Thursday, June 18, 2015


Dear Higgins:
Isa need to introduce myself, I is Margaret Mae Simpson, I take my Dads last name, cos he belongs to me.  I is the 2nd pug girl who lifs wif our mom and dad, my older and decrepit sister, Stella Rose, and my little brudder and best boy buddy Angus McConnell Long.  He and Stella Rose take our Moms last name cos they own her.  It is very confusing but apparently in the lower southeast hills of Iowa that is how they do stuff.  Or else it is just our home.

My Brudder

Anyhoo, I is Maggie and I read your blog last night and noticed that you are pushing drugs that help a dog stay calm.  I Nose they are all legal and stuff ...cough...cough...and you even pledged that they made you all calm and lovey dovey like...wells maybe you just said nicer....when you went to see the Frankenvet so I was finking that maybe my mom should get Stella Rose some of that stuff so hers doesn't lose her goose wif us like hers did the udders night when Mom said it was time to go outside and pee.

(Maybe her snapped at mom cos of the headgear......and stroller......bol...bol.....)

NOW, I know all her friends here said hers probably had a migraine headache, and just didn't see Mom bending down to pick her up but friends, you could here the creaking of Moms bones in the other room, so I NOSE hers knew what was going on.  So I am finking hers needs drugs so hers will be happier and ONLY if I notice her eating more than usual will we stop her from taking them.

So what do you fink Higgins???  Will they work magic wif her?

P.S. I is at a rodeo camp right now so I will haf to set up the dropoff when Isa gets back home.  Yeeehaaa........Maggie Mae


  1. What s lovely profile Margaret Mae
    Lily & Edward

  2. I think that Stella Rose was completely JUSTIFIED at snapping at whoever put her in that stroller and HEAD thingies! She doesn't need medication AT ALL.

  3. we tried such stay-calm meds once for a longer trip with the car(we used the rescue remedy drops) and I turned into a canine geyser and decorated the ride. We have no clue if the drops were the reason or something I found and ate... but the result was worth an entry in that guinness book :o)
    easy rider

  4. I wuz just finking my dearest BFF, we could haf some funs trying out some 'medications!' on Stellie..HeHe..butts don't tell Mom!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Well dang friends evidently I don't have a last name.
    My full name is Madison D. Cat...I was starving now I'm sad and starving.
    Hugs madi your bfff w no last name

  6. Maggie, you better hope Stella doesn't get wind of this or there will be hell to pay.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Hello, Do you know that in Colorado Pot is legal and now some people are making dog treats with it in them. Well, we don't believe in all that stuff, but to each his/her own. Maybe you could make Stella a cup of Chamomile tea-that might help.
    Wags, Noreen

  8. I still think she didn't hear your mom. It's always the biped's fault!

  9. Was it last year or the year before Dad left for 4 days. Mom put some essential oil blend called Serenity on the bottoms of her feets when we went to bed and we all slept good. We must have been able to smell the "drugs"
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Maybe you can spike her drink or somethin'. Bwahaahaa!

  11. Iowa? My sister BabyBelle is from Iowa!

  12. Replies
    1. I am Higgins!!!! Come and visit my ManTastic Blog!!!


    2. Higgins was also my date for the Welcome Dance. We had such a great time we are planning on the Rodeo Square Dance (fingers crossed, bol)

      Toodle pip


  13. We won't ask or tell, but you need to tell us... :-)

  14. I think they might work too,,, you should get some!