Thursday, April 2, 2015


See my cunning smile evens when I was a baby girl????????   Bahhahah.....well humans and friends today is my shot day at the Frankenvet's office.  Well think back one year ago and remember what happened when my DAD took me and I ended up looking like a swelled up pomegranate all red and bumpy.

Member my mom abouts blew a gasket and Dad called her at work and her rushed me back to the Frankenvet and it was all exciting enuf to be a MOVIE OF THE WEEK, and Mom ended up paying even more MONEY to make me normal looking again....well its that time again.

DAD is taking me and Mom talked it over with her favorite vet and Mom told her how it was gonna be.  You would fink my Mom has a diploma hanging on her wall that onlys HER can see or something.....So ONE shot for me and my nails trimmed and I will be back home in 7 minutes. 

OUR mom also is in the dog house cos HERS decided to change our food.  She decided what we have been eating for years is unhealthy and hers wanted to switch to healthy.  Dad told her there is nuffin at all wrong wif it, but hers finks Dad is stooped when it comes to our care so hers switched.  Guess what happened, we refused to eat it....even Stellie went on strike.  Oh yeah we would pick out all the peoples food like chicken, beef, hamburger and fruit mom would put it in to lure us to eat it all, but nevers touch the icky dog food.  WELL score one for us pugs and zero for our parents cos I overheard ours mom tell the Vet on the phone  to send home a bag of the unhealthy food wif our dad.  WE had broken her spirit plus we kept puking all overs.  

I do have one little gripe and am thinking of talking to Ernie about it.  See at night when Dad does not haf to work, he always makes a couple of runs to the little gas station in our town.  I -MAGGIE- HIS PUG always gets to go wif him, or else no one goes.  I is a real good girl. I sit in my own seat and just look out the window and of course talk him into getting us beef jerky.   BUTT last night something must have happened to his brain, cos when it came time for him to run and get him a Mt. Dew out of the glass bottle he asked Angus if he wanted to go.   WTH!!!!

Mom faught he was taking bof of us, but then she realized I was still sitting on the porch and DAd was long gone.   Well four minutes later he was back BRAGGING on how well Gussie did riding wif him.  These are his exact words," Gussie was so good, he just sit on my lap while I was driving and let the wind blow in his face.  Gussie was so good he did not even bark when I stopped and gave one of my friends a ride.  Gussie was so good...."

I was in shock.  This is what my Mom said, " why did you not take both of them, Maggie was waiting on you.  Why didn't you put Gussie in his harness and seatbelt?  Why did you pick up one of you unsavory friends, and let them ride with Gussie, he could have been hurt?"    So you can see my Mom had a total different perception of the ride then my Dad did.

The rest of the night I ignored my Dad.  I laid on the floor and refused to lay in his lap.  I could tell he felt so guilty.  And since it rained last night, I have big plans for when we go to the Frankenvet today to get him extra muddy cos he always carries me, which makes mom even madder that he does not use my harness and leash.   

So friends it was quite the night at my house, and all of this could have been stopped if dad would have used the brain the Lord above gave him.  He had betters hope I don't turn into a pomegranate again today cos I don't know WHAT mom would do to him!!!!

p.s. the contest ends tomorrow ...we have had some good guesses......keep trying...
Maggie Mae


  1. Oh, oh, I hope you don't look like a pomegranate today!

  2. You gotta put your paw down and make her buy 87 brands of food til you find the right one
    Lily & Edward

  3. Dear Me sometimes Dads need lots of snoopervision!
    You 3 Pugs and your mom have your paws/hands full
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. It's tough being the younger pup in a house. I'm sure you'll get more car rides and I hope you never get a pomegranate face again after a vaccination.

  5. I had the same bad day at the vet.... seems we had a magic moon and our bipeds got strange ideas .... I would talk with Ernie about your dad... seems that screams for the court of fleas....and I hope all pomegranates land in my mommas stomach or on her white t-shirt (she sometimes can't find her brain to use it) and not on little pugs...
    easy rider

  6. Must be vet day - Bailey goes in for his check up when mom gets home form work. Paws crossed all goes well today for you Maggie.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. Poor Maggie! I guess sometimes dads just don't think about the consequences of their actions. I bet he found out right quick when your mama told him whats what!! I hope you muddy him up good!

    xoxo your friend from NJ, Patty

  8. Hi Maggie Mae, I'm sorry you've had to go to the vets. I understand about the food; our Hunter does the same thing-he loves our food but will only touch his kibble if he is really hungry and I won't give him treats. Before you think I'm unkind, he gets a treat first thing in the morning and many throughout the day. He is one spoiled pup.
    Hang in there.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  9. Yea guilty too right and daddy was lucky he was not in the dog house again. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Hope ya don't wind up a pugengrate.

  11. OMD, I can't believes your own dad abandoned you!! The OUTRAGE!

  12. We hope you come back looking like yourself.

  13. We think you have a case with the car ride thing..... You might have to get in touch with Ernie the Attorney. We think you handled the healthy food thing beautifully by yourselves.

    Hope the needle doesn't cause any problems this year. We'll keep our paws crossed.

  14. OMD THIS is a 24 hour long Night SQUIRREL... Aiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee this is just Chucked Full of... Traitorism and Terrors...
    Do you want me to Take your case??? If so... Put the Pawticulars in an email... and I (Ernie the Attorney) will be on the job fur you.

  15. Uh Oh Dad, I finks you need to be making it up to Maggie Mae, loads of treats (to make up for the horrid foodables) should do the trick……for a START! She'll negotiate the rest I'm sure!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. You know....we been having a brain storming serion here lately....we have decided that peeps just ain't got much brains.....your Dad must have left his at work for somebody else to use!

    The Mad Scots

  17. It sounds like things have gone totally crazy over there! Changing your foods? And then Gussie gets to go and you don't? And then your dad brags about it? I think you should talk to Ernie!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. Oh my gosh,, that is total unnaceptable of your dad not taking YOU to the store with him.. What in the world was he thinking? I would be mad too.. and yes,, get mud all over!

    I hope your face does not do that again,, nor any other part of you!
    And I think Mr Chewy could have some wonderuful ideas on food for you. I do hope you got the kind you like!
    This story was sooooooooo funny!

  19. We had to go to the vet yesterday too. We are glad you didn't blow up and need to go back to the vet. We can't believe your dad didn't take you on your special ride with him.

  20. Crikey ...... what was your Dad thinking?? I'm glad you kept your distance and wouldn't sit on his lap. I'd pee on his leg if I were you. That'd teach him a thing or two. That's outrageous that he didn't take you with him. Dad's are HOPELESS. They've got no idea, aye??
    I sure hope you don't turn into a pomegranate or even a pugegranate.

  21. I think if this keeps up your Dad will be living in the Dog House. I sure hope the pomegranate look is not in your future.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  22. Hi Maggie! I'm so sorry to hear you had to go get a shot and your nails trimmed. And then on top of that got ditched by your Dad when he went for a ride to get some snacks. I think some severe pug protesting is in order. You gotta lay the guilt on thick! :)