Tuesday, June 14, 2016


You know what happens at the HIVE when the QUEEN BEE  is gone????  Well, the worker bee's party down.   Here are some things I learned while the QUEEN BEE was traveling to the BAR.

1. Dad and Moms bed is really comfortable.  For once Gussie and I got to sleep ALONE with OUR dad.  We were very well behaved and never once peed on the bedroom floor.  SO THERE MOM!!!!

2.  DAD loves SWEET TEA and he has a very generous heart when it comes to sharing it wif Gussie and myself.  Eagle eyed MOM was no where around....so what happens in Keosauqua stays in Keosauqua. 

3.  DAD fried bacon every morning when MOM was gone.  The 3 of us gathered around the little plate and shared every single piece.  BAhahahahhaha..............

4. The +4 escaped from BABY ALCATRAZ and started to play around in our ALCATRAZ.  Its amazing what 4 little kittens can do to MOMS hostas.
5.  Here is more evidence of their outside adventures.  We are not sure if that is +1 or +2.
7.  So we had a great 4 days--- for once the worker bees were really the queen bees, and Dad and us pugs did exactly what we wanted to do, we stayed up late and watched scary shows, we ran around the yard unattended (mom flipped her cookies when she found this out) and we ate what we wanted when we wanted.  The good life.  Then Stella Rose walked through the door, and life went back to the OLD NORMAL.    GEEZE LOUISE.

Maggie Mae and Angus Mac


  1. you like tea? really? wow! I never had bacon.... can you imagine that?... maybe the queen-bee has to leave the hive for some days here too hehehehe

  2. WOW!!!! Dearest BFF, you had BACON every morning!!! Woohoo and yum, yum.
    I is finking there should be sum sorta revolution organised....maybe wiv you, Gussie, +4 and Weine you could arrange thingys???
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. OMD Margaret and Angus Mac... you had the mostest Amazing TIME WITH THE DAD... we KNEW it would be just like that... When the Moms are away... EVERYBUDDY has a grand time... MOMS are the FUN Pawlice fur SURE.
    Sweet Tea and Bacon... and Free Roaming of your Estate... OMD what FUN.

  4. Yup, when the mom's away, the kids will play! BOL!

  5. BWAH HA HA!!!
    OMP you lived the life and are here to BRAG about it!!
    I'm pretty sure there will be repercussions - always are.
    Good luck,
    Love Noodles

  6. Does dad know he is sharing?
    Lily & Edward

  7. It sounds like your dad has a degree in spoiling dogs

  8. BOL - sounds a lot like our place when Dad is in charge. Mom says it is a good thing THAT doesn't happen very often!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. We think that's FANGTASTIC! You were abandoned, so YOU deserved some spoiling. (Maybe you can get your mom and Stella Rose to go away for a few days again...just sayin'.)

  10. Our mom always wonders how we survive when she is gone - but we always do somehow!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Glad you had a fun time while Stella Rose was away. We are sorry we didn't get to meet you but we send our best!

  12. white the chief kitty is away - the pups will play :)

  13. Yeah, we spend a lot of time home with our Dad while ghostwriter is at work. He always give us the best treats then!

  14. Oh my dog. WooooHoooo!!!! Fun times at the ole' farm tonights!!!! (or whenevers....) So glads you guys had a rootin'-tootin' time with your Pops, and he gave you lots of fun foodables and outside adventures and other thingies you DIDN'T mention...hehehehe
    yeah, Moms can be such killjoys. geesh.
    Ruby ♥

  15. Crikey ... Your Dad cooked you bacon??? And you watched scary movies and the Gang of Four played outside???? How good is your Dad???? Maybe you could ask your Momma to go away again and take Stella Rose too, aye?

  16. Isn't it great when moms are away and dads are in charge☺

  17. Oh bacon lucky and the kittens so cute

  18. BOL! It sounds like it was a celebration at your place while Stella Rose was gone.

  19. You two sure had a great time while the Queens were away. Your dad did a great job spoiling you.

  20. I am so glad you had a good time too- with dad!

  21. I'm glad you were treated like the queen you are.

  22. Whoa, man, you guys sure know how to party! Too bad she couldn't have extended her trip another week.