Friday, April 22, 2016


Four....4....four is a number we are STUCK with and here is another reason why......................yesterday was my day (stella rose) to go see my very own FRANKENVET.  I loves Ms. Paige.  So furst she checked my eyes to see if the super duper miracle medicine is making more tears for my dry eyes.  The magic number is 20.  So they stick little strips of paper in each eye for 15 seconds, that felt like 150 minutes.  I was being a real good girl though and momma promised me my own little orange cutie when I gots home.    9 months ago my right eye's # was 2 and my left eye was 9.   Yesterday it was 7 and 9.  So my miracle meds has helped a tiny bit, so we are going to medicine #2 now to see if it will work better.  Mom said it will probably cos around 500 million bucks.

Then I was weighed....guess what I weigh 16 lbs...I had lost 2 lbs from Mom cutting back on my kibble and me eating more fruits........16 is a good weight for me cos I am shorter and built different then mags and gussie big butt.  Mom says I look like a tiny bear.

After that, Ms. Paige listened to my heart and took some blood to make sure I was super duper healthy.  I passed on all accounts.  BUTT Mom has been noticing me shaking my head and suspected something going on in my ears..........yep Moms know, ear infection.  Mom was pretty surprised cos I has never had that, but Ms. Paige says usually every dog gets it once in their lifetime.  So now I take medicine twice a day for 5 days.

Then she clipped my nails, did my glands...blush>>> blush.......and I faught I was done....ayyayayya...but was also time for my shots.   I was give three shots in my butt end...but they were fast and I did not make a peep.   Yay we were out the door.......1, 2, 3.........................

Until  we walked in the door (5 min. later) and Mom put me down on the floor and noticed I was walking funny, at first she thought cos I was sore, but she kept watching me and then I started breathing funny, and plopped down on the floor, and had a harder time mom called the vet back, and grabbed me off the floor and away we flew BACK to the Frankenvet.  This is where the #4 comes in................another shot!!!!!!   A steroid shot to help with my reaction to the damn shots.   4 shots in one day.   In about 15 min. I was much better, and mom took me home.  The doc said to give me some Benadryl in about 2 hours. about 20 more min. Mom noticed I was itching my eyes all over the floor which I sometimes do when my eyes are bothering me, so she was getting out my eye med. when OH MY PUG my mom picked me up and my eyes were swelling shut!!!!!!!!!!  You could only see a tiny bit of my eyes.......................SO mom called the vet back, and he said to give me my Benadryl right mom did, and it worked magically in about ten min.   I got another dose right before bedtime and again this morning.  BUTT I am much better.

FOUR is not a good number for us.  I think I am going to put a tiny stuffie in Wienies bed, so she has 5 babies to take care of........maybe that will break the curse of 4.

What do you think????

Stella Rose


  1. Dear Stella Rose,

    You clearly had such a bad day at the vet. We are so sorry to have read about it. Phod gets ear infections a lot, he says they suck. We really think your family is due for some really good luck, you have had more than your 3!

  2. Yikes!! Four shots is a lot for a little pup like you. My auntie Gracie had a super bad reaction to getting a bunch of vaccinations all at the same time, so we're all cautious about it. I hope you're feeling better now. Glad your eyes have improved, and I'd noticed you were looking svelte lately!

  3. Stella Rose...bless your sweet little heart...4 is too many stickies in one day for sure. Mom has itchy eyes this week from pollen so she kinda knows how you feel!!
    I hope and purr all is well now.
    Oh guess what we have a Princess Leah twin in our neighborhood..her name is Stella
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. We had the exact same thing happen to tubby years ago since then we do 1 or 2 shots at a time

  5. Stella Rose you are to delicate a flower for the vaccines. I bet you won't get them anymore since you had such a bad reaction. You deserve two cuties!

  6. OMD OMC you poor thing! I hope your eyes get better and you have no more reaction to your shots.

    Oh and Mommy says to check Valley Vet and Allivet for the eye drops to see if they have better prices. Our Vet used to write Ginger's glaucoma drops rx so Mommy could get them there.

    Matt & Matilda

  7. Oh, my, what a scary day for you. And your mom. We're glad you are doing better and hope you keep improving!

  8. Oh no! What a terrible time you had yesterday! We're so glad you're feeling better today!

  9. Oh what a terrible trip to the vet. Sending you hugs. We hope you never have to go through that again.

  10. Oh sweet Stella - that must have been super scary for you and mom. Glad it is under control now. Bailey had his check up on Wednesday, she took blood but no shots thank goodness
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Wow, it was going so well and then BOOM! We are glad that you are feeling better now! Yes, we do think something has to happen to break that curse. What would happen if your mom gave you FIVE pieces of bacon???

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Oh, what a scare!!! I had an allergic reaction to my vaccinations once and it scared the daylights out of my mom. My vet now recommends that I take a Benadryl an hour before we get there if I'm due to get any shots, just as a preventative.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  13. Er BFF Maggie Mae, don't let Stellie had the monopoly on all these drug thingys….wow 4(!) shots AND Benadryl, that's just getting greedy.
    I is slightly concerned 'cos Mum takes Benadryl….is she stealing my meds??????
    I'm just going to count my worming tablets just to make sure she's not snaffling them as well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  14. OMD....what a NOT fun day you and your Mama had, stellarose!! We are kinda with Murphy and Stanley and think maybe you should get 5 pieces of Bacon to break the bad luck!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Crikey Stella Rose ..... It's all that Weinie's fault, aye?? What a time you had.

  16. Stella, we are so sorry you had to go through so much at the vet's. Maybe your Mom can get the vet to spread out your vaccinations so you don't have to get them all at one time, maybe that would help. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  17. Holy cat poop, what a day! I sure hope things are better;paws crossed.

    Aroo to you,

  18. What a stressful day for you and your mom, Stella Rose! I hope you're back to your normal self today.

    Love ya lots♥

  19. Oh noooo... hugs to you and POTP!!! you're right 4 is not a good number... the mamam always wants to avoid 4... with taking 5 spoons of sugar even when theher tea glued her lips together :o)

  20. That sure was a day full of scary things. We hope your vet doesn't give you so many shots at once next year. Good thing your vet is so close so you could get back in real fast and that the benedryl worked too. We hope you are all better today.

  21. Gosh we hear so many doggys get reaction to their shots.. Didnt this happen last year too?
    Benedryl works miracles! Were glad your better.

  22. WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW -- That's FOUR WOW'S for you!! That's just crazy and scary, but I'm glad you're better, and that your Mom is so observant and that YOU are okay!!

  23. Oh my!!! That was so scary. We get super scared about shots because our furiend died from a vaccine. Now we don't give them all on one day but spread them out over multiple vet visits. And, after age 4, we start titering instead of giving shots to see if our dogs still have enough immunity to skip the shots. You might consider those things next time!! I've read that any dog who has ever had a reaction to a shot needs to be super careful in the future!

    I am so glad that you're okay. Your mom takes wonderful care of you. I'm so glad that you had the 1st reaction right there at the vet so they could give your steroids. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that your ear feels better soon and these reactions are all over!!!

  24. Oh sweet Stella Rose, so very very glad you are ok! Ralphie had a reaction to his Rabies shot last week too and threw up off and on for 4hrs. Luckily he did not have to have any meds or swelling. Hope nothing else awful happens to you our sweet sweet friend! Glad your eyes are getting at least a little better!
    Marty and the Gang