Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still GROUNDED........

My Mom says No means No...when it comes to us becoming matter how much we whine, and pout or give her our saddest little look.  She is one tough momma, remember she raised three daughters!  We even offered her all our treat money to help with that hole in her bedroom wall, and Mom's response was, "what treat monies!!".  Ump!!   Today we had to do lots of chores, like help shovel snow, dry the dishes, clean the bathroom, mop the porch and the damn dang list goes on and on.  Did it help our cause for early parole....NO!!!  Mom says its what a family does together...WHAT!!  Mom has been taking to many Excedrin Migraine pills and its warped her way of thinking.  Even Stella the perfect smelling rose doesn't know what to think cos she has never in her perfect life been grounded.  She even asked me while I was busy coloring my picture of Puddles my BFF to hang on my bedroom wall if I thought Mom would ever stop being pissed peeved at us. (She didn't say that bad word, I did)

Well, I don't have time to worry about all this nonsense, I am getting ready tomorrow for my photo shoot for the Valentine Ball. 

This is my picture I am coloring for my is number reminds me of beautiful puddles munching on her breakfast, ....bahahhahhshshahahhabahahabahh....
maggie the moose


  1. Looks like Puddles needs to cut back on the Cheeto's and beer. Bawhahhhahha.

  2. You poor things! Don't worry, just keep up the sad looks and I KNOW your momma will come around soon.

  3. BOO HOO I was looking forward to attacking that snow hill with you all :-(
    At least you still get to go the valentine ball!! But you better be on your best behavoir there. Don't want you to get grounded any more!
    Bailey & Hazel too!

  4. I would call the humane society and report abuse. Lee

  5. Guess you are just gonna have to toe the line . . .

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Okays I not wanna gives any ideas like sneakin' out of da house so I'll just keeps my mouf shut. No ideas from me.

    I thinks your drawin' of is quite fetchin'...I LOVES it, it's beautifuls. Does you thinks you could add a crown to it?

    Maybe I should gets my mum to talks to your mom bout all dis groundin' stuffs. Actually, dats prolly not a good idea cuz then your mom will tll my mum what and all me and Pip did theres. Okays must go think some mores. Protest?


  7. Say what! We are sending a file hidden in the cake to saw your way out
    Benny & Lily

  8. Maggie Moose we understand you decapitated, disembowelled and de-stuff the Molly toy. Oh dear we know that is what stuffies are for but will Stella Rose forgive you? Already taking after Puddles we see. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. WE think the problem there is that your mom doesn't UNDERSTAND about the Differences between HER town and BLOGVILLE. HERE we NEVER get punished fur more than 2 days. She needs to live by Blogville RULES if she wants to keep you girrrrls Happy.
    Two DAYS in Blogville is like Two Weeks in other (LESSER) places.

  10. Your mom is one tough cookie for sure. Boy good thing there are no cats in your house...we kind of buck authority. MOL

    We read Tuesday's post very touching.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

    1. Oh we do have a cat..."mean ole cat dietzman"

  11. Geez, our mom would have caved in by now... we are mighty glad your mom isn't our jailor when we are bad!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,