Monday, October 1, 2012


Goose's mom told us we couldn't put our heart in a box so mom and i decided we would put it in layaway instead.  Layaway is where you put things that you plan on going back to get.  Here is our layaway list.
1. Our funny sense of humor.  We have lost the power of laughter for awhile.
2. Our heart.
3. Good Memoires.  We know we have them but for right now we can't think about them.
4. Any pictures of Turd.  We miss her so much but we can't look at them right now.

Hopefully, this is a compromise on the box and down the road we will waltz right into layaway and ask for our packages.  We will start to write funny, sarcastic stories again, and be like we used to be only somewhat changed.  Mom said when zeusy went to the rainbow bridge after awhile she was able to look at all the lessons he taught her and became an even better mom, she knows turd wants her to learn some lessons too, we just aren't ready to think about them yet.

Stella Rose


  1. Wesa understand Turd. Wesa had a sister named Megan that was rescued from a backyard breeder. She only lived 6 months with us when she died (She died shortly after her 3rd birthday) but the time the mamas had with her were special. Mimi and Lily do not remember her because they were not yet born...Toby was just a little puppy then...and me and my brudder George were just a year and some months when she passed.
    It is tough...but a toughness we all survive. And crying is a god-send.
    Much Luvums,
    Gracie Lynn'ums & The Slimmer Puggums

  2. We meant to say, "we understand you and your mama Stella!
    The buffoon mama typed it wrong and made it sound so unfeeling.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums

  3. I think a LayAway is a wonderful idea. Time is a great healer.
    Love Noodles

  4. Oh we like that layaway idea but we still don't think Gooses mom will approve
    Benny & Lily

  5. The layaway idea is good. Loosing a dog is so hard, especially when the loss is sudden. I am not sure what Turds age was but she seemed pretty young so that makes it harder as well. The time with our dogs is so short, the only down side to pet ownership

    urban hounds

  6. I like this idea! Feel better!

  7. PERFECT.... I love it!!! We are here fur you.

  8. We really like the sound of layaway plans. This is perfect. And of couse during layaway... your furiends are right here for you when you need us.


  9. I think lay-a-way is a great idea! Perfect in fact. Just remember to return to pick up and take home all you treasure.

  10. Spot on to Gooses' mum. Take care and take it one day at a time. Have a good Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. All the commercials are saying layaway is a perfect solution, and I agree! It will all be ready for you to pick up when it's time.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. The Saint and I never had two legged human children. Instead, we have 4 legged (darn near human) furry children. Our beloved Skeeter was an only child and with us from the beginning of our life together. We were lucky to call him our baby for 16 years. He was an awesome kitty and went with us every where we went. Even on vacation and to live in another country! We would not do anything without thinking of our Skeeter kitty. The Saint passed up on a job opportunity in England as we would not put our baby in quarantine! Yes, they do become our children and we always put them first. The day we had to say goodbye to him was traumatic to us both. A part of us went over that Rainbow Bridge right along with him. Everything in the house reminded us of our missing baby. I had a difficult time getting over his loss until 4 months later when a little black fur ball came meowing from the woods and into our life. That young mother kitty found us and went into the woods and brought us her little kitten as well. I think that God and Skeeter’s spirit had a hand in getting those two into our home. Our home was once again filled with happiness. I take comfort in knowing that we were the best mommy and daddy that Skeeter could have had while on this earth. He had love, a constant roof over his head and plenty of food, toys and cuddles. What more could a furball ask. It is not fair that we only have them for such a short time on earth. But knowing your baby had the best is a great comfort…. My Blog Name is Skeeter in his honor. I shall never forget my little yellow fella and he shall live on in my heart….

    1. thank you for sharing your story with me, it touched our hearts!
      stella and mom

  13. We totally understand. We lost our sisters in January (Amber) and March (Stormy) of 2011 and it's still hard sometimes. Lots of times. But Mom keeps going for all of our sakes -- hers as well as ours.

  14. Stella, please take your time. The healing process is different for everyone. We are here to listen anytime you need to talk about it or even just be sad. Even after 6 months of losing my beloved Payton I am still missing her so very much.

  15. We think this is the perfect way to hand life at the moment! (and we totally understand too!)

    Lily Belle & Muffin