Wednesday, January 21, 2015


See what a good boy I am sitting wif Macey?  WELL today I had something BAD happen to me, and even though it will SHOCK you the whole thing was caused by my MOM.  NOW we here in blogville know MOM is skating on thin ice as far as her probation but I finks she has went to far...wayyyyy to far. She has fallen through the ice, is what she did.  Here is my story Ernie.

So MOM comes home at noon and says she has a surprise for her special boy (meaning me and not meanerthanhellcat Dietzman) and hers calls me into the kitchen and gives me a special treat of bread and butter.  WELL, if I would have had my finking cap on, I would have realized that butter DON'T crunch but Isa was just loving that butter so much........

THen hers sat down and ate her lunch.  She kept asking my DAD if he ThOUGht I looked SLEEPY and Dad said NO.  I wondered why she suddenly was so worried about my noon sleep habits cos usually we three pugs snooze a lot at noontime....but hers kept worrying about it.

I finally toles her, "mom don't worry so much, Isa gonna take a nice long nap when yousa go back to work...."

THEN after ONE hour she put my coat and harness on.....oh boyhowdy....that was meaning she didn't haf to go back to work, but was taking us out to the fairgrounds, and this time it was just going to be just  ME.  WEll Mags was jumping all around and so was Stella when they saw Mom put the harness on me.  BUTT Mom said only I could go.

She kept checking my eyes, and watching for a yawn, but I was so pumped up, I ran to the car, and jumped up in the backseat.   THEN I noticed we turned the OPPOSITE way of the fairground and headed out to the FRANKENVET!!!!!!!!!   WHAT THE ERNIE do you see what my own mom did to me....she drugged me......wif drugs!!!!!

I started to cry, of course it was a manly cry and not a sissy pug cry...and MOM toles me it was gonna be okay, and kept telling me more and more lies. 

When we arrived at the FRANKENVET I promptly left peemail on the bushes just in case I was going to be put in captivity .....SO when SEARCH & RESCUE started looking for me, they would find evidence.........all the time MOM is looking a little green around hers ears, cos DAD toles her how bad it was last time wif getting my nails cut.  AND THE SLEEPING DRUG DID NOT WORK, COS I AM A SUPERHUMAN PUG!

This time I had my checkup, weight (21 lbs. of muscle) and shots AND glands and nails.  I WAS DONE FOR!!!!  I shook the walls of the office with my howls and screams.  Mom left the room because her guilt was so heavy she could not hardly stand, and hers faught hers was gonna puke;  another VET came rushing into the room to see what was making that horrible noise.  I figured at least I would go down FIGHTING and SCREAMING.

AT last I was finished being tortured  and they realized they could not beat Angus McConnell Long down any longer.  Mom dressed me quickly and paid the bill on the run.  So Ernie she PAID them to torture and drug own mom.

Now hers says it was for my own health, but hers is lying to me I finks.  Do you fink I have a case or do MOM's all over the world do this to their four legged children????????

Angus McConnell Long


  1. Well we are thinking you have enough evidence to bribe her for never ending treats until you are old and grey.

  2. Gussie darlin' I know your anguish...I had the same experience on Friday....pushed into my carrier and off to the vet. You and Macey sure do look gorgeous in that chair. How is our girl feeling these days?
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Unfortunately, Angus it DOES happen all around the world....butt that doesn't make it RIGHT! Maybe we should organise a Class Action! To be mistreated like that is JUST NOT RIGHT!

    Did you get any treats?

  4. OK angus, reality check buddy...we all get our nails cut at some time....we don't mind and there is no drugs ain't that bad OFFICER, so suck it up!


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  5. Hey Angus!
    Wow, this is a horror story fur sure! The same thing happens to me and I fight hard like you do. Great job, by the way. "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!" Scream it out! Anyway, I'm sure Ernie will be able to help. Those darn dogtors!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

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  7. Wow! We never thought a mom would give her doggie a roofie!! Maybe you need to tell the TV show 48 Hours about this so they can investigate too! Did the dogtur clip your toenails and do your other stuffs that is very personal? Or did you scream so loudly they got scared off? This is just NOT acceptable! And from your own mom! What is happening? We are sure Ernie will help you out!
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. We are sending the jail buggy to go pick up momma
    Lily & Edward

  9. OMD, I got tricked this week too!!! We must do something. Can we get a class action law suit going??? Good luck, I know Ernie will help you. I put up a fuss too, but they still tortured me. You need to rest now and get I am sending over pizza for later.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. I'm glad you told those Frankenvets that "no means no"! They shouldn't be touching you in inappropriate places after you've been drugged. Glad you kept your wits about you! (Btw... I'm not letting Rita read this as she's pretty cooperative at the vet. NOT happy, but cooperative. She just goes all mopey!) Glad you lived to tell the tale! I'm sure you have a case!

