with us not blogging.  We do think of each of you everyday, and we will be back soon.  The election is over in a few weeks, and things will quiet down at work, for the next two weeks mom will be hand-addressing over 3000 letters, ....I wonder if she will even be able to come home and sleep?????

Hugs....Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and of course Angus Mac

Friday, October 10, 2014


Me-at 6 months of age.
We haven't posted very much this week.  We didn't want any of our friends to think we have jumped ship and swam to warmer shores. We just wanted to tell you that for the month of October and first week of November we will only be posting when we can.
Me-at 2 years old.  Dietzman photobombed me.
UPDATE on MACEY:   Her appt. with the ped. cardio guy is scheduled for the 22nd of this month.  For her family it CANNOT come soon enough!!  Her foot and leg are still monster size but it does not seem to be stopping her MUCH.....sometimes she does get pretty tired and crabby.  The local dr. decided to do blood work on her Kidneys and one of the levels was very low...instead of 7.0 it was 3.5....we haven't heard back about that...???.....they have also decided they are going to Doppler her leg to make sure there is not a blood clot they have missed....we wish they would have done that on day one!!!  If mom had her way Macey would already been at the appt. but Mom can't make the Dr. moves as fast as she can our dAD.....please keep her in your thoughts.
Macey is taking the first train out of here and headed for warmer weather with our MOM!

Gussie is still under the weather somewhat that cough cough virus did a number on him and now he seems to developed a tummy virus..  Mom is giving him chicken and rice soup to settle his tummy down. He has been sick at his tummy off and on these past few days.  In the mornings he just wants to lay around, but by evening he is playing around more.  If he doesn't snap out of it soon, back to the GOOD vet he will go.

Angel Sammer and Me.

Gussie will be seeing the good vet next month about surgery on his right eye.  We all know he came to our house with wonky eyes even thought mom thought he was soooooo beautiful.

Now that he is 1 1/2 years old he is having more trouble with his right eye.  The right side of his face is often wet, and with wrinkles that can cos problems.  The frankenvet said that his eyelashes constantly touch his eye, and irritate it. There is a surgery with a fancy name where they tack down some of the wrinkle and that makes the eyelash leave the eyeball alone.  So next month off to the good vet we go to hear what he has to say about it.  It will be a challenge for me and mags to leave his stitches alone, cos everyday we lick each others eyes...its a weird habit that we have. 

Gussie's costume he won from Frankie and Ernie last year.

This is NOT Maggie's best pose.

Then there is MOM.  The election for the County Attorney will be happening on NOvember 4th.  If her boss wins then all is well in her world, her job will still be her job.  If he loses, she will be out on skidrow looking for a new job.  It is a worry at her age cos hers is old.   She is starting to have some sleepless nights over it.  Tomorrow is the big parade here in our county and she HAS to ride up front in a little old convertible and throw out candy....remember what cold air does to her muscles, she will look like a crabby patty when she gets out of the car.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers....hopefully come November we will be back to our "normal" and all will be well with the world.

Your Friends....Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Back in June my Mom's friend became a grandma, but her little boy Peyton went to heaven shortly after his birth to live with the angels and his big sister.  Many of you after hearing her story sent her a card just letting her know you cared.  Yesterday, Mom got this letter in the mail.  We are sharing it with you now.

Dear Friends from Deb's (Stella Rose) Blog,
 Just wanted to send you our sincere thanks for your caring thoughts and prayers during this very sad time in our lives.  It was so kind of all of you to send the wonderful cards.  We received cards from the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between and from as far away as Canada and England. 
Update on our daughter:  She is still going to PT 2x a week in Iowa City which is about a 2 hours away but is beginning to show improvement in her walking and speech.  We are still waiting to hear more about her eyesight.  She is very sad about the loss of Peyton but dealing day by day.  Deb and I go back a long way (1st grade) and she has helped me thru some tuff times.  They say you never know when you're going to make a friend....but you always know when you've found a great one!  Deb is one of those and I am so glad you have gotten to know her (and the pugs) thru her blog.  I showed her my treasure of cards and she was proud of all of you for responding to our need.
Just think how many friendships began when a little pug named Stella found her way into Deb's heart.  We tend to be Yorkie folks but I have a very special grandpug who is blind.  While I have no grandchildren living here on Earth (yet) I do have 8 granddogs ranging from a Yorkie to a Mastiff.
Our hearts are broken....Our arms are empty..but our memories and your thoughtfulness comfort us.  Thank you so much.
Peyton's Family

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This is an old picture of our dad on Halloween.  Needless to say the little humans coming up the steps did not like him one bit!!!  This is our Dad's favorite Holiday, .........
stella rose

Friday, October 3, 2014


Today is World Smile Day. Join Sugar's Blog Hop.  We are hoping ours mom is smart enough to figure out how to join it, if not, well.....at least its Friday and Mom is smiling and so are we.  Mom would be smiling bigger if it was 4:30 on Friday and not 8 in the morning.  Humans are funny like that.


Scary Smile....and Me.

That is a pug smile.....bhahahahah

Baby Maggie Smile.

Riding with my sisters in the stroller smiles....

Its Friday smile!!!!

My pissy smile......

Happy Smile Day Friends


Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and of course Angus McConnell

Thursday, October 2, 2014


This is our Macey Elizabeth

She is mad.

She is funny.

She is charming.

She is imaginative.

Last week when mom dropped her and her sister off at dance class her big sister noticed that Macey's left foot was really swollen.  So big that she could not wear her dance shoes.  The next day her Momma took her to the Dr. 

Overnight the swelling had traveled up the calf of her leg.  The Dr. heard a heart murmur that was never heard before in her checkups...a murmur in children is sometimes just an oddity that they will outgrow, or it can be a symptom of something else going on.  With the weird swelling ....well it caused us concern.  Yesterday she had some bloodwork done, and is now on the list to see the Ped Cardio guy at the University Hospital.....not for three weeks though......there must be a lot of kids who need to see this guy.  

The swelling is still there, and momma told her that her foot looked like one of the little monsters on Where the Wild Things Are...Macey laughed but I fink she is real tired of everyone looking at her foot and leg all the time. 

We know the Lord looks out for little children, but we sure could use your thoughts and prayers also, every little word can help.

Stella Rose and Momma