Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog is BROKEN

ISA wanted to let you guys NOSE that crazy blogger isn't working at our house.  None of your blogs show up for us to read.  SO no bedtime stories for us last night. 

Isa has a real quick story to tell yousa before my mom catches me on here, and then Isa gotta run and get her paperwork ready for hers ....she is getting home really late, and leaving really early...its a mess...at work...

OKays so Momma decides instead of taking us to the good groomer girls to get our nails cut this freakazoid friend of hers would come overs and do it.  Apparently hers cuts all her dogs nails, and she is like a super cutter. Plus hers is free.  So Mom tells us what is going to happen BEFORE freaky gets here, so we are like prepared and everyfing.  Hers even gets the chicken out for our treats AFTER we are done.

So we meet freaky and Maggie has to go first.  Mom runs into the house to hide but leaves US there watching.  WELL MOM that was STOOPID cos we shouldn't have watched, we should haf been eating our chicken instead.  SO pretty soon freaky hollers at mom to come HELP hers.  UM????  Guess what hers only had ONE nail cut on MAGS back foot.  So Mom picks up mag and holds her close and starts to tell her the story of how she came to live wif her.  Maggie calms down until she hears the noise of the CLIP whenever she cuts a nail.  It was a battle but finally Maggie was done and got her chicken.

Stella was watching from the rocking chair, and MOmmma was watching hers, thinking OH MY PUG cos wesa all know Stella is crazy when hers gets her nails done.  Even wif the good groomer girls.

So I step up cos Isa the man of the house, and as soon as Momma picks me up a scream comes out of my mouf.  I screamed and screamed even befores Freaky touched me.  Mom was upset and I fink freaky was terrified.  So she cuts one nail and I scream and scratch my mom on the arm.  She starts to bleed.  She cuts another nail and I scream even louder and scratch my mom on her leg and this time hers really bleeds bad.  I tell Mom she needs to refink this freaky cutting my nails, or it is just gonna get worse.

Mom puts me down and says YOU WIN GUSSIE.  So we stopped cutting nails, and freaky left defeated.  Mom is making our appt. at the good vet.  Mom still gave us chicken as a treat cos SHE was so shook up.  I toles her later, she should not have rewarded us for our behavior, but hers just shook her head.....I is still a little mad at hers this morning, and refused to eat my breakfast.  I finks she will go buy me a present today for sure.

We will keep checking in on blogger to see wheres you guys all went.  We can get comments, just can't read your stories.  BUMMER!!
Angus McConnell


  1. OMD OMD Angus Mac... About 87,000 of us are having the SAME problem with Blogger... we can just see ONE post... the most recent one to come up... and it is WAY tooooooooo difficult to Scan the List to see who MIGHT have posted... We feel your Blogger PAIN... they are PAWmising that they are working on it.

    OMD you had a BAD nail clippering experience... WE have a Dremmel tool thingy... not EVERYBUDDY likes them... butt we DO. BUTT we don't like having ANYBUDDY butt OUR MOM doing OUR nails... no matter what they use. Just sayin buddy. JUust sayin.

  2. I hope the bleeding stopped on your mom's arm an her leg. Pawdicure is a difficult thingy, our vet has to do. Mom tried to file my nails but I'm only patient enough for one nail per day ... or per week. That means when she finishes the last of my nails... she can start over.

  3. Nail cutting isn't so bad at my house. It sure is a lot better to have my nails cut than to get a nail caught in the carpet and rip it off (like I did once) Ouch! Me and my pack hold very still on nail-cutting day and, yes, lots of treats are involved! :)

  4. Ive got the same problem with blogger too. : (

  5. Hope you gave mom some kisses after that. Blogger is busted for sure.
    What we have had to do is click blogs on our dashboard reading list one at a time and their most recent post might show up at the top for us to visit.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. We have that trouble off and on. That's why we have the blog roll on our sidebar. That way we can still see posts when the feeder thingie goes crazy. Now about these clippings. We do NOT get our nails clipped, we get them ground down with this electric file thingie. Stanley will just sit there like he is at a spa and let dad grind away. Sometimes Stanley is just whistling or humming a tune, no cares in the world. But when it is my turn I wiggle like crazy. I don't act like I am scared, I just don't want any part of it and I know if I wiggle enough that I can break free. You shouldn't make your mama bleed. It isn't good manners. You can accomplish the same thing if you wiggle and maybe scream a little.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. When something's free, you get what you pay for! I hope your momma learned her lesson.

    We're having the same trouble with Blogger, and it's driving us kerazy!!

  8. Wow, that was a freaky evening! Nail cutting is never a happy process, even with treats looming at the end!


  9. We think you DESERVED that chicken for being traumatized!

    SHE makes us take walks on the road all the time, so our nails stay short.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy

    Blogger is being a booger at our house, too.

  10. I hate gettin my nails cut too!

    Blogger are actin up for me also but I's gots a blog roll on my sidebar so I can sees who updated.

  11. We are having the same problem with blogger. We are going through our history and comments to find all our friends. We hope we don't miss anyone!

    We don't do well with nail cutting . . . . .

  12. We always get our nails trimmed at Petsmart. We are good for the groomers but not for mom and dad.

  13. I've got the same Blogger problem but I got around and pull up everyone manually because I'm nosey and don't want to miss something.

    Aroo to you,

  14. Crikey ..... your house sounds like a nightmare. Bit like Blogville ..... it's a nightmare too at the moment. I HATE that nail cutting thing. Mum does mine but I give her a real hard time. Fancy your Mum letting someone called Freaky cut your nails. With a name like that you'd have to know she'd be no good.

  15. Oh, that sounds like something out of a horror film! Well... except for the chicken part. Hope you're able to read your "bed time stories" again. Weird about that??!

  16. Seriously, this sounds like a nightmare...not real life! I just don't understand how the peeps don't realize how much we need our nails! I am so glad to read about crazy blogger. We've only had a few minutes to check it out and my peep thought she messed up my blog because her computer broke and she's been using her iPad. She feels much better now, but we hope it's fixed soooooon.