Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I put this on here AGAIN so our MOMMA would remember whose her baby is....NOT mean ole cat Dietzy who gets to sleep in the bed wif them whenever he wants!

So Mom was able to dig herself out of the pug abuse hole yesterday when a box arrived for us pugs and MOST of the stuffs in it was for me!  She ordered from some Kong dental chewies for me and Mag's cos wesa like to chew on stuff like our chewie toys and the bottom of Dad's dresser.  Stella never chews on anything so hers didn't get no new toys.  (the vet says stella's teef are clean but really really
Here is a picture of what we gots but I don't know who that big black dog is might be my dad cos he is black and I am black (Maggie is on hers back laughin at me)
Thank you Goose for telling Mom about these chews cos hers trusts your judgment.  So anyway later in the evening after our grouchy ole DAD got home Mom gave these to us wif chicken flavored toofpaste on them, and guess what HAPPENED...yep Stella got in a big ole tear your eyes out fight with My Maggie over that chew.  OUR DAD was so MAD at OUR MOM that she only bought TWO of them, that he grouched all night about it, so MOM had to put them up.  She redeemed herself this morning tho whilest DAD was sleeping cos hers gave them back to us.  Stella didn't even try to take them...I finks hers just like to stir up trouble when DAD walks in the door.

She also bought ME and only ME a new one of these.

See that BEAUTIFUL light blue one.  Well that is mine.  She had to buy my vest in X-Large cos I am getting a nice manly chest.  Hers is taking a picture of me in it tonight after my supper of LIZARDGIZZARD chicken thingys.  Mom toles me hers is running to the store on hers lunch hour.

AND we all three got new collars.  Now Maggie and I have never worn a collar cos we don't really have necks just rolls so Mom always just puts the harness/vests on us when we go outside BUT we have gotten some presents lately from our girl/boyfriends and mom wanted to put them on our collar.  Mom toles me it would be like wearing a pretty necklace all the time but we still have to wear our vests when we go a walkin.  Here it is.

See those penguins on it...yep hers is a cheapie and bought them on clearance cos supposedly WINTER is over.  Well right now ours weather peoples say it is 0 outside with a wind chill of -15 BUT the sun is a shining and wesa thinks these collars are just what we need.  Tonight Mom is going to put them on us.  She hopes it doesn't turn into a big feeassco like last night.  WE wondered if hers shouldn't have bought our Dad a present to so he wouldn't be so a 6-pk or something like that..

Anyway Momma and I had a long talk and I toles her I know hers has cabin fever AND I will start making her a to-do list everyday (thanks for all your suggestions on that )  just so she remembers how to take care of us appropriately.  She gave me my big boy hug and I evens let her call me baby gussie again.  I loves my momma dearly.
Angus McConnell


  1. Phew! We missed your postie yesterday and did not realize the situation there was so dire! We are glad to see that your mama has responded to your letter and stepped up her game! You and your sisters deserve no less than then best!

    Edgar and his mum

  2. Never a dull moment in your household Angus McConnell Long! I'm glad you're all coping with this winter but its time for all this cold to end!


  3. We think mum has sure redeemed herself. Way to go mum and we think you are forgiven big time. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Sorry about the fight - stuff like that happens sometimes.
    I love those dental sticks! I've destroyed two of them already; my mom is really proud of me, I just know it.
    Yours sincerely,
    Maggie T.

  5. Now you have wrapped around your little paw again

  6. Training mommas is a constant job!

  7. Thank goodness there is now some understanding in the household. and everyone is feeling much betters!

  8. Okey Dokey Hokey Pokey.... that was pretty Clever of you to mention the Chewing on Dad's dresser..right in the middle of the other stuffs. Just wanted you to know that you can't slide stuffs like THAT past US.
    OMD you gotted one of those Goose ENDORSED thingys... and you got Chicken paste on it. THAT is just Brilliant... even though it did cause a TINY bit of trouble. WELL We should say you got TWO of them and that THEY caused the Troubles.
    OMD OMD your new collars are COOL DROOL... Penguins are NOT just fur WINTER... you can wear them in the HOT SUMMER and think COOL THOUGHTS.. We LOVE the color of THAT and of your new harness fur safe walkin. WE use those too. Butt we ALWAYS wear our Collars WITH them.
    We hope that you all enjoy your Lizzard Gizzard thingys tonight. WE like the HEARTS but not the Gizzards. THAT is beclaws ERNIE tries to swallow them in CHUNKS without Chewing..
    We are THRILLED that PEACE has returned to your Castle.

  9. Isn't it sad we always have to remind them who is baby
    Lily & Edward

  10. Well, your mum's improving....but keep milking it, mate.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  11. oh angus you are so cute you will always be mommas baby

    retro rover

  12. Angus we love your cuteness! You know we have to separated if we all three get a chewy. I, Greta, get to chew on boneses all the time. But if Hazel has one to her self she gets onery and the fight is on. Bailey just takes his outside (weather permitting) away from the girls

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  13. Boy, it's a good thingie she came around, Bites was a lookin for his handcuffs and getting Ranger to warm up the copter!

    The Mad Scots

  14. We never fight but there is only two of us. You are sure to look cute in your new harness.

  15. I can't wait to see my studly man in his new collar and his blue vest ... Love, Liberty

  16. Oh, Gussie! I had no idea it was sooo bad over there. You poor guy...just trying to survive. Your eyes speak volumes. I'm happy things have turned around in your house!

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