Thursday, June 16, 2016


(This is our own opinion we were not compensated in anyway)

So a few days ago we began our review on the Stella and Chewy Dinner Patties, that Ms. Sydney sent to us right before we began our trip to the BAR.  Mom started us out very slow and just crunched up a few on the top of our kibble mixed with liquid that she uses when she cooks us our "Chicken hearts and Gizzards"....thank you very much Mrs. Carol!    Mom has been giving these to us since Gus started Kindergarten wayyyy back as his first training treat.  Well, we liked them so well that mom mixes a few everyday into our food cos WE ARE PICKY EATERS.

So step one.....add one patty to each of our bowls.  Now for our weight we would need around 5 patties EACH a day which would take us no time to empty out the bags we received.  Mom decided to stick solely with it being a topper and not a total food choice because of the cost.  So each day Mom would slowly up the patty number to our dry food and chicken.  WE LOVED IT.

That's Gussie Boy eating his food under the table.  AT our house everyone has their designated spots to eat, mainly because I , Sweet Stella Rose turn into a evil demon from the bowels of Hell when I eat.  Although momma was shocked that I totally behaved myself around food at the BAR. 

 Maggie enjoying her breakfast, she is a slow eater.

And ME behind protective glass on the porch.  I pick out everything I want first, then I eat the rest IF I am still hungry.  Sometimes Maggie cleans up after me.

Now this Stella and Chewy food had some good things in it: Pumpkin Seeds, Blueberries, Spinach, Beets, Apples and they are all organic.  It also had stuff that we have no idea what it is.  OH OH had chicken livers and gizzards we were getting a double dose.

The best story I have to tell you is about our friend and traveling buddy Jester.

See he sneaked over to my bed, when his momma ran over to KFC.  He liked me and everyone else a lot but he would not eat any of the food his momma brought for him SOOOOOOO My mom gave him the chicken patties and he ate them right up.  His momma was so happy she went home and ordered him and his sister Lily there own bag right from the Mr. Chewy store online.

Here is a picture of him eating the patties we sent home with them.

Last night Mom put less kibble and more patty in our bowl and of course we ate it up. We do like these patties A LOT!!!

Mom layers it for us, first the patties, then our chicken, then the liquid.  YUMMY!!!!

Here are some of the things we liked about Stella and Chewy Patties.  Well first of all they are named after ME.  Second of all, they were easy to travel with, Mom put ours in a big ziplock bag along with my kibble and we were ready to go. We also like the organic ingredients, and as a food topper how easy it was to just put them with our regular food.  You can also buy it in three different sizes for your household needs.

Now for three small dogs though it would get a little pricy but if we just used them as a topper, and for those special travel occasions mom said we could swing it.  We did have broken ones in the bottom of the bag, but since we are just using them as a topper it worked out for us.

Thank you Mr. Chewy for letting us do this review. 

Stella Rose


  1. ha this time it really fits... winner winner chicken dinner, because you and Jester won something, a tasty meal!

  2. HI Stella
    I have to agree completely with your review. I don't get nearly as much food as you do! Mommy has to keep my weight down in the 15-16 pound range to keep the VET happy. So Mommy and I get 1 patty per meal with a couple of crunchy kibbles to round it out. I am not starving so there must be something to that food that satisfies me. But come dinner time and that WAIT for it to hydrate and cool - well if you look up Screaming Meemee in the dictionary, you'd see my picture.
    Love Noodles

  3. THIS is a FANGtastic review fur the foodable and fur and the bestest pawt is that Jester's mom is now getting some of the Stella and Chewy foodables from
    Pee S THAT Stella and THAT Chewy... are NOT to be Confused with OUR Stella and Our Chewy... Just sayin.

  4. Ours are rehydrating right now, and I bet we get our new bag today!

  5. Those look very yummy! But what was that about chicken hearts and gizzards?

  6. Wowowowo Stella Rose that is the thing about new friends you learn so much and sometimes you get to taste new things that turn in to your favorite things.Bravo for you sharing
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Oh boy we love those patties
    Lily & Edward

  8. Lightning is doing the same food challenge with these chicken patties. He really does love them. But for BIG dogs like he is, it will definitely be a topper. The bag suggest 15 patties a day!!!!! for a 40 lb. dog and seriously, Lightning is WAY more than 40 lbs.:) It does make a great topper and Mom has even let Ciara have a little taste.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. We get chicken gizzards on the weekends! They make great kibble toppers. But we can tell those patties are fantastic!

  10. Great review! The patties sound so yummy!

  11. Wow, those sound "BOW-WOW" delicious! Thanks for the pawtastic review!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  12. We've had those patties too, and of course the crew loved them - We used them as toppers on a meal to add some good things for the pups who needed a boost.

  13. OMD, I am eating these too!!! They are DELISH!!!!! OMD, I don't even bark at my foods anymore with these delish patties...I just dig right in! I loves them! Butts, Ma just leaves them dry, cause I likes them and I drink plenty of waters.
    FABulous review!
    Ruby ♥

  14. we are not picky - we will eat about anything
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  15. They do sound like yum, yum foodables.
    Butt, the bestest thingy is to read what a delicate and Princess like eater my dearest BFF is and how kind it is of her to clear up after you Stellie, isn't my TWIN a real SWEETIE
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. Momma has FINALLY learned that I want some tasty toppers with my dinner, so she's reading this review carefully. Thanks!!