Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The others day whilest Leah and me were on the phone we gots to
wondering about what our
REAL parents looked.

 Oh not the parents that our MOM and DAD saw when they comes to pick us out of the litter but our REAL parents that no one NOSE about ...our WOLF PARENTS.....oh you did not know we have wolves as parents??????   How could you miss the resemblance???


So after much discussion___ we decided on Saturday night while everyone was sleeping hers and I would take off to the mountains and look for our family, like our Grandma and Grandpa, cousins, and maybe evens find our Parents. 

Just before we left I sat on top of Mom's car pretending it was standing on a tall Mountain and howled at the moon, you know for the effect and all.  Leah faught I sounded just great.

Jim asked us if he could go wif us, so us girls decided we may need Jim along in case we had a flat tire, or needed him to walk to the nearest gas station for chips and Mt. we said yes. 

He decided he did not want to stand out in the group or offend any of our family so he wore this......he borrowed it from Macey.

So while the Moon was high in the sky we took off down the road listening to WOLF LANGUAGE on our Rosetta Stone tape.  After years of living wif civilized adopted parents both Leah and I only knew how to speak cavalier and pug language.  Jim listened just in case he needed to get us out of another sticky situation.  We practice howling and howling and more howling until we sounded like wolves and not the pampered pooches that we are.  Jim could not get the hang of it .....

WE finally arrived at the GREAT YELLOWSTONE park.  That is where Gussie's Seerie told us to go to find wolf families.  We honked our horn, but no one came out of their homes, so we honked again....and waited. 

("um maybe Maggie we should have worn our mud boots?????" said my Leah)

 Finally we decided we would just go to the door and knock and take our picnic basket wif goodies and treats we had packed for our family.

We knocked and knocked an finally someone peeked out of the window.....and opened the door.

WE toles them we were looking for our long lost family and faught it was them cos Seerie told us so.  They just looked at us like we were from the "stoopids family" or possibly "SUPPER."

But once they saw we brought presents, then they started to realize that YES this little cavilier from the other side of the pond, and this little pug from the hills of Iowa were their long lost family.

Oh what a reunion we had.   We told them all about their long lost daughter being an actual princess in England and me, being a mean little pug who lived with wimpy stella rose, and my brother from another mother and father, Angus.  We never could explain how JIM fit in wif the family, but wolves are accepting like that....


When it came time to leave, we promised we would be back but until that time, all they had to do was stand outside on a quiet night and listen for our howl.

Hugs Maggie Mae, Princess Leah and Jim


  1. Sniff, sniff ...this was just beautiful. What a special reunion.

    Note to self: when going to meet long lost wolf relatives, bring gifts so grandma doesn't get confused and think you are a snack

  2. OMD! What an adventure!!! I'm glad everything went well.

  3. OMD, I had no idea you were descended from actual wolves! But I totally see the resemblance now. What a grreat adventure.

  4. Oh that was a brilliant idea... how boring to look for your ancestors via internet like humans do it... it's much better to meet them in the furs and having a picnic together. Best wishes to grandma Jeans and Rob&Bob!
    easy rider

  5. ...well sorry my momma has a screw loose... I meant Grandma Jean, who is a wolf and not a pants....
    easy rider

  6. What a lovely story! Our Joanna human sometimes hears our coyote relatives in the woods behind her house.

  7. BOL! Where does you come up with these adventures BOL?? We loved this story. It reminds us of when the ancient Gooldendoodles ran wild. BTW, we have a good cutout of Jim we are sending you. We didn't know you would use it or we would have sent it before.
    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. And we thought your parents were coyotes
    Lily & Edward

  9. Oh fanks my sweetest BFF four helping me finds my long lost distance wolfs family. Didn't we haf a great time????And your howling, wells it was just the bestest howling evers!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. OMD...that must have been the bestest time!! We are glad Jim didn't have to get you out of any trouble!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. Wow! you two were very brave to venture to see your wolf families!
    Yellowstone Park is only a few hours from us!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. oMD OMD you and Princess Leah went looking fur your ancestors... OMD that is GRAND... and you DO very much BOTH have a Family Resemblance to all of them.... You took them a PICNIC fit fur a Full Fledged Family REUNION... and OMD JIM went with you??? That is DANDY.... he was along fur your Pawtection and stuffs...
    So tell us... did you all have a HOWL FEST as the day turned to Night and the Moon shone Bright??? Did they teach you any super Camp Songs???


  14. Looking for your ancestors hey......and they really let Jim join in as thats Jim can really howl a mean tune!

    The Mad Scots

  15. What a fun adventure! Cousins Roy and Bob are sure cuties!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. That's wonderful that you found your other family. We think Jim was a good idea, because if the wolf family wasn't too friendly, he could have turned on his motor and frightened them away!

  17. We think if you wore a red cape you would have found them sooner. Just a suggestion! Nice to meet your family.

  18. That was a very fun adventure.. I have been looking at Jim.. and he is looking skinny.. Do you feed him?

  19. What ever you lot are on, can you please send it to Freya Rose Blossom cos :-) Love it x x x

  20. A basket of gifts was the best idea you could have had for the trip! Hope it was fun.