Friday, June 13, 2014


Wells today is my last day of blogging this week and my Stellie Rose will be backs next week, I love to blog so I might asked her if Isa could do it more.  Okay so today is ADVICE day for Dui.  My momma finks he is almost as cute as me, (I fink hers said almost..Isa sure she said almost) anyways I is the perfect little pug to gives him advice.  Why you asked???? WELL cos I is Angus McConnell Long and my name sounds Scottish evens tho I is puggish AND cos I is little like him, and beautiful...oh yes, we have already discussed the cute aspect.

Sooo Dui my first advice is to get hold of a good photographer like my big sister Kylei and get a picture that you can send to all the womens you are gonna meet when you finally get to step out into the world.  I haf met millions, or three Isa not sure and give them each a signed picture of me.

Second you MUST go to puppy school cos that is where you will meet lots more womens.  I had several fall in love wif me on the spot.  Some were even two legged, and I fink I told my Momma one was a stalker and wanted to steal me everys time we went to class.  My Mom ignored me.  But I knows hers wanted me cos she kept saying, "gussie I could just take you home!'  MOM how much clearer could that be!!!

Here is me on my way to class in my Harley Motorcycle Sweatshirt.  I found out womens like bikers.

Third, nevers I repeat nevers go hunting wif someone who does not take the adequate supplies wif them.  I went hunting for a turkey wif my Dad last fall and he did not take, my jammies, extra water, or even treats.  I asked him repeatly to give me more sweet tea and he kept telling me to be quiet cos I was scaring the turkey's away.  I reminded him repeatly Isa was only fursty cos he had brought beef jerky and Isa ate it all.  Finally I had to frow in the winning card by threatening him to call my momma to come and get me.  He took me to get a drink.  Always threaten to call your momma!!

And last and most important loves your family each and everydays, my family Dui is a bowl of nuts, and some of them are a little cracked but they loves me more than the green earth loves the sun, and my little heart sings each time I looks in all their eyes.  I is the luckiest boy in the world, and I nose you are too.  Plus it is always good to remember when fings happen like...well....for instance someone poops on the couch cos they are mad at mom for going to work, doesn't get as mad, cos hers loves you to much.

I is so happy Dui yousa are my friend.  (oh yeah one more fing, you might want to make friends wif the local sheriff cos yousa nevers nose when that might come in handy)

Angus McConnell Long


  1. EXCELLENT advice fur Dui, Angus Mac. Esp. the Sheriff pawt, beclaws one NEVER knows when THAT will come in handy.

  2. O my gosh... laughing so hard, and it's time for Angus to have a BFF! Does Dui have a blog????

  3. What grreat advice! Dui is going to be the best puppy ever with all the grreat advice he's getting from Blogville.

  4. Oh Gussie, you hit on some really impawtent points for Dui. Good thinking with the sheriff too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. sound advice, Gussie, sound advice!

    Edgar and his mum

  6. Wow, Gussie, you are wise beyond your age. What great advice. We guys only wish we had met you when we were pups so we could have started out right. Jan didn't know all that.

  7. Guss what wonderful advice for little DUI. He is going to get off the best start with all the help he is getting. so much going on today and we were late cause of a thunderstorm last night forced mom to shut off the computer. It even made a fire start further up our road!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    DUI is lucky to have all this advice
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Gussie that was lovely and every word was good advice. Dui is going to be quite a well mannered dude if he follows all your top tips. Nice one. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Angus,, I don't know how you learned all that good advise-- but you rock!
    You tell it like it is,,,!

  11. Thanks for all the advice, Angus. My name was originally Angus when I was growing up with my three sisters. I was the ONLY boy in my family. Now I have two more girls to boss around. I'll remember all the cute stuff and USE it!. We only have an aim and shoot camera so I'll have to get to work on finding someone with a GOOD one.

    I'll be sure to double check SUPPLIES if I ever get out. I still have one more week until my last needle..then a few days and I should be safe to meet other pups!

    Thanks for all the advice, Dui

  12. Angus, BOL that was GRREAT advice for a pup! Does he have a blog we can hang around??


  13. That is all excellent advice Angus. Well done!

  14. Crikey Angus ..... you've sure covered it all very nicely, aye? Such good advice. Especially the sheriff bit. Too funny!!

  15. Angus, hands down that was the bestest of advise you could give a pup.

    Aroo to you,

  16. Well done, dear Gussie! You are one smart puggie to offer all those thoughtful suggestions. Dui is lucky to have you to look up to!