Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Last week we were soooo excited because we received a special package in the mail from Mr. Chewy!!!!!

Mom ordered us their new bully sticks called "I and Love and You Bully Sticks".  Bet you can't say that three times without messing up????

We are big fans of any kind of bully sticks but Mom has a higher standard than we do, so one of the things about these sticks that caught her eye was there was no ODOR......well we don't care if they stink but apparently since we chew and gnaw on them on our mom's lap she does!!!!

So we ripped open the package and this is what we saw

We looked up the description of the product and this is the information that we found....
Bully Supaboost Vitality Stix come from free range Brazilian cattle .....they are that are grass fed and raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

Key Benefits
  • No antibiotics or added hormones
  • Alternative to rawhide
  • Supports joint health
  • Easy to digest
  • Supports dental health

So we have three different chewers and gnawers at our house.  I, Stella Rose, likes to hold the stick between my front paws gracefully and slowly gnaw around on it for a short while, and then I am done with it.  I may pick it up a few times a day, or not.  Mom says my teeth are very small so maybe this is why I only chew for a short time.  Or else it is cos I am doing this cos its hot outside.

And then there is Maggie Mae....well first she has to steal whatever bully stick I have, in Maggie's world she only likes a bully stick that someone has had in their mouth already.  She has weird traits like that....so she steals mine or Gussie's.....sometimes it results in a fight and Mom has to put the sticks away for another day.  Sigh....Maggie can make life so hard.  I wonder if we could just dip her in a vat of Lavender Oil, what do you think about that Higgins?    Anyways Maggie really liked the sticks, she chewed around on hers for awhile, or anytime one of us was chewing on it, and then she ended up falling asleep.  It must be the heat.
Snore....snore......on mom's foot.

Then there is Gussie.  He LOVED those bully sticks.  He gnawed and gnawed and chewed and dared anyone to take his away from him.  Gussie loves them best when he chews them down to the "white" as seen in this picture.
He said they are just starting to get a little softer and sloppy....well those are his words.  So he chews and chews and chews.....and mom likes our chewing on them since  none of us let her brush our teeth very well.  Sometimes he even falls asleep wif it under his chin.

Mom gives this product four and one-half stars.    The only thing that she has to watch is once it gets soft she then cuts that part off just so it does not get stuck in our throats.  Would she order this again, YES....and she recommends it to all our friends.  WE wish the bag was twice as Big!!!!!  Cos we only have one left.

Gussie getting ready to go to sleep beside daddy and YES that is a baby squirrel he tucked up under his arm.  lol........wait till his police buddies see that picture.

No monies were paid to us for saying this great and true things about these bully sticks.

Stella Rose


  1. Ooh, bully sticks are pawesome! Those sure sound good. Are there sizes for big doggies too?

  2. Mom doesn't let us have bully sticks because like Maggie Mae we always want the one the other one has. And we also don't do a lot of slow chewing, we tend to break them in pieces and swallow them - she says that is not a good thing. Maybe after she reads your great review she will change her mind.

    Yes, it IS hot, too hot. At least so far today we don't have much sun, but that probably means t-storms.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. BOL maybe monies should have been paid to yall so your mom could pay the bar bill.

    Aroo to you,

  4. Dear Stella Rose
    I have been BANNED from Bully Sticks of all manner. Mommy gave me HALF of one to test and I softened and swallowed it in about 10 minutes. She was so MAD she took Molly's away as well so I couldn't steal it. She said it is supposed to last DAYS and not MINUTES. Well I Harrummphed her good and went back to my sunspot. As if. So long story short - she banned me.
    I agree. . . Chewy.com is the best.
    Love Noodles

  5. those sound good. We kinda have the same problem at our house. Mabel has different chews and it is OK. But give Bailey & Hazel something to chew on and we have to be separated to avoid a war
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. I understand why Maggie Mae likes them when others have made them soft and chewable ~ why that is when they are really good and you don't have to do the work to get them that way.
    Sadly I don't get those treats because I try to swallow before they are soft.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. bully sticks are just the best - great review guys

  8. We know lots of doggies love them so not stinking is very good!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Great review, Pug friends!
    Now I'm hungry....

  10. We need to send HER to the shop today. We haven't had bully sticks in AGES! Thanks for reminding us.

  11. We love bully sticks a lot but we don't get to have them very often *sniff sniff*

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Thank you for the review. River loves bully sticks but Mommy doesn't give her many. Pocket isn't much of a chewer

  13. We have "discussions" about some of our bones sometimes too....and yep, Mama takes them away for another time!!

    These look pretty darn delish!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. Bully sticks are a fav here. If Phod doesn't love a treat, he will just lay on it so Hailey can't have it. Our Grammie's dog Tendra will pretend someone is at the door to trick the others to leave their treats so she can have them. Pups can be silly sometime!

  15. We got those, loved them! (They're already gone)

  16. that's a super review, many thanks... I'm with you Maggie... sticks you can grab from the mouth of another doggie are the best... we would be a good team, Maggie, like Bonnie&Clyde and I bet we would be invited immediately by your sheriff Dave to stay a while in his howltel :o)
    easy rider