Thursday, January 19, 2017


WELL we read about the upcoming Valentine festivities and of course reminded MOM about our dates, and new dresses and Gussie's Tux, those kinds of fings, and of course letting Ms. Carol know we are coming and THEN Mom had ANOTHER NUTSO moment, and said "what a wonderful idea, the boys can go wif you!!!!!!!!!!"   WHAT BOYS????  WELL of course we were planning on asking Stan my love, and Peyton, but I had chills down my spine because I just KNEW those were not the boys she was talking about!!!!

(Gussie in shock when he heard the news)

Family comes first.  Mom tries hard to live up to those words and is learning each and everyday that family is not always blood but is usually found in the heart.  So ................our family of course is now also made up of CATS.  BOY CATS.  OH MY PUG she expects us to take the BOYS!!!!

Some of you remember little El and little Henri that were dropped into our yard by the cat stork.  Of course they showed up with 1 million dollars worth of things wrong wif them and it took all our treat money to get them well, AND then Dad took them to the Vet to get their girl and boy parts taken care of............ONLY to find out Ellen is not a Ellen but a Alan, but since she/he knew her/him name we still call him/her Ellen.  Only at my house.

 Little Ellen
Little Henri

 Big Ellen

 Big Henri. Even though he has a big bowl of water, he loves getting water out of the tub.

And of course we also have a cat named Fuzzy who does not know his name, even though he hears it over 750 times a day.  He was one of the original feral kittens who was born two years ago at Kevins, and found his way to our yard, and then onto our porch, and then into our house. 

He is bigger than Ellen and Henri but he uses the kitty litter, and minds his house manners well. He loves playing wif the kittens and the pugs.  He still can have moments where he acts scared and runs, but mostly he loves all of us.  SO  I am sure he is also one of the BOYS who will be going to the escapades wif us. COS HE IS FAMILY.

I am sure Sully will be laughing very hard at us, cos we did send him 952 of the feral kittens from last summer, but apparently 6 of them fell out of the wagon and eventually ended up in our yard. KARMA...

 They were super scared of MOM and DAD but always came out of hiding when it was dinnertime, and then they would run back into their hidden shelters.  Over the summer and fall though they got closer and closer to Alcatraz and we would come out and find them inside our compound running around and playing wif Henri and Ellen and US.  

Then one day mom came home from work and they were on the porch, eating and laying around on the swing, they HAVE NEVER LEFT.  So now we have 6 outside cats, that look like a cross between a beautiful long haired cat and a rabbit.  Mom thinks they look like Disney creations.  They let Mom and Dad pet them, and Mom made them a special protective place to go on the porch where the snow and cold wind cannot bother them.  I know THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE.  They don't know this but they are in line SOON to go to the VET.  Mom does wish she could find them all wonderful homes, so keep good thoughts for us about that.

Oh yeah and then there is GRANDPA.  That is what MOM calls him.  Last summer when the 1000 kittens from KEVINS showed up we also noticed a old gray long haired wilder than hell cat that hid by the big tree in our yard.  We would just catch glimpses of him off and on.  Sometimes Mom actually though he faded right into the tree bark like he was magical.  Mom and Dad both noticed he seemed to be in very poor health, and one side of his legs had a large red spot with no hair.  Dad told her he thought someone had shot him with a pellet gun, to keep him away from their house.  WHAT!!!!!!! 

Mom was furious and told DAD if he knew who did that dastardly deed, he had better march his *&* over and tell them to stop or ELSE.  It never happened again, but it took Grandpa most of the summer to heal. Then one day we actually saw him eat some food, and in a blink of the eye he was gone.  This has went on for several months, but one morning early when mom was going to her other job, and it was still dark outside there was GRANDPA waiting by the gate, meowing for his soft food.  Mom feeds him soft cos he is old and she thinks hard food hurts his teefers.  So now every morning he meets Mom at the fence and she feeds him, and every night when she gets home from work he is waiting on her.  No one has ever got to pet him yet, but mom has gotten close, and he has stopped hissing at Dad.  He has grown into a beautiful old cat.  Mom and Dad made him a nice warm place to stay in the winter time in the garage, but we really don't know if he does or not.  Life is a mystery when it comes to CATS.

ANYWAY just so you know the news..........we are taking the BOYS to the dance...........sigh.

Stella Rose


  1. OMD, you have so many cats in your household now!! Will ALL the boys wear tuxes to the dance?

  2. My dearest and bestest BFF....who's running your household? I is finking the Push-T-Cats might haf had a coup and you not noticed?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. It's nice to take your kitty sibs to the dance but we think you should also have proper dates. Maybe you could find some nice girl cats to be their dates? All those kitties sure must keep all of you on your toes.

  4. You might be surprised to know we have other cats coming to the pawty too! You know it is called K-oss (chaos) right? It's gonna be epic!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  5. I love the quote... it fits to us too... and I'm glad grandpa is still there... and I hope the bad peep who shot him with a pellet gun is far far away... and it is not bad to go with boy-cats to the ball... I go with my yellow christmas monster, that is embarrassing, huh?

  6. Wow, you do have a lot of cats. I suppose there are advantages. I can't think of any. Have fun at the dance. Don't worry about having to take the cats. They are known to have a wandering eye

  7. OMD, are ALL the boys going??? Are there even enough girl kitties to handle all of them??? We must admit that El and Henri are very cute:)
    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Oh my goodness, I need to get caught up... because Lilly, Jester and Sister are going to need new clothes!

  9. Those sure are some cutie pies
    Lily & Edward

  10. Omd OMC the "BOYS" will just ADD to the K-Oss of the Valentine's Day Pawty... it will ALL be Fine as Frog Fur.

  11. Oh CRIKEY!!!!!!!! It's sure good to hear about all the happenings at Alcatraz again ... but .... you've got to take the boys to the pawty???? Oh My ...... poor you!! BUT .... family is important I guess. I'm sure you'll have fun anyway.

  12. OMD! You sound like the people across the street--where the Front Yard cats are supposed to STAY. They end up with kitties all the time. You are being INFESTED! (Look, take them to the dance, then ditch them. They are bound to find some single kitties.)

  13. hay ewe pugs.....blessingz two yur mom N dad for CARING ♥♥♥♥♥ de catz may knot all wayz show it ....but we can garunteez they iz veree much in apurreciationz .....spesh a lee gram paw....we wood like ts say... THANX ~~~~ 984 pawz up ♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Holy cat poop, you pugs better get your act together cause your being out numbered by CATS! Your happy pug home is turning into a home for runaway cats.

    Aroo to you,

  15. OMD, you guys have more kittehs than doggies!!!! WTD?? HOw did that happen?! Wells, they are cuties, and I guess kittehs are kinda cool. Butts, Ma wouldn't know the furst thingie abouts carin' abouts no baby! Um...I MEAN...kittehs....hehehehe
    Oh, did you wants to borrow the margarita truck to carry all of you??? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  16. Oh my goodness, you had me laughing and laughing. Ellen who is really Alan!!!!! Are those the boys going to the dance????

  17. Feel free to send your kitties to the Youth Room Stellrose, we can try to keep them out of your furs there :-)!

  18. Sorry, we can't help laughing at this family affair dance. it should be loads of fun so keep your sense of humor handy and be glad you don't have to take ALL the boys, including Grandpa. :)

  19. Wow, you have so many cats!!! They all super cute in those beautiful and so funny pictures!!!

  20. Omd OMC the "BOYS" will just ADD to the K-Oss of the Valentine's Day Pawty... it will ALL be Fine as Frog Fur.