Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Isa am writing you this letter cos Isa ate my breakfast and the girls are hogging the remote on the tv so Isa kinda bored, but Isa also writing it cos we are suposed to get lots more snow and Isa worried our mom might try to turn me into a sled dog or something like that just to take her to the library. So I foughts I better talk to you while I can.  WE are supposed to get between 8-12 inches and that will make it taller than me outside.  I toles my mom that I finks I had better stick with pee pads for whiles. 

Anyway the REAL reason Isa writing to you is cos I am excited about going wif you to the ball and everyfing but there is something impawtent you should know, that i forgots to tell you.  Okay here goes,.... while at the ball wif you I will also be on duty to serve and protects all of blogville. 

Yes, my sweet Liberty Isa important member of the police department and they needs me in case villionous squirrels, or inebriated four leggers try to trash our party.  Now Isa good boy and would never throw out names as far as the inebriated goes but ...ah..cough cough puddles...anyway.....Isa gonna ask my boss Mr. Bites if I can be in charge of the Datamaster that measures the amount of alcohol there is in ones system.

Isa been studying the police manual every night befores I lay my head down on my pillow and I believe Isa smart enuf now to run that machine. AND I also been polishing up my car to come pick you up.

Stella Rose toles me I had better take that back up the hill to Sheriff Dan's place but i toles her its alright that i borrow it.  I had a lonnnng talk with Sheriff Dan about all those pipes that was broken downtown and he is now convinced that we three pugs had nuffin to do wif it, that it was all those squirrels that our deranged dad feeds.  So being the kind heart that he is he toles me i could pick Liberty up in one of his cars.  Stella Rosey says Isa lying but I toles her it is the truf.   Hers is just jealous cos Stan only has that rickety ole plane that he calls vintage.

Oh yeah Liberty one of the boys on the hill (I calls my officer peeps boys) lets me borrow these also.
He said you would think that was funny.  Isa not real sure what Isa supposed to do wif them, except use them on the bad guys, but he said they were for us to have some fun.  Stella Rose, and Margaret Mae gots really mad at me and made me take them back.  They said your brudder Peyton would tromp my butt if hesa get wind of this.  So Isa took them back up the hill and tole those boys they gots me in all kind of trouble with my girls.

Alright, Sweet Liberty Isa best go get busy.  Isa only on Chapter Three of the police manual and Isa still has to learn how to do crowd control, cpr (heheheh) and others important stuffs.  I sure hopes isa not so busy that night that I don't get a goodnight kiss....blush blush
Yours Truly
Angus McConnell Long


  1. WOW, Angus! You're really going to impress Liberty, picking her up in a genuine police car!

  2. Those breathalyzers are easy peasy to use, Angus. You'll do fine. I don't think you even need opposable thumbs or anything. You sweet Liberty is going to love having such a studly date!

  3. You are really gung ho for learning law enforcement, Angus. You'll go far! Just not in 12" snow. The pee pads sound like a good idea till it melts.

  4. Angus, whats better than a ride in a real police car. I hope you will use the blue light and the siren the whole time, that we can hear you. And I'm happy you will protect all blogvillers at the ball!

  5. Wow Angus! Were those handcuffs fur lined? And you are NOT a year old yet? Dog, you got some moves on you! Just remember, you are way too young to get married so when you are with Liberty and she is blinking her lovely, dark eyes at you, do NOT go crazy and ask her to marry you!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. THIS was a very much WISE thingy fur you to do. Letting Liberty know that you might be pressed into PAWlice Action during the Queen of Hearts Dance was very much CONSIDERATE Behavior. IF that happens don't WORRY about Liberty... Some of the other Blogville wimmen will look after her fur you.
    OMD you really need to get to reading the Manual... you only have THREE chapters read and that means you have 87 MORE to get through.

  7. Angus we are expecting a lot of snow too. You should get your dad to build you a snow fort! Our sister built us one last year, and boy did we have fun!

  8. Angus, it was so good to laugh this morning because WE are getting the snowpocalypse, too, down here in Kansas! Abby is staying IN today, she doesn't like that snow on her paws!

  9. Oh Gussie ... a real cop car! Can we go really fast with the lights on???
    I hope no one causes any trouble .,. Daddy said it sounds dangerous! At least Peyton and Webster will be there ... you know they will be keeping an eye in us! We're gonna have to hid from them! I can't wait ...
    Love, Liberty

    1. Liberty:
      The girls just toles me that Margaret and Peyton are riding in the car wif us along with Stella Rose and Stan, Webster and Mimi might as well also....sigh...

  10. Oh Gussie, that an excellent date you will be! That Liberty is a lucky girl for sure!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  11. Yeah, we think you'd be in BIG trouble with those paw-cuffs....

    Make sure you have enough time to dance with all your duties. You don't want Liberty to have all those stag guys after her, do you?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Angus, TC Bites here, leave the handcuffs at home cause you need to leave that duty to the Detectives and Patrol Officers, but you can bring the Datamaster, good idea Junior Officer and get them Dress blues ready. Stay tuned cause I do have a post coming out next week with staff assignments.
    You be sure and wheel your Sweet Liberty around the dance floor little buddy and you tell your sister to quit harassing you about your Blogville duties!

    TC Bites

    1. Fank you boss for reiterating what Isa was already telling my girls. by the way isa up to chpt. 6 now. Snow days are good days to read my momma always says.

  13. Oh Angus, you are amazing. We love hearing about your police duties. Are you wearing your uniform on your date? Miss Liberty will just swoooooon for sure. Take care and have that siren going on your ride there. If ya do you will hear us howling here in Oz hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Angus you are such a doll, Liberty is so lucky!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  15. We are glad to know you and the rest of the force will be on duty at the dance.

  16. Wow Gussie you are going all out, I hope Liberty appreciates you.

    Aroo to you,

  17. Hi Gussie,
    Mommy was reading over my shoulder and she was laughing so hard at all you was talking about!..
    Your going to be sooo busy- escorting your date, and making sure all of blogville is safe, I hope you get lots of rest before then.

  18. Wow we think you should wear your uniform to the ball Gussie. You sure will look a cool dude. Yikes that is some snowfall you are having. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay warm and cosy.
    Best wishes Molly

  19. I would call the authorities ahead of time just in case

  20. Are you going to wear your dress uniform to the dance, Gussie? You are going to have a lot of work to do, but I'm sure you'll also have a lot of time for the dancin' and eatin' part of the ball!