Friday, March 22, 2013

Update on Stella

Update on Stella Rose:
After seeing the vet last night he decided he was keeping her for further tests.  He gave her IV's while I stayed with her and a shot to calm her stomach down so she wouldn't keep throwing up.  I actually didn't realize they were going to keep her, I THOUGHT she would get her IV and shot and come home and I would bring her back this morning for tests etc.  The vet must have thought I was one dense mom cos I kept going with her, until finally they took her and walked toward the little room where they keep them, THEN it dawned on me I couldn't take her home.  He told me that dogs rest better where it is quiet etc. etc. and at THAT moment I became a Vets worse nightmare cos I informed him that stellie really isn't a real dog, but a little angel that is my blessing everyday and she has never been away from us from the time I picked her up out of that awful pen at the puppy mill.  Then I started bawling!!!  I could tell he felt bad for me and bad for stellie.  So I came home without her.  Even with Maggie running all around playing (I don't think she even knew stella was gone) our house was to quiet and to empty. Our bed had wayyyy to much room in it last night and everytime I woke up I couldn't hardly breathe.

This is what I did several times last night....I imagined stella in my head at that moment in that little pen and i told her to rest, and lay quietly and I would be there today.  I told myself as long as I could "think her alright and not crying...then she would feel that also and be able to rest...."
I know i am certainly not the exception when our babies are not home with us, and lots of you guys have had to go through this also ....its pretty hard tho when it happens.

The vet said he thinks what happens is the treats may have had to much fat, or grain or something that upset her stomach to the point she couldn't stop getting sick, then she stopped drinking and became very dehydrated etc.  He said they would do blood work today, and she would need to eat at least a tsp. of wet food and drink some water and we would keep her on the wet food when she got home.

I just called and they said she didn't throw up last night, and they were getting ready to do blood test.  They were gonna offer her food and water late this morning and if she did okay, I could call back late this afternoon. This is my plan...if she won't eat for them, I am just gonna go over later and try myself, yep I am one of those momma's.

I do want to share this with you though, just to show you the heart that Stella has.  When we arrived at the Vet there were three other little dogs there waiting to see him.  Stella who you know will never walk outside of our yard, walked over to them, like "Hi guys, I am here to play with you!"  Her tail was wagging, and she was pugsmiling at them, and just was so sweet!"  It was like it became her job to make them feel comfortable about the vet visit.  She didn't even act sick.  But after a little bit, she laid down under my feet and stayed there, and I could see she was sick.  Bless her little heart...


  1. Hopefully this is just a food sensitivity/allergy and your angel will be home soon.

    I am sure your not the first person to cry at your vet. It is hard when they aren't with you, but rest assured she is getting the best care and hopefully this separation will help her recover quicker.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Oh my paws are crossed for Stella Rose! I am sure she will be happy, healthy and home with your soon.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Our momma started crying when she read this... cause she is one of those mommas, too... She suggested next time you keep a sleeping bag in your car and when they take one of your babies back, you can stay with them... that is what momma is planning to do.

    Poor baby girl... Thank you for the early morning update... we were praying extra hard for her last night. We hope she is home very soon and hogging your bed again!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  4. Our Mom has had more than one of those occasions, crying at the vet or on the phone with the vet. Good sign that she did not get sick in the night. We will keep praying for her to get feeling better and come home!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. Deb - I'm sending you all positive thoughts and prayers. When my SousPug got sick (he had pancreatitis), I was a wreck. Thankfully the vets understand our concern as pug parents - and the bed always feels empty when the little one isn't there. Stella is a brave girl and I'm sure she will do fine. The SousPug sends her pug hugs and please keep us posted!
    ~Aly & The SousPug

  6. We are thinking of you! Hope you can bring her home real soon. And we are so glad she didn't throw up last night.

  7. Oh my gosh... I have thought about her all night, didn't sleep for a while. I am praying this morning that everything will be okay. Please let us know!

  8. Hi Deb at least you know she is in good hands although we understand know how hard it must be. Pip has spent her whole life in and out of the vet and she too thinks her job is to meet and greet and put all the furry ones including cats at ease. We hope there is good news today and that Stella is eating. Paws are crossed and of course sending POTP.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. What a little trooper. I'm feeling horrible for YOU. I think you may be feeling worse than sweet Stella! That was really wonderful what you did to calm Stella with your thoughts during the night. I do think that can truly help. Paws crossed for her to be home tonight.

  10. So hard when our fur babies are sick. Hope she feels better and comes home!

  11. I hope she can come home with you today. Holly went through something similar a few weeks ago, and we suspected it was her food. (I read a lot of complaints about the company that makes her food, Blue Buffalo, changing their formula and dogs getting sick.)

    I bet they send you home with cans of ID. that's what they gave Holly. Give Stella a hug for me when you see her today!

  12. Hi Deb!
    I hate when I have to leave my babies at the vet. I'm surprised little Maggie Moo didn't realize her big sissy was gone...My poor Gracie Lynn (9 months older than Toby and the age of 7) was whining all day that Toby was at the vet getting his teeth cleaned...she was not a happy girl until her little bubba was home. I think she thinks him to be her baby. Anywho...I'll be super happy to hear about Stella Rose when she makes it home and how well she is doing. I'm sure it was just an upset tummy and hopefully nothing more. Trust me...when the pugs had the stomach crud a few months ago, they all had that pepto-bismal and white mix looking shot...and it made all the difference.
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Pugs

  13. OK I go away and look what happens. I am so sorry. Know that Stella and you are in my prayers. And as far as "one of those mommas". My MOM does the same thing. And in fact I will never eat when I am at a place like that. But when my MOM comes I will eat for her.

  14. I feel so terrible I did not know Stella was sick we are sending as many healing vibes as we can. Leaving babies at the vet is so hard but Stella will get better

    urban hounds

  15. Hi Deb... I know it was hard leaving her there, I hated doing it when my Angel had her spay surgery many moons ago. Sending healing thoughts and prayers that Stella is better soon.

    Hugs from NJ


  16. Stella Rose is the bestest dog ever. Still praying for you both. Big {{{HUGS}}} sent your way.

  17. I am so relieved that Stella is on the road to recovery. That was scary.
    Hmmmm. About those TREATS. . .
    Love Noodles

  18. Oh my goodness we feel your sad and nervousness. We are hoping its just a fixable allergy. Paws crossed
    Benny & Lily

  19. Lots of Love to you Deb! We're praying for Miss Stella with all of our hearts.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  20. POOR Stella. So sick and yet so BRAVE... I saw your newer post... and am so glad that she is HOME.

  21. Still sending prayers and lots of love to Stella. Get well soon!