Thursday, August 14, 2014


WELL we hates the Vet, all three of us, but mostly me, Angus McConnell and Stella Rose.  I haf a vet story to tell you.  On Tuesday Mom tole asked ours Dad to take me and stellie to the frankenvet to get our nails cut.  Enuf said, right....nails know where this is going already!!

Dad said, "of course dear" along wif some HBO words whispered so ours mom couldn't hear him.  He hates going to the vet also, but for different reasons, money...or somefin like that. 

So he loaded us up, Without our harnesses....boy will mom be mad when hers reads this, and he just carried us into the vet, all naked and afraid, like that new Discovery show, except we aren't in a jungle but a building.

So Isa goes first, cos I is the bravest boy on this earth, super gussie, and all that....UNTIL I see the steel COLD table and the clippers.  DAD toles my mom later that I started to jump off the table and run away and he had to stop me, and that is when the SCREAMING started.  He said it was awful...and he refused to evers take us back.  (my job was well done )  Anyway, they had to call in three more people, cos I is so big and strong, and hold me down, all the while I is screaming my loud pug scream for all the world, and the other dogs in the waiting room to hear.  Stellie was just walking around the office like a good little girl, not knowing she was next.  I am sorry my new friends in the waiting room had to listen to my torturous screams, I am sorry I scared them.

Then it was Stellie's turn, and I got off the table AFTER I had peed all over my dad and the frankenvet and the other two dummies they had called in to help them, I soaked them really good!!!  Stellie didn't like it either, but hers didn't scream at all.  Dad said they just laid her on her side like a little pig and cut her nails, they also had to have extra help cos apparently our vets office only hires weaklings.

Later, when mom heard about it, she felt so bad I and stellie got to sleep wif them that night, and Maggie even tho hers stayed home.   Mom says she doesn't know what she is going to do wif us when it comes that time again.  I toles her, we just better not talk about it for now.

Angus McConnell Long


  1. Oh I feel your pain. I DO NOT LIKE MY NAILS CUT!! Don't know why. It doesn't hurt. Butt still it takes an army to hold me and even then it does not always work out. In fact there are more than one place in town who said, we just can't help you you'll have to fine somewhere else to go. We have not asked my vet yet to do it. And I hope we never do. Butt getting to sleep with the peeps is a happy ending.

  2. We don't like it butt we have learned to deal with it - sort of. We try to run and hide but to no avail. Dad holds us and Mom does the grinding. He puts on a long sleeve shirt for protection BOL. Hazel & I struggle, but Bailey will just resign himself once he is caught. Then we get LOTS of treats
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  3. BOL! When Stanley gets his nails done (we don't say cut cuz they actually get filed off with a grinder) he just sits there like a king on a throne getting a pawdicure. He doesn't even blink an eye! When I get mine done I wiggle like crazy. Sometimes I stop wiggling for a minute but I am afraid dad will think I don't mind to I tell him he is tickling my toes and start wiggling again. We like the grinder MUCH better than the clippers for our toenails.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  4. OMD we so feel your pain. It is not the nicest thing to happen and with all those people holding you down and what no bucket of treats to help? Yikes I'd pee on them too. Blooming cheek. Next time TREATS.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. you soaked the vet and his torture-crew? wow! I only pee in his office when I jump down from the torture-table. I agree with you, nail clipping was invented in deepest hell, I hate that. Mom dreams about such a dremel-thingy like Frankie&Ernie have, butt my dad said that's humbug, she anyway can't do that with me at home. My mom has also nu clue how we can handle that the next time, maybe we can talk about that later too ?

  6. Wow, this is another dogtor super-story! I have a horrid reaction to the dogtor peeps and I agree that they all hire weaklings 'cause three of them and my peeps can't hold me down...even after enough drugs to knock out an elephant. BOL I think screaming is a great idea...never tried that. Maybe then they'd quit and just leave us alone. shesh
    I think you did a great job. We can't let them think this okay or easy. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  7. that sounds like the worst kind of torture - you were such a brave boy gussie

  8. Deep breaths, Gus! Getting your nails trimmed isn't that bad. I get lots of treats if I hold still like a good boy. I only flinch a little bit if Momma takes too long at it. Maybe you could get more treats and that would make it better?

  9. OMD that sounds AWFUL. I don't like having my nails done, either. I don't stream and yell about it, but I get awfully nippy!

  10. OMD you PEED on the PEEPS..... WAY TO GO GUSSIE ! You should have Fired off your Poop Shooter and then EXPRESSED yourself.... OMD the Horror of the Nails...

