Friday, January 16, 2015


DO you know me?  My name is Angus McConnell Long and I have been gone for a LONG time from blogvilles....I am very afeared you have forgotten my face....I toles my Momma it has been like 987 days since I last posted and hers just rolled her eyes at me and toles me hers has been BUSY....I toles her she was FIRED.   Pugs come before WORK....hers should have had her priorities straight!!!! 

So I went to our union rep (DAD) with a list of grievances against our MOTHER.  The worst starting wif me almost missing the BIG day with the DOODS cos the alarm didn't go off.  Our house was dark and I could have mistakenly put my uniform on backwards, and I know Officer Bites wouldn't have stood for that kind of mistake, and most peoples would have thought I was a doorman instead of police officer.  Plus it is in our Manual on page 1234 that we must never wear our uniform backwards......EVER!!!

AND another grief ance is hers changed our dog food and I puked it up after I ate it so fast.  Mom said I ate it so fast cos I usually eat like a piggy, not because it is new.  Plus hers said I had eaten it befores butt I still  blamed it all on hers.  I fink our mom is losing her mind.

AND I saw hers looking at the Golden Retriver Rescue page AGAIN the others day!!!  DAD had already toles her NEVER to look at that page cos our house is like a little MOUSE house, and no BIG dog over the size of US could even walk around, Mom said he was full of *** well poop, BUT we all thought she was done finking about it.  THEN I find her skimming through the kindle the others  night( when I had ASKEDED her already 124 times to blog for me,) looking at those big dogs.  I is sick of it!!!  SO I toles our DAD on her.  He had a long talk wif her, wif mostly hims a talking and hers putting her fingers in hers ears...MOM can be childish like that.

SO Stella Rose, Margaret Mae, myself and even meanerthanhell cat dietzman had a meeting and decided since it is January and snow is on the ground and it is cold outside, and we nevers gets any exercise that we may be a little on the grouchy side ourselves and after all MOM is the one that brought us home and takes care of us......remember this....

yeah Dad had FORGETTEN to feed little Stella while mom was gone overnight.  So we know there are some things we can always count on wif our MOM, like food and water, and hers always lets us sit wif her, and lick her face and kiss her.....she just doesn't type very good right now. So we are giving her one last chance...she is on a 90 day probation and she must do EVERYFING we ask her to do during the probation time and then she will be free again.  WE tried to make her wear an ankle bracelet but the sheriff wouldn't let us borrow one of us.  I will just have to go on and see if they sell them on there.

Angus McConnell Long


  1. no worries, no one will furget you Angus, how could we? Gues what? I puked too last night and it came faster as I thought and the whole food landed in my dad's bed...uh what was he sour :o) butt hey, I mean he had the whole food and he should be happy. My mom does that too sometimes, she looks at that side where Weimaraners look for a new home. That makes her sad, because we can't have a second dog. And then she cries and my dad calls her a cow and then the whole domestic bliss is in da bucket... I hope they sell that ankles at amazon, in worst case you could ask my moomas twin Lindsay L :o)
    Easy Rider

  2. Easy is right, we would never forget you Angus, or Stella or Maggie.
    It does kinda of suck when the peeps let their work and what they call "life" get in the way of helping us with our blog. Our mom gets that way sometimes tool Right now we are blaming Mabel, BOL! for taking up Mom's time. Then just like you we have to remind our selves that they are the ones that feed us and keep us safe and warm and love us like no other. We guess we just have to cut them some slack once in a while!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel and Mabel

  3. No never forgotten and we do understand that life just gets in the way sometimes. No worries we see you when we see you and we hope mum makes time to get some rest for herself too. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Good luck with doing everything your mom asks of you. My mom doesn't ask much of me and I STILL can't do it! lol


    Then again, I didn't nearly set the house on fire!

  5. You really have to stay on top of your humans to keep them in line. we could never forget you

  6. OMD not the 90 day PROBation thingy... that is like a trip to the DOGTOR... ON STEROIDS...
    BUTT we DO think you have PLENTY to Grieve... Pawhaps you should contact Ernie the Attorney... and see if he will take your case on... He works PRO Bone-O you know...


  8. Angus? Yu new round these parts?
    We don't furget yu Angus Dood!
    I dunno if yu should be too mean to yur Momma. Don't she dole out the foods an treats?

  9. Sounds dire at your house. We all know how awful it is when the 'help' forgets to help!

  10. Nose you !?! I luffs you Gussie. Wivout your kind words to Santy Paws for me I may not have got all the wonderful goodies I got for crimball!
    Good luck wiv the Mom training, I still struggling wiv mine, Peeps eh?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. You may want to contact the Ernie Attorney make sure you get all the probation paperwork filed correctly!!

    Sometimes the Mamas just need a bit of a bonfire lit under their tushies!! Ummmm, don't take that literally Angus...
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. we could never ever forget Santa's most favorite helper

  13. We would never forget you!! Now just remember that you need to sign up for the Heart 2 Heart Dance and now the Mayorz Marathon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. I need to put my momma on probashun.

  15. Wow, you pugs really have it rough there. We've fired Jan a time or two and have seriously considered replacing her occasionally. But she pays the rent, so we keep her. You might want to add that to your list of positives for your mom too. Or your mom and dad. They're a team.

  16. Gussie, sometimes you just gotta cut them so slack.

    Aroo to you,

  17. Nope,,, we won't forget you,,,,
    Its cold here,, and I would like something to snuggle with,,,,
    like a Great Mastiff,, and big enough to ride too.
    I hope your moms gears kick in and give you some attentions.

  18. Hi Angus! We could NEVER furget you!! Wow, you sure got some issues going on over there. We agree with Dory, maybe Ernie the Attorney could help you out. It could be his very furst case in court. Until you get it all figured out, please tell your Mom we love her. We think she just needs a little additional doxie TLC.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  19. Yep, there are times when pugrents just don't get their priorities right AMcL, BUT their heart is always in the right place so you gotta give them some slack. Besides we would never forget any of The Three Little Pugs! Love, Gampy

  20. Gussie how could we ever forget you or your sisters. Our mom isn't that great at blogging for us either. We just take whatever we can get.

  21. Angus, even when you're serious you still make our mum crack up. You know she's coo coo in the head don't ya? We've given our mum the same warnings. We have Ernie the Attorney on speed dial now just to keep mum in line. We'll never forget you and your sissies mate. Never. Here's to 2015 being a good year full of happy blogs. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.s. Give our love to your little Macey. We think about her often. xx

  22. Forget you? Nu-uh! Not a chance!

    Though about the rest of that stuff...maybe you should go see Ernie the Attorney about your mom! I'm sure he can help you out about all those grievances!

  23. Oh Angus you all could NEVER be forgotten! Our Mom has been falling down on the job too! *sigh* Plus she move the living room around and the laptop isn't where it belongs and now none of us have our usual napping places and I don't have her lap and THE WORLD JUST ISN'T RIGHT *sigh* What are we all to do???.....

  24. We can never forget you. As for your dad, he is wrong. Our Nobret lived in an apartment, one bedroom, until he was 5. Big dogs can be very happy in small spaces

    retro rover