Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday was a sad day for our family and I wanted to share the story of "Mazey" with you.  Mazey belonged to Moms youngest daughters family for five years.  Kody brought him home when he was only three weeks old because his momma didn't want to take care of him.  Everyday Kody drove home on her lunch hour to make his bottle and again in the evening.  When mom first saw Mazey she said he looked like a little white pig sitting on the couch. He was so cute!  Well Mazey grew and grew and grew and it became apparent over time that he lacked the social skills so importantly taught by his mother. So he had a rather brash and loud disposition.  He loved his Daddy though, and looked forward to rides in the back of the truck and romps out on his grandpa's farm.  Mazey grew into a very large americian bulldog.  I never got to go up and play with Mazey cos Mom said I would have been a treat for him, (and not in a positive way) so I just admired him from afar.  Friday Mazey  passed away in his sleep. I will miss hearing about cuzin Mazey and I know he will be missed by his mom and dad and human brothers.  Mom told me about the "rainbow bridge" and she said she just bet that ole mazey is standing there on the bridge with little zeus by his side just waiting to see us all one day.  Mom says zeus will take good care of him until we all get there.  Rest In Peace Mazey you will be missed.  Stella Rose Long 


  1. We are ao sorry for the loss of your cousin Mazey. He has a lot of company over the bridge.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your cousin Mazey. We have lost so many friends in the last few months that I am sure he was welcomed by every single one of them at the bridge.

  3. Oh, I am so very sorry that Mazey is gone. I bet he and Hank would have been great friends. In fact, I'd imagine they've already met up at The Bridge!

    PS "Treat (and not in a positive way)" - tee hee!!

    1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt reply! I am so sure they are all running and playing and watching over the families they love!! S.R.