Friday, June 19, 2015


What are some of my most favorite special moments?
So our friend OZ is holding a as a thank you to one of his recent sponsors. 
He asked that we post a special moment to share with everyone...(we are not good at this linking thing)
Mom and I talked long into the night about this post and we went one direction and then another......for some reason this was a difficult post for us to do.  Maybe because it is Friday and we are all tired, maybe because I fink to hard about stuff. Maybe because when the lights go off and the stars come out, I can see my brudder Sammy J. Simpson and my sweet auntie Ms. Trudie, and even mean ole cat Dietzman playing among them.
Me when Momma saved me---now that was a special moment.
We have learned special moments are not always "good" moments.  Often they are the kind of experiences that leave our hearts looking like our momma's cakes when hers bakes them,...cracked.
Sammer and Me.

He was the best.

Aunt Trudie loved us more than anything in the world.  She was 6 when Dad saved her ...really saved her from a horrible person.  She was so happy wif us, even if it was just a short time.  A special moment, .......we tell ourselves to always celebrate her life and what it stood for, but truthfully, Mom doesn't open that memory door very often, sometimes special moments are moments you wish you could change.  They hurt.

And of course we always have these memories:

Mean Maggie Mae......lollllllololll..........hers is still a pickle..


Baby Gussie..........these special memories lighten our hearts and make us laugh.  Did you know laughing helps heal cracks, even deep one.  Issa just loves him so much.

And of course:

the best prison guard in the world. Do you see his big smile?  You don't... well you haf to look real close.  Sometimes we finks we still hear him meowing in the hallway, and when momma feeds us our breakfast, she starts to get his bowl out also, habits are hard to unlearn after 18 years........

I suppose there are those moments that eventually we move on from and forget and then there are those other kind of moments, the wonderful and the not so wonderful that forever stay in the photobooks within our hearts.  It must be a gift we were given from the heavens, way up in the stars.

Stella Rose



  1. Awww I love yours too!! Everyone's posts are so good I wish yall could all win. Xo MaddiethePug

  2. Oh Maggie Mae, my dearest BFF, you never told me just how adorable you looked as a puppy!!!
    And now a gorgeous beautiful girlie...luffs you my BFF
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. What a super special post, Stella Rose. I think you are right...sometimes the most special of moments aren't always the happiest but they are the ones that leave a lasting pawprints on our hearts. Thank you for joining in. I say Bravo for ALL your special moments!

    P.S. I fixed your link in the hop so it is A-OK now. :-)

  4. Me and Mommy just loved reading about all your special moments. Your Mommy is a very wise and smart lady. My Mommy is snifflin' a bit, BUTT dat's OK...

    Happy Weekend!

  5. you are a very wise pug lady, Stella Rose... that's totally true... sometimes when we open the door to special moments it can hurt... let's hope that we always have enough reasons to laugh or to smile to protect our hearts :o)Please give your dad a hug for saving Aunt Trudie from that horrible person...
    easy rider

  6. Ahhhh Stella Rose so very true about moments...good and bad. They make us who we are...
    Hugs all around madi your bfff

  7. Saving you was surely a special moment
    Lily & Edward

  8. I love that you cherish every moment!

  9. I always say when I saved my mama, it was the most perfect moment!! Saving you was the best moment fur sure!!!


  10. they are bitter sweet moments in life - but ultimately the good memories are the best

  11. Yes, sometimes those special moments are bittersweet ...and that's what makes them so special and memorable. They make our heart hurt and smile at the same time.

  12. {SIGH} SUCH grand and Glorious Moments.... BRAVO fur those who gave them to YOU and now to US... We share them with the greatest sense of HONOR.

  13. What a beeYOUtiful post. Our eyes are all misty because we're thinking of those kind of special moments a LOT today.

  14. Wonderful memories...the sad and the happy. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  15. I just love Baby Gussie. Great memories all around.

  16. Those are such beutiful words - among all the sads is so many happys all intertwined so that the happys take the sharp edges off of the sads, dulling them to distant memory.

    Abby Lab

  17. Special moments come in many forms, and you never known they are happening until they've happened. What a wonderful post, with beautiful moments and thoughts!

  18. It is so special that you remember the Bridge Angels as your special moments. That made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You are a very giving and loving person and all your Bridge Angels cherish you

  19. Thank you for sharing your special moments. You all have had a very tough year. We are hoping that this year brings you many happy moments throughout your family.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  20. Those are all special moments,,,, everyone of them.
    Those memories live in the heart

  21. Sometimes special moments make us hurt but they'll always be special in their own way♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly