Wednesday, January 18, 2017


ONE of Mom's and my most favorite thing to do each night is to go to bed and read. 
She reads, I sleep.  Its the deal we made when I was little.  Lately though Mom is more needy so not only does she read, she silkies my little ears, rubs my little feet, and run her fingers through my soft fur, ALOT, ............finally she calms down and I am able to sneak down to the end of the bed, so the fan can blow on me, and I can get in my Zen zone, and imagine myself laying on a warm beach, filled with white sand and apples...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Over the weekend Mom bought a book from Kindle called, "Lily and the Octopus".  Mostly Mom buys dogs books and mostly they do not have good endings, which makes mom even more clingier to me.  So I was really hoping with a title like that, it would be a funny book that would not require a box of Kleenex and empty Dollar Store bag.  Or more loving on me.  

I was wrong, it had some humor in it, but mostly it was about an Octopus attached to a little doxies head that only her daddy could see, and of course Lily.  Mom deposited lots of Kleenex in the Dollar Store Bag, and I spent very little Zen Time at the beach.

THEN mom started to worry about THE STINK, worry a lot.  AND she started to imagine this.

So our Frankenvet said I would need my teefers cleaned.  Now I brush my teeth but I don't chew on a lot of other things that help keep the tarter off my teef.  Maybe its cos I have tiny teef, or maybe I just don't like to chew on stuff like Mags and Gussie do.  Anyway the Frankenvet said DON'T WORRY, we have done 100's of procedures like this, and on flat faced pugs.  MOM looked at ME and I looked at her, because we both knew that in all the trails we had walked around our little village we had NEVER seen another pug in this town.  Not even at the big dog park in the bigger town down the highway.

So mom being the hooverboard mom that she is says to the Frankenvet, "can you give me the puglets mom's name and phone number so I can talk to them about how their pug did with this procedure??'  Yes, folks she asked the Frankenvet to break every HIPAA law in the country just to  make sure their puglets did great.

Of course the Frankvet ran right over to her rolodex and wrote those numbers off for mom..........NOT!!!!!   So we are back to worry about the stink and my getting my toofers cleaned. 

Mom did prepare the Frankvet I would be wearing my pj's to the procedure because now Mom is telling herself that pugs clothing is actually our Thundarshirts and we need them for anxiety.  I know the vet hates my mom cos our picture is never on their facebook page, and who else comes to their office with three pugs in prison wear.

Thank you for all the comments on my stinky post.  I just want to answer one in particular.  NO, Carol I do not lick my butt, and that is not why my mouth smells.  No pug at our house does that, Maggie and Gussie lick each others ears, and face but not the butt.  I am probably to round to even find my butt.   NOW, Ellen and Henri are a whole nother thing, not only do they lick their butts, they start with their butts and work their way UP!!!!!    More on that later.

Stink you later................Stella Rose


  1. Stella your mom is so lucky to have you as her personal pet therapist. We just know you will do fine with your toofer cleaning but we will have our paws crossed for you just to be sure.

  2. your mom is a super good pup-mom, that's for sure. I hope there is a solution and I'm glad that you and your mom are such a pawfect team...

  3. Oh, Stella Rose, I am laughing SO HARD!

  4. We're a bit confused. We'd think three pugs arriving in prison uniforms would make the staff smile. They must be grumpy! We are looking forward to good news about your teeth cleaning.

  5. OMD OMD We are Laughing so hard about the Tissues in the $$ DOLLAR STORE $$ bag... Our mom LOVES that place...
    We hope that the Stink is gone... February is Clean Teefs Month.. so you are Ahead of the game...

  6. We have a feeling that's mom's jobs. This one is always feeling and smelling us. Nutty
    Lily & Edward

  7. Mommas worry. It's their job. I'm sure your teefer cleaning will go just fine.

  8. YOu nose Stelli Rose all our Mommas/Mums do this worry thingy, its what they dos. You will have great shiny pearly whites when you get back from the Vetman I nose
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. Don't worry. Teeth cleaning is not so bad. You won't even remember it.

  10. Stella, Hazel and Bailey have both had there teeth cleaned a few times and come through it just fine. But mom worried just the same. Danged if you do and danged if you don't cause bad teeth can lead to other problems. Mom is happy that I love to chew on things and so far my teeth are nice and clean

  11. Good my word you had a full body spa work over at the vet.
    Bless your heart. Purrs and hugs that the dental procedure is quick and goes well.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Moms are like that, they do like to worry. We hope your procedure goes perfectly and smoothly. Is it soon? We are going to have lots of crossed paws for you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  13. stella we noe ewe will due grate; we haz known like 84,011 petz that haz had thiz pro seed ure done...manee moonz ago ther waz bulldogz in trout towne; one...jacob... had hiz teeth kleened & noe worriez....


    coz they will bee tellin yur mom, sign heer, cash, chek ore credit N they will try N make her FORGET ewe iz entitled ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  14. Your comment to Miss Carol has us rolling on the floor BOL! haha
    We hear that carrots are great for cleaning toofies, Stella, and Tripett Tripe too - something about the enzymes, whatever they are. Maybe those can work for you?

  15. You have SUCH a good Mom and you can tell her that Mom's third book has a happy ending for Clyde the Lab and BooBoo the rescue Retriever.

    Abby Lab

  16. Stink is only in the nostrils of the smeller! Just convince Mom that your stink is beautiful! Just sayin'! :)

  17. Yep...Mamas sure do like to do worry. I had to smile when you said how you like to get your Zen on, but your Mama can be needy cause my Mama is the SAME WAY with me lately!!! She just wants to love and snuggle all the time since I became a teenager....sheesh!!

    I know you will do great with your procedure...but Hugs!

    PeeEss...Glad to hear you don't lick your butt!

  18. Don't you worry, I had my teeth cleaned just last year and it all went fine. My mom is a worrier, too!

  19. Crikey Stella ... your Mom's much smarter than that sneaky Vet bloke, aye?? She sure called his bluff. They'd tell you anything those Vet blokes.

  20. OMD, gurl I read all abouts your STINK, and wells, Ma says I stinks all the times too!!! Butts, I thinks I gots a little more of the 'Otterhound' in the Airedale lineage than most. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! either that, or all my allergies cause all my stink. Vet thinks it's the latter, butts whatevers.
    I sure hopes that the vettie is tellin' the truth, because I wouldn't wants to gets YOUR MOMS wrath if you even gets a paper cut while under the gases!
    I'll be sendin' lots and lots and lots of POTP and healin' vibes and {{{hugs}}}}}
    Ruby ♥
    pees: I didn't thinks you licked your butt....much..BOL!!!!!! just kiddin'...hehehe