Monday, August 25, 2014


OUR friends Murphy and Stanly have asked if we would like to participate in the amazing Writers Blog Tour.  We said yes, BEFORE we knew our MOM would be gone so LONG with her work last week.  We are running behind on everything IMPORTANT in our lives now, and MOMMA is playing the game called 'catch up". 

We really enjoy Murphy and Stanley's blog cos their momma is a good comedian and always makes us laugh, plus she also has a POTP page for any of our friends out their in blogville needing our prayers and help. (And she sends our mom good pictures of us) WE wish we could go on those long walks that hers takes each day, but its so hot in our part of the woods, we run outside to pee and run back into the cool air.  If we add all ours time running around Alcatraz  outside it still would not add up to the amount she runs each day.

OURS momma likes to write when she has time, and sometimes hers writing reflects what is going on in ours lives....

so the rules for this tour is you haf to nominate three other bloggers and you haf to answer three questions.

Since there are three of us, we are each going to take a question from the Tour. 

(Maggie)  Question NO. 1  What are you working on?  Well I often help my mom with the weekly calendar of blogs she needs to do.  Usually she is behind on her reviewing of products and right now we are working on our monthly Mr. Chewy review.  Yes, we are AWARE it is ALMOST the end of the month but we know Mr. Andrew will understand.  We are also working on a review of a Elk Antler that was sent to my sister, Stella Rose last week.  With, Gussie being so involved in Murphy and Stanley's campaign he is working on writing his adventures down.  There is a lot  of midnight oil and long distance phone calls being made, before he will have his stories completed.  All that late night racket is giving me a headache.  I will be glad when things get back to normal, well as normal as it was before, around here.

(Stella Rose) Question NO. 2 How does my writing process start?  Well, Momma and I have been blogging together since 2012 and as bloggers we have grown.  At first Momma and I did a lot of safe writing...but then one day we took a BIG leap of faith and wrote about a topic that was dear to our hearts.  We were worried our blogville friends wouldn't like us anymore or think we were crazy but something amazing happened and everyone had something positive to say about it.  So we took another step and wrote some more heartfelt words, and then it just became second nature to us, to always write about what is in our hearts.  Sometimes it hurts to write the words down, but after they are out there in space it becomes more healing than hurting.  Mom lets each of us blog, so because the three of us are so different my blog has went in three different directions.  I like sharing it with my siblings, but I will always remember when it was just Mom and I starting up that ladder all by ourselves.

(Angus McConnell) Question NO. 3 Why do I write what I do?  Well I like to write alls about my life wif my girls and my parents cos I loves them, and even mean ole cat Dietzy.  Wesa are lucky cos we's haf lots of family and friens that loves us so I writes about it.  I also likes to writes about all my adventures in life.  Most of them happens cos of my friens in blogville and how my little mind and heart works.  I finks my Mom always tries to put something important in many of my stories, and sometimes the stories might be silly but if you look with your heart and not your eyes you will find the golden nugget...or else just go to McDonalds if you can't find it and you will find one there.  Momma toles me she has always liked to write, and having the three of us blog is a good outlet for hers.    The hardest fings we write about is when one of our friends goes to live at the bridge.  We finks and finks and finks about it and then the words just come out on the page.  Momma said to us, that we are her gifts, and each day wif us is like unwrapping the package a little more, ..............We hopes you enjoy us as much as wesa do all of ewes. 

Now we are gonna nominate our three friends.
1.   Ms. Ellen is the very reason that we are blogging. She kept trying to talk ours mom into it and finally one day mom just did it.  Hers has five pugs and lives in Illinois. Momma calls her the pug whisper cos she can get all five of her pugs to sit for a picture and momma can hardly get one of us to do it.  Plus hers is Liberty's my loves momma and Maggie's love Paytons momma.

2.   This blog is about a lady named Mary Ann and hers used to live out on a farm with hers pug named Abby.  Remember Abby went to live at the bridge and now there is just Lily.  Her life has changed a lot cos they have moved from the farm into town, but Mary Ann still blogs, and shows us wonderful pictures of what is going in hers life.

3.   This blog is about a pug named Tweedles who writes beautiful poetry that we all loves to read.  Tweedles is very special to my momma cos after my brudder Sammy J. Simpson had to go to the Bridge, Tweedles made a very special trip to the moon to visit with Sammy and that brought my Mom's heart some peace.  We have found out that by being a part of blogville very magical things happen here, and that was one of them.  Angus also offered to Santa to give up all his Christmas presents if he would help make Tweedles better last winter when she was very sick.  We believe in magic, and we believe Tweedles is a part of that magic.

We hoped you enjoyed us sharing this wif you.
Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell


  1. OMD YES we LOVED reading this post. We like how EACH of you write.
    WE think we recall the FURST BLOGVILLE thingy that you were ever involved in.... it was the Back to School Bash... RIGHT???
    WELL DONE on this... it is NICE to SHARE... I even do it.. SOMETIMES... with Ernie.

  2. We love reading your heartfelt words and everything else you blog about.
    We love having you for our friends
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  3. I enjoy what you write. I particularly love when you talk about family perhaps because we have Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah family and that is hard. We kind of made Blogville our family that we check in on.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. We just know everybody loves your writing from the heart! Mom is always telling dad about stuffs you write, just like you lived next door!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    "Use Your Noodle & Vote For A Doodle"
    Blogville Mayoral Election - Nov. 2014

  5. I am honored that you thought of me- when it came time to pass this award onto others. There are so many deserving familys that this award would make their heart sing.
    We love what each of you write about,,,, life as it is,,,, good and bad- and since we are all family,,, its best to say what is on your heart.
    I would love this award,,, but my mommy is in a funk,,, and can't help me talk right now,,,,, but we will see.
    Thank you for being part of blogville,,, thank you for making everyone feel included.. And if someone wants to write words in my behalf,, I welcome them.. Thank you for your gererous heart,,, for being real and giving.

  6. I talked to mommy-- she said we will TRY!

  7. Very interesting. I love to know the writing process for dogs

  8. Writing from the heart is what makes you special. Don't change a thing we say. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. It's grreat learning more about our furiends!

  10. I like what you wrote about growing with your blog. that's true! and I always find golden nuggets in your posts, 3 little pugs and a cat named Dietzman