Monday, March 11, 2013

Once Upon A Time

Mom told me a very special bedtime story this weekend, its a true story about her and her little sister.  She said that she is the oldest in her family, and when she was about a year and 1/2 old her sister Dixie came along. Now, my mom has a really easy-going happy personality, her sister Dixie was and still is the exact opposite. One time my Mom had a beautiful bride doll and her sister dixie did a real bad thing to it like, rip her earrings out, magic marker all over her, rip her dress and Dixie was only two then!  When Dixie got mad, she often pulled out hunks of my moms hair, and pinched her and threw big temper tantrums. Dixie was a big old pain in the ass behind.  Mom didn't like her most of the time and she didn't like my mom. But sometimes they would play dolls, or kitchen or play in the woods. And one time Dixie stood up for her on the school bus when a kid was calling my mom fat!  Well now they are all grown up and Dixie is just like that Hallmark Lady Maxine, rough and tough and outspoken, and my mom is like a marshmellow BUT they always try to get together once a month for coffee and they both share a love for working in the yard, and their furbabies.  Mom, doesn't even want to think what her life would be without Dixie.  I think Mom was telling me that no matter HOW I feel about maggie at this moment, she is my little sister, and she loves me, and I love her.  One day, once we get past the puppy stage, she and I will be BFF's.  I sure hope its not a fairytale.

One the lighter note here are some pictures from our weekend.  Mom said her camera was sucky so the pictures are too but you get the general idea.

First its Bathtime for me.  Yep, I have to take a bath in the kitchen sink cos its Easier for Mom. I am a good girl at bathtime and NEVER EVER try to jump out of the sink, like ...well you can figure that out.

Here I am in my sock monkey that that Deb made for us.  We ordered it from her Etsy Shop at Pug Possessed.  It is tooo big for Mags head so I must have the bigger brain..hehehehhe

Maggie has a surprize post for you later this morning.  It is snowing here again, and the ground is super muddy, not a good place for pugs to play outside.  Have a great Monday!!
stella rose


  1. I am sure that is no fairytale. It is a true true story. MOM sometimes wishes that I fit a in the sink for a bath. I say let's try it, it could be a fun adventure. And mud is fun just so you know and I hear it is good for the furs.

  2. My human sis collected Madam Alexander dolls when she was little...they were for display. She played with the Barbie dolls though.
    In all my 11 years I have never ever had a bath...Mom keeps me brush and I do the spit polish...Mom says I smell divine.
    hugs madi

  3. Oh, sounds like you girls might have had some mud fun! Me and Stanley got baths yesterday but it was in the tub.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  4. Oh, my, Abby and I love those pictures, you look wonderful in your hat, Stella Rose! I think you and Mags will turn out okay in the end.

  5. ....and they all lived happily ever afters. Trust me, dat was no fairytale. I promise you dat you and Maggie will be da bestest of furiends beofrs you knows it and you will even take up fur hers.
    Like fur instance my mum and her brudder used to hate eachudders and then they gotted older and nows...never mind...they still hate eachudders. Prolly shouldn't has used them as an example huh. Well, it's different with sisters anyways.


  6. Momma didn't get along with her brother very well when they were kiddos, but now that they're all grown-up mature adults (BWAHAHAHA!), they like spending time together. You'll get there with Maggie!

    And your sock monkey hat is totally pawsome. I can tell it's only made for pugs with VERY big brains. It looks gawjuss on you.

  7. Stella Rose...I think all the big dog mommy & daddy's are going to be jealous about the sink thing. I hope your fairy tale comes true. I think it will.

  8. I got the SAME story from my Mommy #2!!! OMP little sisters are annoying. Hang in there Stella.
    Love Noodles

  9. WE hope the Fairy tale comes true..

    We are havin MAD LOVE fur your Sock Monkey Hat!!! It looks super on you!!!!

  10. Sometimes younger siblings are a pain . . . . Lee who has an ok younger brother Phod

  11. OMP we love your hat!! We do not wear hats very well at our house so Mom is jealous
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. We love your little fairy tale
    Benny & Lily

  13. I ove your story- and I love your cuteness!!

  14. Stella... you are toooo cute in your sock monkey hat!


  15. Your moms sister is like Lady Maxine the Hallmark mean card lady! Well what do you do when you want to zing her.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  16. I love love this picture of you Stella in the sink with a sock monkey hat!!!!!

  17. Stella, I think you got the moral of your moms story. Family gets better with age.
    PS. Those pictures are too cute!

  18. Hmmmm...I guess I am still waiting for the puppy stage to end then for Coco and I to be besties. I will say that the little overzealous snuggler is much better than she used to be. But don't tell her I said that. Hopefully you and Mags will end up like your Mom and Dixie. Cute hat!