Wednesday, September 20, 2017


SO finally Mom was able to start reviewing again and we are so excited, we waited and waited by the door for the UPS guy to come to our NEW house, only to find out he left the box at our OLD house.  Dang, ........Mom finally got it picked up though, and now we are happy.

Did MOM say the Mr. Chewy box is here.....whooohooo!!!!!

We tore the box open, cos we three are experts after all this time.....THANK YOU also Mr. Chewy.........

HOLD YOUR HORSES........Can we fit in this...okay lets breathe, calm down, calm down, okay it says for FERRETS...DWARF RABBITS....CHINCHILLAS and other small animals...NOT PUGS?????   WHAT the hell.......I mean is mom daft..............okay okay maybe it is for us.. and not that rat called EDDIE...........

Do you think you can fit in it Gussie???

Get out of it RIGHT now EDDIE its mine...all mine.  MOM!!!!   I think I can fit, yes, I can get my front leg in.....oh my ferret...Eddie is hiding in the tunnel.   I can't get him out MOM, he is hiding from me and laughing.  I am just going to tear it up.      I tried and tried, but it is just to strong mom, this tunnel must be made out of kryptonite ...........grrrrr.
Mom said this was an excellent buy for anyone with a small animal that needs exercise and play.  It was very reasonable priced at $8.29.    It is also made of cotton and polyester so it can be washed.  We always know when Eddie is playing in it because it crinkles so Mom can find him easily.  It is very durable, because we three pugs have dragged it all overs our house, trying to get Eddie out of it.  He laughs and laughs at us.  

There is even a side hole he can get into just to show off to us. We are just going to have to call up Ms. Natalie and tell her no more items for anyone in this house but us PUGS.   We were not paid anything for these comments, this is all our own words.   Gus


  1. OMD - we are all BOL and LOL-ing away here. This has to be the BEST review we have ever seen - you crack us up!!! We can't believe that you can have Eddie free from his cage when you are all around. He would be dinner here in no time:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. I can't believe that Miss Natalie sent good stuffs for Eddie and not for you Puggies! At least you can have fun dragging him around☺

  3. BOL!! sorry but this is too funny!!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. Hari Om
    BOL.... oh you lot are a scream... even that Eddie adds to the fun. For the readers, even if not for you pugglies... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Your first Chewy review in a long time and your mom picked something out for Eddie?!! What the Dog! It does look like you all and Eddie did have fun playing in it.

  6. Oh for pug sake! Two reviews and nothing for the dogs? You had better choose next month, tell your mom she's fired!

  7. hahaha what a fabulous hiding place for your Eddie... the mama is with the Woo's its amazing to see you together with Eddie :o)

  8. So, it's a crinkly squeaky toy with a fuzzy squeaky toy inside? Sounds confusing. I would just take the squeaker out and that would be that.


    Arty and Jakey