Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families, children and pets in Oklahoma.  We have family that live an hour south of Oklahoma City and we were able to talk to them last night, and they are fine.  My niece had just started her job yesterday as Nurse Practitioner in one of the hospitals in Oklahoma City so I imagine it was a very hard, stressful day for her.  They will stay in our prayers today.

I talked to the trainer concerning Stella Rose.  First, we never feed Stella with Mags or Gussie.  She has always eaten in another room separated by a baby gate.  She charges the gate, growls, just misbehaves until she begins to eat, and then no one had better get around her until she is done.  So at least all stay safe that way.  As soon as she see's the food bowls come out her boxing gloves come off, and she starts creating chaos with the others, its really bad if she see's me get out her favorites, apples, green beans or strawberries.  The trainer told me to always take into consideration of where she came from, even though we have had her almost three years.  She said she feels as long as there has not needed to be any trips to the Vet, or blood then she didn't see a big issue.  She also wondered if she could be part show on Stella's part for me.  I may have her come to the house and see what I am talking about....what do you guys think?

I am also going to call the Vet today cos Maggie has lost weight since we have brought her home.  She barely eats her food.  I am hoping he has something that I can get her to start to put some weight back on her. She is so thin looking.  She is feeling much better tho, and running around playing as usual.
Stella Rose's Mom


  1. Your family must live close to us! Such a scary night for our state.

    Hope Maggie feels better!

  2. Getting her to come to the house sounds like a good idea. Ours just eat together with no issue. We are lucky. We hope Maggie is OK. Thinking of all the folk in Moore and like you say all the service staff who helped.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What about pureed baby food for the little one? yogurt might work too, or cottage cheese, to tempt her to eat.

  4. We hope everydog in your family is feeling better. Please keep us posted. Glad your family is safe too.

  5. About Stella, this is EXACTLY how mom is with food too! She does NOT want to share! And if it is chocolate or ice cream, she growls and we think we need to put her in a kennel!

    When we were tiny pups mom read that the peeps should hand feed or otherwise put their hands in the food dishes so that the pups knew this was normal and not threatening. We were always handled, disrupted, and otherwise disturbed when eating. BUTT we also free feed so there is no need to get too excited about these things. We do not overeat.

    Stanley was a big eater and I was not so even when we were tiny I was much smaller. As you know, I am 10 pounds less than Stanley now (we are littermates). Mom thinks if Mags is healthy and feels good that she might just be a petite pug. Maybe not common but still possible.

    BTW, me and Stanley only eat every other day even though the food is always available. Dr. Eddie said this is very normal.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I am SO GLAD your family is safe!

    I am praying for Mags.

    Abby is food agressive and will eat anyone's food she can get to! I had to always feed her separately from Gertie.
    She will even charge in on Lilly's food, at her own risk!

  7. Oh poor Maggie and Stella ... you girls are having it kinda rough right now.. We have our paws crossed that EVERYTHINGY will be OKAY fur Both of you.

    PeeS.... WE of Blogville are working on getting some disaster relief fur the Dogs and Cats and other animals of Moore. Info will be out later.

  8. Oh you sure have it all going on at your pad.. keep us posted.. Love the boxing gloves come off.. I bet it's bedlam xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Oh my dog. I've been gone awhile and missed a lot. Praying for your little Maggie. All your sweet pugs, too.

  10. Howdy Mates, I, Stella used to growl and try and steal Rory's food when he was a pip squeak. Mum did not like it at all. Now we can eat near each other and I will not try to get to Rory's bowl until he has finished and left, then I am allowed to lick it. Mum spent a lot of time standing between us and holding me until Rory had finished (I am a fast eater, he is a slow poke). Mum says, if the gate works, just continue to use it. Another idea is to leash Stella Rose, get your Dad to hold it, and have mum organise the food and bowls etc. Everytime Stella Rose growls or goes cracker, mum has to stop, move away from the bowls until Stella calms, then mum returns and tries again. It may take a long time and many tries. Our mum does the moving away trick if I (Stella) get too excited and start jumping around like a nutter when she is preparing the food. It didn't take me long to realise sometimes dinner would take longer if I acted silly. Hope this might help mates.

    We hope Maggie starts eating soon. Maybe she is still a little sore from her op. Howdy to Angus from his big bro Rory hehe. Hugs to you all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Will nothing tempt Maggie? Does she like peanut butter? Most dogs do, and it's high in calories. Maybe she'd lick it off a spoon or a finger. Also, cottage cheese (not high calorie, buts it's food), scrambled eggs or rice cooked in chicken broth are tempting to most dogs...

  12. So frightening and terrible. Sending good vibes to all those people
    Benny & Lily

  13. Prayers and hugs to all effected by the Oklahoma tornado's and huge thanks to and hugs to all those helping.