Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last night Mom decided she was tired of us snarfing around at each other and we were all going to go get some exercise no matter HOW cold it was.  Dad just looked at her like she was a little CRAZY and maybe its true that she is but she needed some fresh air also!!   So since I am the oldest, most wisest and beautifulest I got to go first.

Yes, friends I am sitting on top of the washer cos the meanies kept trying to rip my little red coat off of me.  So, Mom and I went outside to the yard, and I walked all around my favorite places, like by the stone wall, and the crabapple tree and the real apple tree.  Several times I just laid down in the apples and inhaled their smell.  Mom told me to get a movin cos it was all about the walk and not the laying around.  I know she wanted to make me tired so I would behave once I went back into the house. I have to wear a leash and harness outside also, cos we lives right by the deadly highway.
So....after a short while we went back inside and this time Mom got her coat and mittens on, and put the two crazy meanies coats on them.  Wowzer, they were soooo excited!!!

Mom doesn't understand why when DAD has 3 1/2 days off that he can't walk them, but he never does.  He says we all get enuf exercise out in Alcatraz, but Mom does not agree AND by our behavior in the evenings I say she is right.

 Maggie & Gussie's version of their walk.
"Come on Mom..get a move on!"  Momster decided to walk us downtown to the river.  Its a first for us cos usually we go out to the fairgrounds.  Mom wanted to try somethings different this time and see if Maggie could handle the change.  She did gooder cos Isa was with her and hers was safe.

So we headed off and even Maggie was a liken it...
Hers was a little on guard cos we had heard about a battalion of tree rats that live in the woods below our house and wesa didn't want anythings to happen to our MOM.

WE were kinda pulling Mom to hard cos her hurted her foot and she walks all gimpy now.  Hers has to go to the frankenvet to get a big ole shot right in the middle of her foots but hers is a baby and won't go so hers is just suffering instead.  Hers is a REAL slow walker now.

Hey Maggie did you hear that noise over there by the post office?  No, Gussie Isa looking straight ahead cos the river is coming up and Isa heard Moms is going to give you to the monster that lives along the bank..bahahhahahah......

Mom yousa not gonna sells me to the river monster are you....Maggie is wrong isn't she cos i didn't mean to be a crazy all week long.  Isa worried that Maggie is right and hers is sick of me and my behavior.

Isa was trying to run away from the river monster and maggie was trying to drag mes towards the river. Mom told her to knock it off and then hers told me she loves me to the moon and back so not to worry abouts what Maggie is a telling me.

This is Hotel Manning on the river and Mom told us this would be Dad's new doghouse if he didn't start walking us on his days off!  Maggie thought it looked like a nice place to live.

The Trees in the park were real purty.

This was the first time isa ever saw a fire hydrant and wesa both just loved it.  I asked my Mom if Santa could bring me one for Christmas.  Later, Isa planning on writing him a letter that says Dearest Santa, please brings me a fire hydrant for my bedroom...Isa your friend and Isa loves you.....Angus McConnell.......Maggie toles me there isn't any Santa its just our Mom and Dad I toles Mom on hers for lying.

Later that night when we got home we brought Dad a present.  You remember how he likes feeding those tree rats that run around in our yard.  Well, looky what we brought him home.

And that is a whole nother story!

P.S. Thank you friends for all the comments about helping out our friend Tweedles.  You guys are the best!  Prayers are still going up to the heavens for our buddy Benny also.

Stella Rose, Margaret, Angus McConnell and Momma


  1. Glad everyone got to go for a walk. Pretty soon it will be too cold for those. :-(

  2. Wow, you three look amazing in your colorful coats! Gotta walk about in style. BOL Somehow I don't think anyone will be going to the river monster, but it's a scary thought just the same. Best to be good at least until after HowlOWeen. Love those fire hydrants!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. bawahwhahhwha you look like red riding hood, Daddy must be worn out just thinking of youz going out of Alcatraz.. he'z in hiz snuggle'z Bawahhahhwa You guy'z are just adorable xxoooxxxx

  4. Your mom is right, your dad should exercise you so you will behave in the evening. It is nice weather here. We went on a walkie yesterday and mom wore shorts. We will play outside in all weather cuz we have warm coats. What is wrong with your mom's foot? My mom had shots in her foot before and it helped a lot!

    Murphy and Stanley

  5. OMD that sure looks like a nice dog house...too good for naughty daddy we say. Now it should be time to go and dead that pesky tree rat stuffy we say. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wowsa, that looks like you guys sure enjoyed the walkies, except the river Monster part. Hey you guys get really board you can come down and run around on our huge property, so you can be worn out like us. All kinds of stuff to bark at here!

    Man you guys got Bites favorite a tree rat to deaded!

    The Mad Scots
    pees; we are back, and tell Dad to get off his butt!

  7. Angus Mac... MARGARET is just yankin your walkin string. There is NO SUCH THINGY as a River Monster that wants t EAT you... BUTT Santa Paws... IS TOTALLY REAL... I (Frankie Furter) know it fur a FACT. IF you are good... he brings you like 87 toys and treats and stuffs. HE is REAL. River Monster is FAKE. You should threaten to tell Santa Paws about what Margaret said to you. Just sayin.
    OMD you three have SUPER winter Coats. WE love them. They are PERFECT fur each of you.

  8. Hahaha, you sure did enjoy that walk! You all looked rather fetching in those festive jackets, I'm sure all the other peeps out a walking would have been jealous!
    Angus, I'm sure Santa will bring you a nice shiny fire hydrant like that one there!
    Pippa :)

  9. My Mommy said after reading your beautiful post today, she's gonna do something bad around here so she can be sent to THAT dog house. She mumbled something about needing to get away from LIFE for a while.

    Lily Belle

    p.s. Mommy said she too has had shots in the foot (heal specifically) and that it hurts like the dickens but 10 minutes later her pain was all gone for a long, long, long time. She said you just gotta be sure to put on your big girl panties!

  10. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so HARD. I'm so glad you all got some exercise and take mercy on your poor old Mom and her foot. Maggie, you know you love your little brother!

  11. Stella, I am ashamed (not really) to admit that I do the same thing to Hazel when mom tries to put her harness or coat or anything on her. And YES tell your Dad that you do need some exercise everyday! Weeknights are tough for our Mom to get anything done cause I want all her attention since she has been at work all day.

  12. I have to bundles all up too- when I got outside- cause my furs are not thick- and my back is naked.
    Your coats are so pretty and I am glad you got walkies,, their good for everyone- even daddys.
    I am sorry your momma has an owieee on her foots- I hope it gets better.
    I see your river and it looks a little scarys to me- knowing there are monsters in it- whats worse- tree rats or river monsters...
    please don't go near any of them.
    Thank you again for the beautifuls post you did for me,,, you are all angels sent to me from the heavens above.

  13. You guys look amazing(ly adorable) in your jackets. I love how you call the backyard Alcatraz. DK says the same about his pug; that he gets enough exercise in the front yard of his building.

    Your Human needs to see the frankenvet to deal with her foot. That way, she can walk you at just the right speed!