Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black vrs. Fawn

Stella told me I could use her computer today so here is my story:

This morning at 4:00 AM I wake up dreaming I am being suffocated by a 16 lbs. stuffie that was making sounds like a little pig...snort snort snort.  As I am breathing in soft black fur I realize it is Stella laying across my face making her, "I want something NOW noises..."
Me: Stella it is 4AM go back to sleep
Stella: Mom remember when we use to get up early when I was a puppy (cos i couldn't sleep) and sit out on the porch and you drank your coffee and I ate your apples....
Mom: Stellie its 17 degrees out, snowing and blowing...Go To Sleep....When it warms up we will sit on the porch and watch the sun come up...I promise.
Stella: Snort, Snort, Snort, (as she laid more on my head and face)
Finally I get up out of bed, and carried Stella out to go potty, but all she did was jump around like a reindeer in the snow.  I carried her back into bed, Stella goes to sleep but I am now awake.  Maggie wakes up briefly looks around, kisses my ears, and I tell her to go night-night, Which she does....all is well in the world, EXCEPT I can't sleep.  I laid there instead and thought about the differences between Stella and Maggie, a black and a fawn.  Maggie and Trudie both were so happy to live with us and showed it everyday with kisses, and loves.  I know maggie is still a puppy and will eventually outgrow her puppy ways of nipping and struggling with house training, but really she is a pretty easy going puppy. She makes normal puppy noises, and eats normal puppy food, etc. etc. her only issue is she is enamored with Puddles.  We are hoping it is a passing phase.

Stella though is different. Its hard to explain, so maybe it is a black pug thing or maybe it is a stella thing. She is a little sweetheart but has some tyrant ways. Even Maggie has figured out when it is time to eat, she had better hide behind the kitchen chair until Stella is safely on the porch eating her dinner.  As soon as Stella see's her food bowl come out, and the green beans, or apples, or pears or whatever fruit or veg she is getting that day, she throws herself on the floor, starts screaming a toddler tantrum UNTIL I sit her bowl on the floor.  I guess she thinks I prepare her food way to slow.  Stella loves to lay in my arms like a little baby at night, while Mags curls up between butch and I. Stella loves her clothes, and riding in the stroller. And the list goes on and on.  Somehow after Stella coming to our house, I have turned into not a pet owner but a pet mother, a buyer of stuffies, and bully sticks, and sweaters, and dresses, and strollers.  I always make sure we are stocked up on green beans and fruits, and we visit the vet many more times than we ever did with our little minpin.  It can't be the Empty Nest Syndrome cos I have 8 grandchildren who often are at my home, so it must be the "Bitten By A PUG" disease.  All I know is this morning, we had a tiny portion of the bed, while Stella and Maggie had 3/4 of it, and they wanted more! AND I love them both dearly...heaven help us!!!!
Stella Rose and Maggie Mae's Momma


  1. Oh yes, Finn does the snow reindeer hop as well. 4am wake up calls? Those are the worst!

  2. You hit the nail on the head - your a Pugaholic!! Our bed is exactly the same, we always seem to accomodate them as they take over the pillow or get under the covers and stretch out! HAHA And when it is not freezing cold out we make Bailey go outside while we fix their dinner cause he just barks and barks till his bowl is down!
    Mom Linda

  3. Love it, a Pugaholic.. LOL Stella is such a little baby and Maggie is a sweetie :) Have a wonderful Wednesday ;) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. We have some screaming Fawns, so I'm not sure it's a black Pug thing!!! LOL

  5. I've had 3 fawn pugs and 2 black and 1 brindle pug. There is a difference, my black pugs and brindle were all boys, very loving and cuddily good boys and eager to please. I've had 2 girl fawns, a lot more demanding especially food wise. My only boy fawn was a dream dog, Romeo. We rescued him at a year old. He was our first! I have just rescued a pug/doxie mix boy puppy that is the easiest puppy I have ever had! He goes right to the door whenever he needs to go outside and he is only 12 weeks old.

  6. I have been pet sitting for a fawn Pug. Love her sweet noises! If I were to adopt, I'd like a black one. If they are even sweeter, I'll be gah gah over her!

  7. I think there is no real difference, I have a very teeny teeny tiny preference for fawns because they are easier to photograph but dont tell Ping. I also think my bows are cuddlier and Ping is a teensy bit more independent and less playful and clongy but I love them all

    urban hounds

  8. Fawn? Black? What does it matter - they are BOTH PUGS!!!
    Love Noodles
    A FAWN Pug

  9. They maybe different but that is what makes them so much fun. We think you have the pug bug indeed. Amazing how even small dogs can take up so much of the bed. Happy days. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Stella sounds like a pawfect pug!

  11. I think there are probably generalities that can be made about fawn and black pugs, but like people, no pug fits into a mold. And besides, all pugs are great!

  12. BUTCH???? They call your dad BUTCH, Too??? Is YOUR Butch's real name Ken like OUR's is???

  13. Oh merciful heavens. This cannot end well. I'm seriously hoping we don't wind up with a small dog. They take over the world. And I would be helpless ...

  14. Webster and Liberty are definitely a different "breed" than Zoe, Peyton & Whitney! They are CRAZY!!!

    They differ from Stella - they HATE wearing clothes. The other three love it when they are dressed up. I can't dress the girls without getting a shirt for Peyton.

    Webster and Liberty also eat faster - they get their food after the fawns are finished or they gobble up their food so they can get some more ... or at least try to get some more!

    I'm right there with you ... there isn't anything I wouldn't do for my pug babies. I think they have more clothes than I do. And they have more toys than they could ever play with but I just can't part with any of them because it eventually gets played with - we just have to rotate them. Being pugged is a wonderful thing ...

    Pug Hugs, Ellen and the Fab Five
    Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  15. Life is GOOD! Both may be different but oh so beautiful in their own way.

  16. I scream soooooo loud! But were all just being ourselves- right? Whatever gets the attention wins!

  17. Mom says she knows exactly what you are talking about since me and Stanley came to live with her and dad. Me and Stanley might be litter mates but we are very different too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  18. That's funny, because our tri is different than our sables! :)

    Hey did you see this?

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  19. How funny.... All three of our dachshunds have different personalities, but nothing as extreme as you all :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,