Friday, December 19, 2014


Well MOM played the," Angus you know Dietzy is almost 534 years old and he has never gotten to ride in Santa's sleigh....." and then she played the card, " Angus you know if you don't take Dietzy with you then you CANNOT go.........."

Well Played Mother Well Played.
Maybe she should have sent goofy Maggie with me instead.
Angus McConnell
Whooowee its looks like we are going to the NORTH POLE........

Thursday, December 18, 2014


At first Mom said No....No Way....No How....No was to far, to many days away from home, and maybe to dangerous, such as I could fall out of the sleigh...get stepped on by a big know stuff that happens to me sometimes.

Then I reminded her of the time I flew in a balloon far above the world and I was just a little guy then.....she toles me that I wasn't ACTUALLY in the balloon I was a picture on the balloon.....

Then I reminded her
Of the time I had to drive through the bad snow storm in a big SEMI, but that I made it home safely and she said I wasn't out in the bad snow storm, she her car---- so that did not count......cos I was just watching it on the tv

So I tried again by reminding her of the time I
ventured out into the prison yard at Alcatraz amid all the snow a blowing and huge drifts and rescued Maggie and brought her back into the house....Mom says she doesn't remember it happening that way.....AND that she usually has to shove me out into the cold to go pee...and it will be COLD where I am going....

THEN I reminded her of the time I did this
Saved my own pet dragon....and she just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and walked away......


I toles her I really really wanted to see all my blogville family as Santa visited each of their homes, and I wanted to give them all hugs from us, and just experience the magic of Santa high up above the heavens. 

Possibly I should not have used the words "high up above the heavens' cos she just kept on shaking her head NO.  

FINALLY Mean ole Cat Dietzman came a strolling into the room sharpening his knives, I mean claws on the furniture along the way and said, " fine Mom I will go with him, to keep him safe, and make sure Santa has him securely tied into the he don't fall out.......sigh........".
WHAT!!!!!  There was nothing in my invite that said, " oh yeah Angus bring that meanerthanhell cat of yours along for extra what am I gonna do!!!?????

Angus Mac

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Yesterday the mail man came a bringing this envelope for was SPECIAL DELIVERY!!

See who it is addressed to---me Angus McConnell and see who it is from--Santa Claus....oh friends my little heart just was beating so fast Maggie had to run and get the smelling salts in case I passed clear out on the floor.

My little paws were a shaking when I tried to open it and I just couldn't do it so Mean Ole Cat Dietzman jumped down off his throne rocking chair, and used one of his sharp claws on sliced it open for me.

HERE is what it said:

Yep that is right friends he wants ME to come up to the North Pole for 4 days of TRAINING and then I get to ride on that big ole sleigh wif him to keep him safe.  WELL let me tell you when the girls read it they laughed so hard THEIR round little tummies shook like a bowl full of jelly!

Apparently THEY do not think I am big enough or strong enough to be Santa's body guard so I made the MISTAKE of showing it to my MOM.

What do you think she said about it.....well stay tuned and you will find out tomorrow.

Angus McConnell Long

Monday, December 15, 2014


Dear Molly:
When I was at my grandma's house the other day she gave me a present to open.  She showed me on the outside of the package that it had came clear across the ocean for me!!!!!!  I know that is a very long ways.  She also showed me a picture on the computer of who had sent it to me.

Wow the Queen of England sent me a present!!  Grandma said no, but Molly is even more well known and best of all Molly cares about you.

I was so excited I asked my grandma please can I open my package.....and inside of it most specially wrapped was  a box holding a necklace just for me.  It was so beautiful and Grandma and Momma said it would be the kind of necklace I would want to wear for special occasions, like a party, or to church.

So this Sunday morning before momma took pictures of me wearing my gift from Molly.

Can you see the little snowflake star hanging right below my sweater button.  Don't let me funny bear hat distract

I wanted to say Thank You to all of the puggies friends and grandma's friends for sending me presents and get well cards.  That was very nice of you.  We are hoping after the holidays when we go back up to Blanks Children's Hospital they will know even more about what they are going to do. They sure are slow aren't they.
Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.

Macey Elizabeth-Jean

Friday, December 12, 2014


Dear Santa:

Last year I tried to be a reindeer for you but my app must have gotten lost in that big bundle of toys you carry around wif you in your sleigh or else evil Chrissy used it as TP and did not give it to you like hers promised me.  Either way it is fine because Isa been thinking about all my new skills since last year, and I decided since you haf to travel all around the world you probably need a body guard and not another reindeer.

Do you see my muscles in this outfit?

Or what about when Isa is protecting little puppies and kitties from strangers?
Did you know I now can carry my own weapon filled with poopie bullets given to me by the academy and Officer Bites my boss?

But best of all did you know I have a very special friend who has even more special powers than I do, and she would be flying right there along side of us, keeping you and I bof safe.

So Santa I hope you finks long and hard about me being by your side, cos the world can be pretty rough at times and you always need to know your friends have got your back.  Plus I work cheap.
Angus McConnell

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is the story of how Margaret a/k/a Maggie came to live at our house.  Two years ago tonight she arrived at our door knocking LOUDLY to let her in.  MOM and I hid in the bathroom BECAUSE we were not sure if we wanted to get another puppy EVER but Dad did.  Margaret had traveled throughout the whole day to come to our house, from a dirty puppy mill in the middle of Missouri.  Her hip had bad muscle damage (and to this day she cannot lift her left back leg) and she had eye scratches so we knew she would spend the rest of her life in a cage producing puppies.  A sad awful life for any dog. So our hearts were torn and our brains were numb.  Sammer had only left us a few weeks before and Sweet Trudie just a few months before Sam and Mom and I were hurting badly and I was very MAD at them for leaving me.  Was Maggie the answer to healing our hearts???????   Only time would tell.