  11. We are not going to let Mabel read this - she goes to the vet tomorrow for her puppy shot, OMD -she will not be happy!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. They do have to lie to you or they would never get you to the vet. But she does owe you some extra good treats. And we are are glad you are in good health - Judge Foley Monster: Rainbow Bridge

  13. OMD, you poor thing! Betrayed by your own momma!! I can't believe she would do that to you. DRUGGING you with bread and butter?!

  14. AMcL, you're getting older buddy and taking on great responsibilities. You need to let you Mom do the things you need to be at your very best at all times. That's all she's doing and you should be happy about it, not so resistant. It's called loving care!

    Love, Gampy

  15. You poor baby (and your poor Mom)!
    Thank cod and toona that's over with. It's not like they got to do it again. DO THEY???

  16. You CERTAINLY have a CASE Angus Mac... I would be HAPPY to take you on as a Client... Ernie the Attorney and ROXY the Para Legal......

  17. treats and pizza hold out for pizza

    retro rover

  18. Crikey ..... She DRUGGED you???????? And she said it was a SPECIAL surprise just for you????? Who the heck does she think she is????
    It was awful good to see that beautiful little Macey again. Mum and I still think of her EVERY day. Please give her our love. How's she going?? Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants sends her love too.

  19. Druggin ya? And I thought my momma takin me to da vet wuz bad!

  20. OMD that is so horrible! I can't believe what was done to you...awful!

  21. Holy guacamole, now you're scaring us! We gotta go to the Vet on Friday morning. Better warn Muffin not to eat anything crunchy.

    I can't wait to see what Ernie the Attorney has to say about all of this!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  22. Oh gosh, that sounds like quite the ordeal! I'm so sorry you had to go through that but you pulled through, and put it on record exactly what you thought about the whole thing.

  23. BOL I glad you put up a fight, so proud of you. Oh and it was good to see a picture of Macey, we continue to pray for her.

    Aroo to you,

  24. Angus you poor guy!!! At least you put up the fight of a tiger!!! Hope you got lots of treats when you got home after all that torture!!!

  25. I think what your mom did is illegal in 46 states. You should check to see if your state is one of the 4 that still allows this kind of barbaric treatment to happen! Good thing you used your manly VOICE to warn all the other pups there!

  26. Uh oh....we are thinking amas efurrywhere may need to be sued!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  27. Get Ernie and we feel a class action coming on. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  28. Your own Mom drugged you ????
    Mom, how could you ????
    I'd better watch out just in case 'cos I've heard some plannings on me going to Frankenvet if my zip thingy gets any worse. Any advice on how to withstand those drugs?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  29. Poor Gussie.... It must be a puggie thing... My Angel hated her nails done too! She would nip her dogtor and the vet techs if she could!! Then they figured out the smart way to do it- have me leave the room! She still put up a fuss, howling and pug screaming, and it took one vet tech to hold her and the other to do her nails, but it got done really quickly! But it was less if me or her dad wasn't in the room. And forget that metal table, she totally hated that! I always had to stand near it and hold onto her and sometimes had to just hold her until the dogtor came in, then put her on the table. That was my puggy diva!

    Hugs to you Gussie! Your friend Patty

  30. dang! Angus, while reading I saw it clearly too... they give money to the frankenvets that they torture us.... that's really a case for the Attor-nie. I'm glad your screamed and howled to inform all pets about that case of pug-torture.... butt please make sure to have the phone number of the pizza guy jjust in case your momma has to spend a time in da doghouse...
    Easy Rider

  31. Uh oh ... We heard the pawrents talking and it sounds like we are in for the same treatment. And they say they love us ... WHAT? You better give us the number of your attorney...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty, Whitney & Jaxzyn

  32. OMP Angus! That is CRAZEEE! I am certainly glad to hear you survived the ordeal but your mom is certainly in the dog house. I think you need to get some double dinner this week to make up for it!


  33. Oh gosh,,,, my appt is coming up soon., Do I have that to look forward to?

  34. YOur mom drugged you? You certainly do need an attorney. Good thing it didn't work. It meant you had all your wits about you and can give accurate testimony.