Thursday, February 19, 2015


Remember me as a little guy.

This is me as a big boy.
Sometimes Momma likes to look at my baby pictures and remember when they brought me home.  Anyways here is my story about yesterday.  Early in the morning just as the sun was starting to peak  across the horizon, I felt a cold hand wake me up.  I opened one eye and there stood my Mom and she said today is the day I am getting the red monster off my face.  I toles her not to worry so much about it and rolled over to go back  to sleeps.  But Mom was insistent that I get out of bed and brush my teef and put my going to see Dr. Paige clothes on.
The girls were a whining for their breakfast but Mom told them to shush and then Stella started throwing her little silly tantrums cos her schedule was getting all messed up and Maggie just looked at us.
So before longs Mom had me all ready and hers shoved me into the car cos it was blowing 140 miles an hour wind and collllllllld.   I toles her to just put me back in the house this instant but hers turned the car on instead.  So I yelled from the back seat, to take me home and hers still ignored me, and I keep on whining yelling until we pulled into the parking lot of Dr. Paige's place.  I refused to get out of the car like a big boy so Mom had to carry all of my 21 lbs. into the vet.
That will teach her.
Hers took off my hoodie and said she would be back after work to get me.  She hugged and said to be a good boy.  She whispered in my ear also that Angel Greta was right there beside me.  Well that made me feel better, sorta.
So they put me in this big cage cos I am a big boy and all the other inmates were in little cages, I think they even had this gray cat a guarding my cage, but Angel Greta helped me out by flying around his head and making a buzzing sound, so he kept swatting at her thinking it was a fly.  That gave me the opportunity to work on busting out of the cage and making my way back across the river to my home.
Dr. Paige came in and got me out of the cage and took me to her special room.  I faught there would be a tv and snacks but the onliest thing I saw was a cold table and other stuff that I didn't recognize.  She told me she was going to give me something to relax and I asked for bubblegum flavored, (angel greta told me to say that) and Dr. Paige said okey dokey and that is the last fing I remember.........
I woke up and was sitting up right back in that big prison cage.  I just sit there.  And sit there. And sit there.  Mom called and checked on me and they said I was just fine and running about and happy.  No, I wasn't I was just sitting there.  With my Angel Greta sitting wif me all the rest of the day.
Mom came and got me they said I did just great and they were sending the monster away to get checked.  While I asleep they also trimmed my nails and did some eye tests on me.  I wonder if I can take them to court for that ERnie??  Anyway they said I was the best one of the day, just waiting for my Momma quietly.
That made my momma a little suspicious cos I is never quiet at the Frankenvet, so she just wondered, how I was really doing.  When they brought me out to her the first thing she noticed is the black fur all around my face was wet and icky, from me crying silent little tears.  Did you know pugs do that when we are upset.  And she noticed I was very still.
We hurried home and she talked to me but I wouldn't talk to her.  Then when I got home Maggie and Stellie were real happy to see me, but I wouldn't talk to them either.  Mom washed my face, and Dad talked to me, but I still was silent.  Then when Mom sat down in the chair I got up beside her and laid down.  I stayed there until 8:00 and finally Mom got all panicky cos I had not eaten or drank for over 24 hours and called her friend Mary Ann.  Mary Ann said I was still working my way through that bubble gum drug they gave me and I would be okay in the morning.
Around 9 Mom was so desperate for me to drink something-anything she told Dad to give me a sip of my favorite drink that she always says I cannot have.  Dad's SWEET TEA and he did and I drank a little bit of it.  Even Mom felt better.  Then Dad went out in the kitchen and got some turkey and I ate a little bit of that for him, and of course Stella and Maggie got some to.  Then Dad fixed me my very own little bitty steak and cut it up real tiny for me, and I ate some of that.  So by 10 PM everyone was starting to feel better about me, and Mom said I could even sleep wif them so they could keep an eye on me.
I got on my footy pj's and snuggled up and slept....sorta....I had funny dreams, and tossed and turned.  Finally Dad put me back in my own bed wif the girls and we all went back to sleep.  This morning I ran outside to pee finally, and ate some of my breakfast....Mom says I am on the mend!
P.S. No cone was needed.  They put all the stitches on the inside of my mouf.  I do have to start using the same medicine in my left eye just like Stella Rose.  Dang!
Angus McConnell Long


  1. This is a court case for sure
    Lily & Edward

  2. Oh Angus, how brave have you been! I is sooo glad to hear yous back home where you belong AND no cone of shame, woohoo!
    Now take things steady sweetie and you'll be all betters very soon, what a gal that Angel Greta is!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Gus, I am SO happy everything went well! It must've been so scary but at least you had Angel Greta with you <3 Hope you get all better soon! <3, Noodle

  4. Gussie you are the bravest man Pug we are so proud that you did well and especially that you don't have to wear any neck bling.

