Friday, March 29, 2013


Hey its Stella Rose and Maggie...did you all think we moved away to the land of no puters or kindles or anything electric cos that is how we felt for sure cos mom just STOPPED blogging.  Her excuse is for three reasons...first, me, stella rose, her brain has been saturated with worries about me, but I am doing much much better, running around, eating my new food, resting on moms lap every chance i get, second, mom has been the sickies that kept her home from work even, she said it felt like a gigantic elephant stepped on her head and just stood there for a couple of days, I think it was probably Maggie and Mom just didn't have her glasses on, and third, well you know how Mom has been real worried about Maggie's change in behavior with me, and how she was being extra mean, well a few days ago Mom made her appt. to go see Dr. Frankenvet for her spaying appointment, and guess what happened right after that, yep Maggie who is only 5 months old is a woman now!!!!!!  Mom, and Dad have never had a little girl besides me, so they were shocked and thought she had a UTI but the Dr. Frankenvet straightened them right out about now they have to wait for a few more weeks and reschedule her appointment.  They brought home these baby doggy diapers for her to wear BUT Mag's tears them off, even with panties over them.  Now Mom really really really has a big headache....and you might not hear from us for a long long time .....we don't even think the Easter Bunny will be coming around to our house now.
Stella Rose and Magster


  1. Have no fear I am sure the Easter Bunny will be hopping right over to your place. And am so happy you are doing better Stella. So happy.

  2. First - glad you are feeling better Stella. Second - sorry Mom has been feeling poorly, stress will do that to ya ;-( And third, well maybe that explains Maggies behavior change, a little PMS going on BWAA HAA
    Glad to hear from you guys, we been thinking about you
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  3. We are sure the Easter Bunny will be round. You all take care and try and have an easy holiday.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh no. What a hard week. we hope the weekend is more relaxing. Lee and Phod

  5. Hi Stella
    I think the Easter Bunny will stop by your place DESPITE all the headaches and what all. If not, well at least you are all together and that is treat enough.
    Happy Easter - Happy Spring.
    Love Noodles

  6. NO EASTER BUNNY?!? Say it ain't so!!

    This mama gets killer headaches, too, but I don't think it's heffalumps. It's the dreaded hormones. Good thing that Maggie's getting fixed, or she might get ugly headaches, too!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better, Stella Rose. :)

  7. Oh gosh, life does sound stressful! Hope things calm down soon! We are thinking of you and sending good thoughts!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Bawaaahhaaa Doggy Dipers, we are so pawleased you are on the mend Stella, we were all worried and we know your Mom and dad was going frantic..You put Maggie in her place, don't let her be mean to you. Have a wonderful Easter and we nose the bunny will come to see you xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. WOOOOOHOOOOOOO! I has missed ya'll but thank dog Stella is feelin' all betters. Sorry bouts da mom though, hoomans just can't handles been sick. They moan and groan and bitch and complain. It's sad really. They not as tuff as us.
    Maggie is quite young to be blossomin' but it ain't uncommon. It will be all okays once hers gets her girly parts whacked off.

    Also, I did wanna mention dat I was da same way as Maggie is withs da behavior. I was what mom says, "A living hell". I wanted all da attention (still do) and I would snap at my brudder too. I wanted to be da only one in mum's lap. But, I did learn dat wasn't da way it was gonna be...and brudder letted me knows too. Maybe Maggie is tryin' to find her place in da heirarchy...just a thought.


  10. Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Well, we're certainly glad to hear from you all and that you're feeling better Miss Stella Rose. As for Maggie Moo, this too shall pass :)

    Happy Easter!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  11. I feel so bad butIm still looking for the book Imentioned when I do find it, and I know its somewhere I will send it ASAP. I know Stella cant have lots of treats but one thing that worked with us was giving treats for calm behavior when the dogs where in eachothers presence. One person holds one dog leashed and the other has the other dog. Keep the dogs far enough apart that they are not looking at eachother or pulling towards eachother, you may have to start really far apart. Reward the calm behavior. Then walk closer very very slowly, alwyas keeping the dogs the dogs below thresh hold (meaning they are not reacting to each other and reward). I know your issues are mostly with the couch but this helped for us.

    We are so glad that you are feeling better too. Of course the behaviors may have to do with the spaying and Id say spay as soon as you can. Happy Easter

    urban hounds

  12. Shucks... Mommy typed you a big long comment this morning and then her smart phone turned dumb and said the keyboard stopped working and she lost the whole dang thing!

    We're glad you're back and feeling much better Stella. You had us very worried over here. Keep walking the healthy road girlfriend!

    Wow! So Maggie is a woman now. I bet that has a lot to do with the situation at home. All those raging hormones. PMS for sure!!

    Lily Belle

  13. This dial up stuff really does cause a painful delay. We are still waiting to hear if comcoast xfinity will service our area but if thye do, we will join the world of the broke jsut so we can keep up with all of our friends.

  14. Oh that little coming of age thing happen to Maggie, well the vet will fix that so it doesn't happen again. Hope you feel all better soon. I am glad you liked our tulips. Happy Easter!
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  15. I am sure the Easter Bunny will find his way to your house! Hope you Momma is feeling better!

  16. Mags is a woman now? Wow, she is a fast developer! Anyway, we are just so glad YOU Stella are better! Hopefully your mom is better too!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. I hope the weekend is better for you!

  18. Stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter!


  19. Howdy Stella Rose, we're very happy you are feeling better. Now we are sad cause your mum hasn't been well. Now we're happy Maggie had a reason for her grumpy behaviour. Now we're sad cause we might not hear from you for a long time, sigh. One thing we do know is that we will send the Easter Bunny to your place for your mum because all mums know chocolate helps everything make sense!! Well it makes our mum happy so we reckon your mum will be the same ok? Take care everybuddy. We're thinking of you all and Rory sends healing slobber to your mum. See ya mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. OMD, Maggie, are you sures you're only five months old?! WOW, you guys like to worry your momma a lot. Why don't you give her a break and have a quiet few weeks?

  21. Oh Maggie- you is growing up!

    We are happy Stella is better now!

  22. I'm glad you are better, Stella dear. Sorry to hear about Maggie, I hope your mom and the doc find solutions soon. Let us know if we can do anything to help. :(

  23. Hi Stella, I'm so glad you are doing better. No wonder your little sissy had an attitude, PMS will do that to anybody! Anyhoo, hope it all gets better after her spay.

    Hugs to you all from NJ.