    Now we don't mind it much... even WITH the clipper thingy... butt we actually LOVE our Dremmel Tool thingy... We both just lay on our backs and let mom HAVE AT 'EM. THEN she Shaves our Feets with the Buzzard thingy... and We like THAT too.
    BUTT we know how YOU feel and we don't blame you one bit... SCREAM all you want... PEE all you CAN. Let the world know that you are being tortured. Good Show Buddy.

  11. Stella BRAVO girl power and I guess you showed them just how was boss and just how would let them know when she wanted another mani-pedi. You got spunk girlfriend
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Oh Gus the torture chamber Docster stinks! Treats and I Scream should be in store for you
    Lily & Edward

  13. Well done, Gussie! You have to let them know you OBJECT to treatment. We are impressed with THREE assistants.

  14. We wonder why we have to have nails anyway if all they ever want to do is cut them down!!! Phantom has very tough nails to trim but he likes the vet tech who does them. Ciara is always the "good" one and lets them do anything they want to her. Lightning has very ticklish feeties or so he claims, he gives them a good run for those green papers:0

    Somehow though we never get rewarded with sleep in the big bed:(

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. OH MY GOSH... Gus, I always thought you were the BRAVEST boy in the world!

  16. Hello Friends!! I'm so sorry we've been missing your blog, but I'm glad we got here just in time to offer our support for your most unfortunate experience. We know how hard it can be to always be brave, so I just hope there were some really, really good treats for you and Stellie afterwards--You deserve at least more than 3 ...

  17. Oh my goodness - you are so strong and awesome to behold, Gussie! ALL those folks needed to hold you down?? Wowza. They are probably so afraid of you there that they'll ask your dad never to bring you back. You did good. And I think your peeps should let you sleep in the bed a few more nights - at least until the trauma subsides. So... like, what? A month? Maybe two??

  18. You big, brave boy you!!! I bet you scared them too. Has your mom or dad every tried the nail grinder/file-almost like what they use on humans. It may be easier on you all than they cutters. Hope they spoil you rotten for a good long time.
    Noreen & Hunter

  19. Angus mate, we take our hats off to ya. Three assistants??? Even I, Rory, don't take that many. You are amazing. Hope your dad recovers from the vet trip hehe. Take care all. No worries, and love from your Aussie mates. Stella and Rory
    P.S. Mum has been beside herself cause she has lost The Hanky. She has searched for days and everybody thinks she is more coo coo than ever. Everything has been turned upside down but she is still looking. :-(

  20. I hate gettin my nails cut too, but my momma just does em at home.

  21. Ohhhh Angus, it's not that bad, we get ours done every four weeks, no yelling, nobody holding us down. We started at eight weeks with fake cutting, so the clippers never have made us upset! Buck up Junior Officer!

    The Mad Scots

  22. Gosh,, what a nightmare for everyone.
    I think we heard the screaming clear over here to our house.
    I am glad you peed on everyone- that will show them who is boss!

  23. Good for you guys. Never make the vet's job easy unless you are really sick. Keep fighting the good fight

  24. You screamed AND it took 4 people to hold you down. Crikey ..... you're only little!! That's really impressive, Angus!! Four people??????? Fair dinkum?? You're a super star!!

  25. Oh poor Gussie! Can't say I blame you for peeing all over them! And Stella was so brave! Good girl! I could never cut my Angel's nails, she was quite the nipper! Even nipped me, her mama! So it was always done either at the vet or when she went to get groomed! Although I have to say, she even tried to nip her dogtor and the vet techs when they touched her feeties! Angel always slept in the big bed, so she always got treats when she got home for having them done.

    xoxo Patty

  26. Oh goodness! What a miserable time at the V-E-T!! Now we don't like it either and we sit and shiver like a blender on high speed. Then comes the panting and the puddle of drool on the floor. Butt we don't scream like you do. We would have been horrified if we were there listening to you.

    At least you got some good stuff outta the experience!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  27. Dey all deserved a good peeing. High Paws!

  28. Our Lee was the same way. While Lady can't cut her nails, she spent hours pairing the clippers with reinforcement. She started with having the clippers near Lee and giving her cookies for being calm. Then when that was ok, she had the clippers just touch her paw and she got a cookie, and she continued until she could cut the nails. Maybe something like that would help, even if at the end of the day the vet did it. It helped Lee so much they could take blood from her too.

  29. You poor pugs! I'm so sorry you had to get your nails clipped - NO FUN AT ALL! Have you guys ever tried the dremel for nails? I know a lot of other pugs like it better than clipping (including me!). In the winter (when my walks are shorter) my dad just does a couple nails a day to keep everything under control. Hope you don't have to go back to the vet for a LONG TIME!!!


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