Last night when Mom got home Dad was EXCITEDLY waiting for our little guest to arrive.  Mom went and took a long hot shower, I waited on the floor with her. We were hiding in the bathroom.   Mom and I talked "alone" and she shared her   WHAT IF'S....what if this..and what if that know she had the what if's stuck in her brain...a million of them.  THEN WE HEARD A KNOCK and DAD"S YAY...and OH SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!  Mom said, "Damn!"

There is much evil behind that smile.

 Finally, we worked up enuf courage to go see what all the excitement was about and there stood one of the homeliest pugs mom and I had ever seen.  It looked like someone had dunked her face and big paws in black paint and the rest of her body was tan with black in weird places.  At first she was quiet but then she looked around while Dad held her and then she got down and ran around like crazy.  Mom and I thought she looked like the saggy baggy elephant from an old Golden Book Story, but Dad kept saying how beautiful she was.  Dad was love-struck cos she was not beautiful!!   
  I am in shock. Her tail wagged like crazy and Mom said she was surprized she had enuf strength to even wag her tail cos she is so tiny! THEN she went over to my toys in Sammers bed, and shook the brains out of my favorite little white bear toy.  It was my gotcha toy when I first came to live with MY mom and dad.  We were stunned, Dad said,"Wow he couldn't believe a tiny little pug knew what to do with toys!" Mom said, " um....." Cathy said, " oh she is a genius.." I was shocked, no words would come out of my mouth.  First of all I couldn't believe she was a pug like me, she looked like a scrawny mouse hyped up on crack! Second she should be in jail for shaking my baby bear!   Dad had stars in his eyes, and told my mom and me she would be the perfect gift for Christmas for me and him.  Mom wanted to throw up!   Then mean ole cat dietzman came along and slapped the pee out of her not once but three times, and it didn't stop her a bit from being happy.  That got Mom's attention.  I was thinking what a dumb pug!

 Then she started chasing me all around, and heck I had to watch I didn't kill her when I stepped on her cos she is a shrimparoo!  Is she even healthy?  Take her batteries out of her NOW mom!  She chased me all around the house so much my tongue was hanging out ...Dad said she was better than a treadmill for me. Mom said Ummmmm.

Later Dad handed her to Mom and Mom sat in the chair with her and me.  She started to wag her tail, and lick moms face and try to bite me again for the millionth time, and Mom just wanted to cry cos she could see a little of Sammer in that black little face, and she tried to listen to her heart so she would know what was right me and for her. Then she snuggled in moms arms and went to sleep.

 Dad picked out the name Daisy but by the end of the night she became Maggie Mae or Godzilla.  I am still wondering about this present but as long is Mom's okay with it then so will I be.  This morning EARLY Maggie decided she needed to get up so Mom and I got up with her (even tho she belongs to DAD), and she drank finally and ate her breakfast.  She even pottyed on the puppy pads. Cathy said she couldn't go outside cos its to cold and she will get sick.  Mom drank her coffee after her and I went outside for some peace and she whispered to me, "sometimes presents come in the most different packages then we would have ever imagined Stella..."

Maggie is now two years old, and hers and I have had our ups and down.  Maybe its because we are both girls, or that Maggie has a strong pushy attitude and gets jealous easy, or maybe sisters are just like that...I don't know.   Maggie has grown into the watch pug at our house, she is the protector of all of us, she loves laying on Mom's legs with me and Gussie, and she loves running at the fairgrounds and going on walks.  We also realize that even though she came to us at 12 weeks of age she already had some traits from living in the hole that she did.  She could not even finish two days of puppy training because of her high anxiety.  Angus took her place and he was much younger. 

Was Margaret the right choice for our house??  Of course.  After all she is our Maggie Mae.

Stella Rose and Momma


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Friends show up in the funniest places.  I is so glad I haf friends from all overs the world.  Mom says she read a saying somewheres that friends are in your life for different reasons and different seasons.....some for a little while and others for a long time.

Wells, I is really lucky to have a very special friend with super powers.  For instance one day she flew all the way to the hospital and stayed right besides our Macey so she would be strong and not super is that.

For some reason though there are rules at the bridge and my big brudder Sammer toles me you cannot evers come back and stay wif your momma and da.  You just visit.  Sometimes its a whisper of a memory kind of visit and sometimes its a visit like I often have wif my friend.

See when Sweet Greta went to the Bridge I was upset and talked to Momma a lot about it. Cos Isa just a little guy I decided she needed to just come back home and say to heck wif the bridge.  But big brudder Sammer and Trudie and our friend Sweet Abby toles me that is not how it works.  They did let me in on a special secret though. 

So a couple of times a week I email my friend Greta and talk to her AND sometimes when the moon is just in the right spot hers and I sit in my tree outside together and discuss all the fings going on in my life.  You know just like you and your friend does.

I is showing her my new badge and hat now that I graduated from school.  Merry Christmas dear little friend.

Angus McConnell

P.S. Fanks Ms. Carol for coming out on this cold winter night and taking this picture for me.  I will always treasure it.