    OMPS y'all like sweet tea way over there in IOWA? You might have some Southern DNAs in you
    hugs madi your bfff

  5. Oh, Gussie, this is such good news that you are feeling better and HUNGRY this morning! Soon, it will all be a bad memory, behind you... and you can be your happy self!

  6. It's great to read that Officer Angus is back on board. the drugs they have at the vet send you to a crazy land, huh? but fortunately Greta was there to welcome you back after that drugs and I bet she chased away all the dark clouds and the wild nightmares. And the best is, that the cone had to stay at the vet! yay.
    easy rider

    1. Easy I fink they tried to turn me into a zombie.

  7. See? We all tol' yu yud be jus fine. An now yu are. That's a good thing to eat an drink but also to make the peepoles wurry ofur yu.
    Guilt trips are fun!

  8. So glad you are okay Gussie!

    Lots of LOVE and kisses, too
    XOXO Liberty

  9. Thank Dawgness Angel Greta was there fur you. THAT is what kept you all calm and quiet... she was prolly wearing bubblegum flavored whiffume.
    OMD we are SOOOOOO glad that you ate a drank a little and Peed and Slept.. that is super.

  10. Gussie, we are so glad you are on the mend BUTT you need to think about this steak and sleeping in your mom's bed stuff! Don not let them know you feel fine! You need to whine a bit and look pitiful. Can you squeeze out some more tears? That might get you some more sweet tea! BTW, on the 23rd of next month here is gonna be a Boy's Night Out in Blogville. Do NOT tell your girls but mark it on your calendar cuz it is gonna be FUN!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Oh Guss! I am happy you are better today and that I could help you be such a good boy at the Frankenvet yesterday ( I must admit, it was kinda fun letting my naughty side out and teasing that gray cat!). I would do it again for you my dear friend
    Angel Greta

  12. That was a big bad adventure. we are so glad you have come out of it fine. The turkey, steak and sweet tea sound good to us, we suggest playing sick again today to see what you get!

  13. phew! glad you are doing better Gussie! but you got steak! just for maybe it was worth it, just a little bit?

    Edgar and his mum

  14. LOL Better call Ernie. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Gosh Gussie.....what a long day you had at the Frankenvet but we sure are hoping that your red monster shows nothing icky and that you'll be fine and dandy before you know it! We're sending some POTP just in case........

    Hugs, Sammy

  16. Woohoo so glad you are on the mend. I just did a happy dance for ya.

    Aroo to you,

  17. Gussie is Home and Gussie is BACK!!! You can't keep a good pup down! Glad to hear you survived the big ordeal.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. What a horrific experience, Gussie! We think you NEED several days more of turkey and steak and tea, to recover fully!

  19. Glad you're back home! And dat steak sounds good.

  20. Good job Angus for being sooo brave,, and see you even got some extra treats,,, And we have a feeling your toe nails look marvelous too!

  21. Crikey Gussie ... that was an awful ordeal, aye?? I'm so glad you're feeling better.

  22. This is way more complicated than my puppy brain can handle! I do think your need an attorney at paw!!!

  23. Wow! That was an amazing story! We hope you are feeling better real soon, and get to eat steak every day!

  24. We are sooooo very happy you are feeling better Gussie. We are with Murphy & Stanley, you may need to milk this a bit to keep getting special treatment!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  25. With all of the news I've had that hasn't been so good, it's good to see that you have some--Glad all went well, and I've missed you!! :-)

  26. Wow that was a very big day for you. I am so glad that you are on the mend and I will keep paws crossed for you.

    Loveys Sasha

  27. I'm so glad that you're okay, and that you got steak, turkey, and your favorite drink. I don't know - I think Ernie would have to go after the vet - not your parents. Your parents treated you like royalty!

  28. Howdy Angus. We're so glad to hear you are home and fixed up. Your mum must be superwoman cause as you know, us big dogs are hard to carry. Take it easy mate and milk it for all it's worth, you know, whimper a bit here and there so your mum and dad make a fuss and the girls get jealous hehehe. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  29. We are so very glad that your ordeal is over and you are home with your family again. You were very brave to go through all that, but we are glad you had your Angel with you. Hugs for a great recovery! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  30. What a day you had! Glad you are home and that you finally ate and drank something. Is sweet tea good? I know turkey is good! Take care!

  31. You were SUPER brave. I'm glad Angel Greta was there to keep an eye on you.

  32. I'm so glad you made it through that day safely, Gus! It does not sound like it was fun (well, until you started getting sweet tea and steak!). Hope you're back up to your usual shenanigans. :)


  33. Gussie, I am so happy you are doing ok. You were a very brave boy at the frankenvet. I hope all stays well with you and your sissies.

    Hugs from NJ, Patty

  34. We're so glad to hear you are doing well now.

  35. Mazie has a bad time with the bubble gum medicine too Gussie. Mom had to watch her for hours after her last surgery this year to take the tumors off her legs and it was not fun :(