Monday, November 2, 2015


So Friday night my MOM gets home from work.......she is in the kitchen trying to decide what to make for supper for her and imposter Dad and the local news is on.  KTVO covers all of southeast Iowa and Northeast mom is listening to it, while searching through the cabinets, and Dad is watching it the end of the newscast, they start showing pictures of dogs all dressed up in Halloween costumes............of course mom feels guilty cos she did not take pictures this year of us yadayadayada...........................she is standing looking at the pictures rolling on the television and imposter Dad says, "oh look at that cute little pug!"

This one:
Mom yells"oh my gosh that's Maggie!"   and imposter Dad says, "no its not...."  Mom says "yes it is.."   and that conversation goes on for awhile.

Mom doesn't know how Maggie ended up on that television show, but today she went back through her pictures and found the very picture that we saw on print off and show imposter dad.   If he is going to be our dad he has to get with the program!!!

Yay for Maggie!!!

Dad ended up in the ER most of Saturday cos he would not stop frowing up............he had to have IV's and med to settle his tummy down............he came home late that evening.  Part of mom was sorta maybe sorta hoping she would have a free weekend......bahahahahahha......................anyways they took away one of his super strong pain pills, Mom is no nurse but she thought they should have done that about a week ago.

Anyways we all were home together, yesterday..........all 24 hours of get the picture.............

But it is a new month and we have a lot to be thankful for, we are fankful for our momma and that she always remembers to feed us, and our imposter dad, and that he lets us sit wif him sometimes, and that Macey found boots that would fit bof her feet, and that grandma is done with round 2 of chemo...........and the sun is shining today.

We are also fankful for all our friends on blogville that offer to take our mom out for margaritas.............    stella rose


  1. Way to go Maggie :) Sadly I learned the hard way recently how careful you have to be with high dose pain meds - stupid pain clinic I go to had me on such a cocktail I was being overdosed on them - thankfully I recognized the symptoms and stopped taking them

  2. yay for the tv-star! how great that KTVO loves pugs! I hope your dad feels better after they took away some of that pills what cause such bad effects. You're right, it's a new month... it's November... my mommas favourite month. And we try to make the best of that November while we wait that Mr. Normal will ring on our door... Hugs to your Granny, I'm glad round 2 is done and I hope so much the meds will chase that c away from her..

  3. What a wonderful surprise! Still no idea how they got Mag's photo? We think she is being discovered by a famous Hollywood producer or something. Maybe Tom Hanks might be calling to star in a movie with her! Glad things are settled down with your imposter dad's tummy. Now we will hope your real dad shows up soon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I hope your dads ok! Your mom and I both need margaritas with all this hospital nonsense.

  5. What a cool suprise - to see Maggie on the TV. yay for Macey finding boots, Grandma - 2 down!!!.
    Hope dad is feeling better and ready for the new month and on the road to recovery
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Maggie, you's a celebrity! WooHoo....I NOSE a real Star! Tell your Mommy to hang in there. Maybe her needs someting stronger den a margarita! YES??????

  7. Maggie, congrats on being a TV star! Lady thinks your mom should just get into the tequila shots, forget the margaritas! Hoping your November is less eventful then October was!

  8. Hi Maggie
    I am so impressed!! Altho, truth be told the TV station should have mention they LIFTED the photo off of social media. Nonetheless, yippee. You did make for an adorable inmate of Alcatraz, tho.
    I hope things start going better for your Mom and your imposter Dad. Maybe it was the too strong pain meds that made him all cranky?
    Love Noodles

  9. Yay for winning Maggie.. We hope your family got the credit for that photo,, and we hope that photo was not hi-jacked by some of the bad people who steal photos from the internet..
    We know several peoples who's photos were hi jacked,,, from thieves,, who said the photos were theirs!!!!
    So we hope your family got credit.

    Now we hope your dad can tollerate the rest of the medications.!
    I think margaritas and beer is better than pain pills for sure!

  10. Congrats to Maggie Mae for her superstar appearance on the TV. We hope impostor dad keeps improving and healing so maybe your real dad will show up some day. Hurray to Macey for finding boots too!

  11. Maggie we knew you were superstar now the world knows!!

    Dear me pain meds can play havoc with the tummy. Maybe they were also messing with his sense of reasoning and now he won't be so inclined to do things he isn't supposed to do.
    Seriously sometimes they do mess up the thinking process
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. OMD Maggie has an imposter!!!!! Get well soon dad.....sick dads are no fun!


  13. WOW, can I have your autograph!?!? How cool!
    We sure hope your dad is ok now.

  14. You DO have to look for the good things. We're so happy Macey could find some boots. She must be very excited. Maybe Maggie sent her photo in, when no one was looking!

  15. Maggie we always knew you were a superstar. Wishing you Dad gets soon. I know he is causing a lot of stress. We know he doesn't mean to do it. Or maybe he does. But you are right he is not himself and hopefully he will be soon.

  16. That definitely was a surprise to see Maggie not having sent in the picture. Sometime things like that just happen to lift our spirits.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  17. Hey, Jan said she'd love to go out for margaritas with your mom! She mumbled something about living with crazy farmers. No, that can't be right!

  18. Yes, you pugs do have lots to be thankful for, especially knowing your mom could pick Maggie out in a photo lineup. BOL.

    Aroo to you,

  19. Sorry to hear your imposter-dad was in the hospital...but glad that he didn't have to spend a long time there.

    My goodness are a TV star! Are you signing pawtographs? Can I have one?

  20. Did someone say margaritas?? I'm there!

  21. Hope your dad is feeling better, and that you figure out how Maggie ended up on TV. That is so cool!

  22. she is so cute way to go Maggie !!

  23. Wow....we bet Maggie sent her picture in all by herself...we all know how sneak...we mean smart she is!!

    We hope they got your Dad's meds and stuff all figured out and he feels way better soon!
    Smiley Hugs!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  24. I can see why you were on telly-vision! Here's hoping this message finds your Dad feeling better and your Mom able to relax a little bit. Sending hugs and well wishes.

    Abby the Lab and her Mom

  25. That was a great pic, Maggie - now to solve the mystery of how you got there? Did Princess Leah have something to do with it:)?

    Our Mom can't take most any of those pain pills - they really mess with her tummy, so she can sympathize with your impostor Dad. We hope this is a better week for all. And YAY for the little bits of good news.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  26. Oh sorry to hears abouts your Pops havin' tummy troubles...they (like everyone ☺) should always listen to your Moms! hehehe
    OMD, Maggie, you are a STAR! No...a SUPERSTAR!!! Can I gets your pawtograph please??? Make it out to your furiend Ruby the FABulous! hehehe
    Okays, I'm sendin' another 87 pitchers of margaritas...those should last a couple of days..if not, hell, I'll just drive the truck overs!
    Ruby ♥

  27. Hooray for Maggie being on TV! Nice! Bummer about the frowing up and the hospital visit! Hopefully things will start to settle down a bit now. One round of margs can be on me! :)

  28. What a cool surprise to see Maggie on TV! Another round of HUGE hugs are coming your way!

  29. Maggie is a STAR!! Careful, you're going to have casting agents beating your door down soon!

  30. Maggie that is sooo cool that you were on TV! I love your costume. Hope the new meds help your Dad feel better. Your Mom definitely deserves a Margarita! :)


  31. Maggie you star (but we already knew that!) Mom says she knows what you mean about the pain meds. Gramps had knee replacement and Gram has been weaning him off his pain meds that he has been on for quite some time. He was becoming "normal" Gramps until the pain pills made him imposter Gramps again too ptttttt!