Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Mom was under the weather yesterday so if it wasn't for all our bloggy friends we would have never made it to the dance.  Mom's knees are slowly healing, her visit with the dr. on Monday said that type of injury takes a good 4-6 months to heal now she is having some big problems with her neck.  Apparently when she fell she caught herself with her left arm, hard enough to bruise the palm of her hand and wrist, this caused some shoving around up through her arm and neck, so now Mom gets bad neck spasms that knock her on her butt. She is taking medicine to help relax the muscles, but working and medicine do not go hand in hand. This week on Monday she had to have a shot, she had to stay home yesterday.  She has PT tomorrow on her neck and she is hoping that will solve the problem, if not the Dr. said she would need a picture taken to make sure nuffin else is going on.  Anyways we got to the dance barely......we had a great time, and wanted to thank everyone who made this dance possible.  Here are our pictures.  We will try to catch up on all your blogs today.

Peyton and Maggie


Angus and Liberty

Stella Rose, Princess Leah, and their dates, Stan and Jackson.
Oh what a night of dancing and friends it was!!!

Stella Rose


  1. I had a pawtastic time at the dance fanks you my dearest friend Maggie, fank you, fank you for taking me!
    We nose how painful those muscle spasm thingys are so sending your Mom lots of luffs and healing licky kisses. Take it easy Mom
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I'm a fan of blue dresses... that' like wearing an ocean, it's totally cool! I hope you mom feels better and maybe the PT helps a little... to have pains in your neck is really THE pain in the neck... and I agree the muscle relaxants can be sneaky when you have to work or when you drive a car :o( POTP for your mom...
    easy rider

  3. Wow, we surely did have fun, didn't we?!? Danced our paws off fur sure and those foodables were delish. Sending POTP to your Mom for her ouchies. Hope she's better very soon.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  4. You all looked great at the dance! Gosh so sorry your mom is hurting, we are sending lots of pug hugs and love and POTP to help her get better
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. You all looked WONDERFUL for the dance!

  6. Sorry about your mom's continued OWIES... we were hoping that she would be much better by now... THAT was a BAD accident and we guess it takes time to recover... Maybe she should lay on the floor and let you all Walk Up and Down and Back and Forth on her back...
    THAT DANCE was amazing and you and your DATES all looked GRRRREAT... BUTT Ernie is a tad MIFFED about finding Gussie and Liberty... BEHIND the BDA ... STAGE... HE thought that place was RESERVED fur only ROXY and Him...

  7. We hope Mom is feeling better soon. Glad you had a nice time at the dance. (Ghostwriter says sorry for missing it, but she has been working a lot at the nursing home lately.) You all look marvelous!

  8. Ouchie, I feel for your mom! I know falls can be awful and have long lasting effects. I felll down some stairs over a year ago and the ankle I sprained, still bothers me

  9. P.S you puggies should come over and check out my giveaway this week.

  10. You all looked so great at the big dance - what a fun event!!!

    Poor Mom - she just can't catch a break. We hope her neck heals quickly and her knees and arms and hands too - well, you know, everything that hurts. Big hugs.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Sounds like your Mum's been through the wars. We'll send some POTP her way and keep our paws crossed. Give her lots of cuddles.

    The Dance was a BLAST!

  12. Everyone looks fabulous! Your poor mom. We sure hope she feels better soon.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Crikey ...... I'm behind with the dance news too. Sarge worked so hard to make it so great didn't he?? He's such a good bloke. It was a grreat night, aye?
    Your poor Momma .... my Mum was thinking of her and her poor knees just yesterday. AND now her necks playing up. Crikey that fall was real nasty, aye? Hope she's feeling better real soon. Takes time though!!

  14. Everyone looks great. Sorry to hear about mom still having problems but if she keeps hurting herself we're going to have to change her name to Grace. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  15. Oh no. We hope your mom feels better soon. Sending POTP.

  16. We are so sorry your mom is still having troubles. Our mom's knee took furever to heal too but that was a long time ago.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. I sure hope your mom feels better soon. I have neck spasms a lot, and I take meds for them. However, if I take the muscle relaxants during the day, I can forget accomplishing anything. So I understand what your mom is going through.

  18. We had a most wonderful time at the dance too....We sure hope your Mama feels better real soon!!!
    Dory Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  19. You all look so wonderful! So glad you had a wonderful time at the dance! Hope your Momma feels better every day!!!!!
    Marty and Mom