Wednesday, August 16, 2017


WELL, hells bells I has gotten some emails from friends asking WHY I Mags is writing on Stellie's blog and not their dear friend STELLA PeRFECT SMELLING ROSE.............well, its not like I stuck her in a moving box and taped it shut and mailed her to Ms. Mary Ann or anyfings like THAT!!!

See here is proof of life.  Hers is standing on that pink carpet that is soon to become nice wood floors staring up at the phone.  Geeze peoples.

Stella Rose is doing just fine. She is starting to move around alot more and makes her way across the front deck now just FINE!  I on the other hand haf to deal with stupid Eddie, and getting him offs my back cos he finks I am a HORSE.


These damn goats that are always coming over to ours back yard when we are outside raising hell, showing the neighbors just how good of watch dogs we are. You nevers can be to comfortable in the neighborhood.  STAY SMART MAGS is what I tell myself.

Tomorrow i am going to be guarding the kitchen cos we are getting new kitchen flooring. Dad will be on the other side of NUTS and BITCHYVILLE cos he hates when we bark and carry on.  I tell him, to go buy ear plugs and he says the F word to me.  Mom won't let me print it cos I am a youngest pug still.


Today the dish guy comes to bring TV to our house cos in the country there is no CABLE.  There are goats, long horned cows and chickens and a lousy rooster that wakes me at 4:45 every morning so in turn I wake my parents up at the same time.  Just doing my JOB.   I except the cable company will be sending mom a letter of complaint after they leave our house.  I have a long list of things to keep that guy busy.


Monday, August 14, 2017


DO you see me mom?

Dad and Gussie sharing tea.  Put your tongue back in your mouf brudder!

WE are the new kids on the block goats!!

Smartest cat in the world. Its Henri.   Life on the farm is busy for a city pug like me.  I am now in charge of keeping Henri and El safe, and Gussie and Stella Rose.  Safe from what you may ask..........THE GOATS!    Maggie Mae

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I am the number one pee-r at our house.  As soon as I run outside I pee on the grass, then on the flower pots, then on the hostas then on the fence, then on the side of the garage, then I take a little break and on my way back into the house I might pee on the deck steps.  I am the best pee pug around.

P.S. I never pee on that old basket hound, cos I admire him.  He is over 30 years old.