Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday we toles you about our walk to the river AND the river monster that Mom was gonna sell me to.  Maggie toles me that... remember.  Well, last night I toles her what you guys said about thats not being the truths about mom selling me OR the river monster AND that Santa Paws is real AND hers said she was gonna proves to me it is the truth about the river monster.

She said I couldn’t tell mom or dad or big mouthed stella rose but after they fell asleep we would sneaked down to the river and hers would show me what hers was a talkin about.  I told her no way---- no how---- cos it would be dark, AND we would have to cross by the woods where those tree rats live AND Isa heard through the grapevine that theysa like little black pugs ALOT and might eat me.

Maggie just rolled her eyes at me and called me a "little baby gussie" …and it hurted my feelings so I toles her OKAY I would go and see the river monster but at first I had to puts on my stealth ninja clothes so he couldn’t see me in the dark.  Maggie kept rolling hers eyes at me, and I toles her she better stop doing that cos they would get stuck and she would end up looking like this!

Now ain’t that a purty picture.
Stay tuned for more of our adventure.

Baby Gussie


  1. Arghhhhh we just jumped three feet in the air with fear. OMD we are scared now. Stay away from the river we say. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story... if the tree rats didn't get you!

  3. Gussie, you and Mags be careful! You might need some of your ninja moves against those tree rats!

    xoxo Patty

  4. WE still say she is just Yankin yur Walkin String. We have been to rivers a couple times and there was no Monsters... just a bunch a guyz Fishing and stuffs.

  5. We are waitin, you guys are nuts, going to see a river Monster in the Dark.

    The Mad scots

  6. oh my that is some scary monster

    urban hounds

  7. Guss you are much braver than we are!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. Uh-oh, I'm starting to get worried! Shouldn't you see a river monster in the daytime, so you can see him the best?

  9. Make sure you pack a flashlight, that will make it a little less scary. Lee and Phod

  10. That is a scary picture! Please tell us the rest of the story.

    Millie & Walter

  11. Big sisters are always trying to scare their younger siblings and calling them a baby. I am also writing Santa and telling him he just might have to put Stella Rose on the naughty list if she don't stop teasing you.

    Aroo to you,