Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is what I read about the real Alcatraz. The United States Disciplinary Barracks on Alcatraz was acquired by the United States Department of Justice on October 12, 1933, and the island became a Federal Bureau of Prisons federal prison in August 1934. Alcatraz was designed to hold prisoners who continuously caused trouble at other federal prisons.[22] At 9:40 am in the morning of August 11, 1934, the first batch of 137 prisoners arrived at Alcatraz, arriving by railroad from the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas at Santa Venetia, California, before being escorted to Alcatraz, handcuffed in high security coaches and guarded by some 60 special FBI agents, U.S. Marshals and railway security officials.[5][23] Most of the prisoners were notorious bank robbers and murderers. 

 Now Alcatraz is closed and you can take a boat to tour it...I am not sure Mom could find her way off the island?

This is the Iowa Alcatraz-THE ROCK.  Notice one lone prison guard patrolling the yard.  Here is a close up of the guard.  He is not known for his friendliness to any of the pug prisoners.  He accepts no bribes.

This is the true story of how the Iowa Alcatraz came to be, you can either read it now, (it may be rather long and boring) or wait till the movie comes out.  Sooo...Mom and Dad get these two unruly pugs, a/k/a Sammy and Stella.  Every time Mom would take them outside for some exercise they would refuse to listen to her, and take off running towards the highway.  Mom would have a tizzy screaming fit, but they just ran anyway.  She talked to the warden a/k/a our Dad, and he said NO fence in the yard cos it would look crappy.  Well, you guys know how well the assistant warden our Mom listens to Dad so she decided if he wouldn't help her she would build it herself.  Kinda like that movie with Kevin Costner, about the baseball field only no one has called mom yet about a movie contract.  Sooo she went out to the local lumber yard, and realized how high fencing was, and in the end had to settle for a cheaper version then what her original blueprints were drawn up for.  The Warden, a/k/a our Dad threw his own version of a tizzy screaming fit, and again refused to help her.
Well, folks you know the old saying about "you can't keep a good woman down" Mom got right on the phone and called up one of her son-in-laws, Cody, who is married to Kody, (no comment please) and after he got off work brought over steel posts, and wire. (Mom hadn't figured these important items into her budget) Well, dangit Dad happened to be home that night, and Mom got busted.  Soooo being the manly man he is he went outside to help Cody rearranging Mom's blueprints right of the bat! He cut down the size to what it is today. Mom was pissed, steam was rolling out all orifices, but she lost that round.  So, because he messed with Mom's dream fence, they now have to carry all prisoners out to the prison and put us in the gate, instead of just opening the porch door and we would have went right into the prison yard.
Mom says one night when Dad is at work, she is calling her son in law back and they are gonna do it the right way.  Hopefully, it won't be dark when Dad gets home cos he could fall right into the fence. (Mom is rolling her eyes.)
Last night Mom came out to check on us while we were enjoying our nightly walk around the yard, and she noticed one of the smaller prisoners had broken out through the fencing.  There was little Angus standing outside the fence as pretty as you please!  No prison guard was in sight....I am sure our ears were bleeding from all the shrieking Mom was doing about Dad not getting the fence gate closed right. We think gussie just dug a tiny hole with his tiny spoon, and that is how he did it.  He told us later, the next time he will take us with him.
P.S. Mom's cooking is just perfect for us, cos you know what they say about prison food.  Enough said.
Have a grand day!

 Me, and angel Turd standing on her head, looking out the gate of Alcatraz.
Stella Rose


  1. The baby escaped? Clever boy!

    But seriously, I'm glad you found him right away!

  2. About the parks - we have been visiting all the state parks we can, because after Memorial Day, dogs aren't allowed at a lot of them. And the ones that do allow dogs, only allow them in certain areas. (plus, it will be hot soon, and hiking in 80 - 90 degree heat doesn't sound appealing!)

  3. You have me laughing, you are quite the story teller Stella. ;-)

  4. We too are glad you found him straight away. At least the fencing will give mum some peace of mind but no escaping mind you. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  5. OMD OMD GUSSIE ESCAPED from IOWAtraz??? WHEW! Good thingy that he was quickly and SAFELY Caught.
    THAT is the scariest prison guard we have EVER seen.

  6. Stella Rose my mom has been on the SF Alcatraz tour. Thank goodness there was a boat to take her to and fro otherwise she would still be there 'cause she could not swim back to land
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  7. That's some story Stella Rose! We're glad that Gus didn't get too far away from the prison yard. We think your Mom should redesign it right away so she can just open that door and let you all out.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. OMD, Gussie, you shouldn't try to make a prison break. You'll give your poor momma a heart attack after everything she went through with poor Sammer. :( I think that Alcatraz is MOST unfair, but your momma DOES just want you to be safe.

  9. Oh my word!! We are sending you a nail file in a cake so you can escape
    Benny & Lily

  10. That is too cute! I knew Gussie was clever but proper fencing is no joke.

  11. That is a great story! We were cracking up laughing the whole time we were reading it. Now as much as you all don't like doing time at THE ROCK, it is better than wandering into the road. But, we will just hope and hope that one day mom gets her dream fence cuz we love our fence.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Uh oh! Maybe you didn't see that Sarge redesigned the Blogville prison a while back?

  13. Better to be safe puggies! Maybe some day you will get a fence all around. It is nice to be able to right out the door. But we still have to watch that people don't leave the gate open!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  14. Hi Stella,
    I live near the real Alcatraz. You can SEE it from the park where Pug Sunday is held. I don't EVER want to be stuck out there for any reason. It is forbidding. CA is the fencing capital of these here states. Yards without fences look . . . well not like yards. Your dad would HATE it. Hopefully Angus learns that staying in the yard means staying safe.
    Love Noodles

  15. Escapee stories always scare me! Glad this one turned out okay.

  16. So glad you found him. I am glad i have a completely fenced yard. But still sometimes kids will walk by and open my gate. So MOM takes a look every time she lets me out. Safety first.

  17. Our people are having the same debate about an Alcatraz for us. Our Lady hasn't won yet. We hope that you all stay safe! Lee and Phod who run away a lot!

  18. I'm thinking a prison riot could be next?!! OMD I was totally laughing my rather huge behind off reading this!! That's the way to get stuff done Mom...call the (C)(K)ody's over for back-up! I say we send over part of their prison gang mates to protest until Mom gets the fence she wants! Max is ready to join and has a temporary tattoo saying "IAG" (Iowa Alcatraz Gang), for you humans not in "the know"! Love the Costner reference too! Double yea that you are back with a vengeance!:)

  19. You mean the "real ALCARTRAZ? Oh gosh!

  20. Hehehe, Stella Rose, I think we all have our own little Alcatraz. Sorry but your story made us laugh EXCEPT for the bit about Angus being on the outside. Please make sure he has no utensils with him while outside! If you are left there for days and days send a message and we can bake a cake with a saw or bolt cutters ok? About the prison food and your mum's cooking.... we feel your pain mates, we feel your pain. Take care everybuddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. Did you see my Alcatraz..well I'm still in it..BOL love the last photo :) We are all behind in bloggy world but wez slowly catching up'z xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  22. Thanks for the great laugh on a nice morning, we hope you get your dream fence soon. We have to fence our front yard soon, the gate broke

    urban hounds

  23. Oh Stell! Y'all are the cutest prisoners!