Thursday, February 13, 2014


FURST Stan the Man landed in his handy dandy pugcopter late last night.  There was icicles hanging off the blades and snow all over his face, but he flew across the pond just to be wif his sweet Stellie.  I toles him later in confidentiality hers ain't so sweet if you had to lives wif her. You know as one mans to another.  Stellie was all worried her red eyeball would make her ugly (i toles her she could borrow my policeman sun glasses but hers wouldn't listen to me) but Stan brought her presents and toles her just how beautiful she is, so that made hers happy.  Its a miracle how nice words can make a girl feel great!  I wills haf to try that next time, cos words were cheaper than postage...ah..ahhh. Mom you did remember to mail that package to Sweet Liberty ..right?????? MOM!!!

We heard a knock on the door and heres come Mr. Peyton and Sweet Liberty  a running through the door.  I wasa so happy to see her that I gave her a big ole hug and kiss on the cheek, wells the next fing that happened to me that ole big brudder of hers gave me a HIYA chop right to my butt and sent me a flyin across the floor.  He helped me up and said I had best mind my manners wif his sister.  I muttered under my breath "that this is gonna be a fun night." I assured him I had taken the OATH to keep his sister and my girls safe from harm.  I also muttered unders my breath that hims is pretty old so he had better stay out of my way.  I finks he heard that mutter tho cos he scowled at me.
Liberty wanted to go outside first thing to see my cop car that we were all going to drive to the dance in.

 I had been workin hard all day a spitting on it, and polishing it up.  The girls were acting all giggly and funny and us men stood there looking over the motor of the car.  I read in a magazine thats what mens do when they get together, you know look at motor and talk shop.  I don't know what shop is so we just talked about how cool Stan's pugcopter was and how nice of Sheriff Dan to let me borrow that car.  I toles them at the stroke of midnight Isa had to have it back up the hill or ELSE.....Isa not real sure what the or else is.

Maggie was all funny acting and Isa asked her what was wrong wif her.  I asked her why she wasn't doing pugtona's like normal and playbiting my face, but hers whispered to me that she couldn't do those KID kind of things, while Peyton was a visiting.  Cos after all he is a MOUNTAIN LION (isn't that what you call a older pug boy instead of Cougar ?)  So here was Maggie pretending hers was grown up...well holey moley!

MOM had a nice spread all fixed up for us, and she made it all romantically like, candles, and food..and sparkling apple juice.  Hers gave Stan the matches to hold cos he is the oldest in our group.

Later when the stars came out, we all went for a walk down by the frozen river.  We looked at the stars, and then I pulled a special little white box out of my pocket, got down on one knee (and my sisters starting yelling at me to stop acting like a fool and get up!!) in front of my girls, and the guys and Sweet Liberty.........I opened up on the box and showed her................................................................................................................................

My Badge....I had it all polished up just for hers to see...well what did you think I had in that box...holey moley I is just turning one on Saturday, not old enuf for that other stuff.


  1. Oh it is going to be a lovely evening. I'm glad you gave Stan those matches

  2. Holey moley I almost pooped in mom's floor when you pulled out that little white box and got down your knee. I thought STOP GUSSIE don't do it! Boy, you had me going for a minute. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  3. Whew! You sure had us scared for a minute!! See you tomorrow at the Queen of Hearts Dance!! Our band, Bad Dawg Agency will be rocking the house!

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. You are all so put the rest of us to shame :)

  5. You had us all sitting on the edge of our seats during this whole story- and we were laughing so much!
    You tell a mighty funny story little pal- and the best part is that little white box!!

  6. What great dates you guys have planned....except looking at that motor thingy when you should have been Whispering sweet nothin's in Puggie ears. Quietly, mind, so the big brother couldn't hear. Off to a great time!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  7. LOL we thought it was going to be ring. Pawsome badge though. Enjoy the Day Of Love. Happy Valentine's Day to you and may you and your family have a fabulous day.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Wow Stan must be a brave pug to cross the pond with a howl-i-copter! What a hero! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your furmily and maybe we can dance together at the ball?

  9. OMD we are so glad that Stan made it across the pond in the PugCopter... We knew you were hear when we heard it going WHOOP WHOOOP WHOOP over the bandstand.
    OMD Angus Mac you SCARED us with that WHITE BOX thingy.
    Glad that you didn't have to hold the MATCH... you might have singed your furs...
    We will see ALL of you Later at the dance... Have FUN.

  10. BOL!!!!! Oh my gosh, this was one of the best!

  11. Wow, what a grreat time you all had! I bet Liberty was SUPER excited to see your badge. What a grreat presentation of it. :)