Wednesday, February 20, 2013


First we are sorry you have not been able to enjoy our company but our mom has been lazy (she says working) we says lazy anyhoo we don't know nothin that has been going on around here and stella rose and i are both hyperventilating all over the house trying to get mom to pay attention and type a note for us.

Before we go any further with our complaints mom wanted to let everyone know on Sunday her yahoo account was hacked, or taken over by ghosties, or something (maybe puddles...hheheheheheh)cos apparently it started sending messages out to everyone in her address box....hopefully they weren't vulgar or mean or anything like that....and if anyone on here got one please disregard it unless it was asking for monies and in that case we can always use that!!

Okay, back to the real news....we are in for one hell heck of a storm tomorrow.  Dad might not even get home from work, and that means mom and us will have that bed all to ourselves. Poor Daddy!! 

Second, me and baby bean now weigh the same cos she had her checkup today.  Yep we both weigh right around 11 lbs. onlyies I am alot older than the baby porky pig...heheheheh. I guess aunt kody doesn't like it when I call her is her is posting one of me later today....maybe .....if she gets her bum arm to work...she has tendonititis in it...probaby from lifting stella rose or baby piggy bean up on Saturday....bahahhbhbhahahhh


  1. Hi Maggie Moose!!! Yep we got an email from your mom, it was for a weight loss site. haha
    We thought you was trying to tell us something.
    BWAA hAA!
    Your baby piggy bean sure is cute!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    1. My moms is really embarrassed that it sent all of you that message geeze i guess it could have been some enhancement product or something worse...we are sorry!!

    2. No worries!! Same thing happened to one of the granddaughters accounts. And that one WAS for that little blue pill that starts with V. That was a little weird!

  2. Hi Maggie
    Yep, we got one of your Mom's emails too. Though the same thing the Idaho Pugs thought (oops, Mommy said NOT REALLY). Anyhow, We had a big-by-CA standards storm blow through yesterday. It brought driving rain, hail and some snow on the hills. Today it is brillantly sunny. Hope your storm blows through quickly.
    Love Noodles

    1. We saws that on the news today and mom wondered if you got hit by it noodles.
      stella rose

  3. It wasn't me cuz I would has sent sumptin insanely funny...or vulgar...hehehehe.
    You knows, my mum has severe tendonitis in hers elbow. Her done had her 3 steroid shots and her still ain't betters. It is extemely painful to da point hers can't even open a door, hold a coffee cup...or law helps me, da CAMERA!!!! So believes me, we feel fur your mom. I hope your mom is smartr than my mum and doesn't use it to lift weights while her is inflammed.
    Such a sweet baby, her weighs more than me. Anyways, kids are great especially when they starts holdin' cookies cuz they is clumsy and drops 'em.


    1. I just knew it wasn't you my buddy cos I knew you would have sent something much more superior than a weight loss thingy....geeze..yep i can't wait for the cookies to start falling!!!!

  4. We heard about that nasty storm heading your way. We hope they are wrong about he accumulation. That is one precious baby....
    hugs Madi

  5. Sorry about the Yahoo thingy...


    could you PLEASE show us her Tiny TOES??? We have Mad LOVE fur Baby Toes on this hill!!!

  6. Stay safe in the storm, and wow that's awful being hacked..I just love Baby Bean ( sorry, that name sticks ) xx00xx Big Hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. Aww baby bean is cute! You both weigh the same...can you share clothes then hee hee. We hope you stay safe and warm in the storm.

    The Girls

  8. Nope, got no lewd e-mail here ~ darn it!

    Baby Bean is growing up fast. Before you know it she'll be in school, then college, then married..... Goodness!

    Glad to hear you're all doing well. Stay safe in the snow storm and tell Dad not to drive home if it's that bad outside.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. Good luck wiht the storm

    urban hounds

  10. Hope that storm fizzles out and goes away.

    And, what a little cutie. Two 11 pounders!


  11. Don't get caught out int hat storm. Stay nice and snuggly inside.

  12. Our aunt lives near Omaha and is getting ready for the storm, too! Yuck! Stay safe and warm.

  13. Some of the people we know had their yahoo hacked too. It is not nice. Hope you stay safe from the storm and get the love and attention you deserve. Lee and Phod who at least don't have to compete with a baby

  14. I hope the storm did not come- and that you are all ok!

  15. You should have a picture of the two of you side-by-side so we could see if you look the same size!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  16. Baby Bean sure is cute ... bet you like to give her lots of kisses!

    Thank you so much for the toys and treats you sent us! We are having fun playing with the toys and the treats are yummy ... Our mama has been lazy, too, but she finally helped us post this morning!

    We got lots of snow and ice but nothing is closed so that means mom and dad have to go to work ... BUMMER!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  17. I missed this beautiful picture this week... I'm sure I was shoveling SNOW... she is a gorgeous baby!