Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Angus McConnell Long

Baby Gus as Mom calls him, which is a joke now cos he ain't no baby no more....is on the mend and up and running around today.  Just how are we supposed to keep a growing boy down for two weeks!!! 

Yesterday was a little rough but all in all we survived and so did Gussie.  First, Mom ran and got him right after his surgery.  She was a little concerned that they didn't keep him very long, but she had to trust the vet knew what she was doing. Or they thought Mom knew what she was doing....anyway mom took him home and left him with Dad.  Dad called less than one hour later and said Gus was crying and breathing funny and shaking.  Mom called her Boss and said she needed to go home.  Her Boss doesn't have a wife, or kids, or pets, so she had to fake a headache cos ....he wouldn't understand the NEED to go home and take care of Gus. 

When she got home, Dad was fretting and Gus was sleeping on the couch.  Dad couldn't get his pain pill down and it had dissolved in food by that time, and Gus wouldn't take it.  Gus looked pretty dopey but he did cry out alot when he moved so Mom being THE MOM proceeded to stick the pill down his throat.  It took awhile but she finally got it down there.  (she tried it in everything imaginable and she was afraid she would go through his pills so she had to resort to brut force which upset her greatly)  Anyway she held him for a few hours on the couch while he slept. 

Finally she got the crate out and made it all comfy and put him in there.  He made baby noises, and Dad got all upset and took him back out.  Mom wanted to give Dad the pain pill and knock his #** out but she kept her cool.  So she sat back down on the couch with all of us, and he slept some more.  Finally, around bedtime he got up and drank some water and used the puppy pad.  YAY GUSSIE!!!!  

Mom and Dad were worried since they now sleep in the other room that they wouldn't hear him if he started to hurt in the middle of the night so Dad being Dad blew up the air mattress and offered to sleep with him in the family room.  (Times like that is the reason Mom loves Dad)   He lasted till around 1:00 am and had to come get in bed with Mom cos the mattress was not comfortable.

When Mom got up for work this morning all three of us came running to her, Gussie included!!  Mom put us outside for awhile, drank her coffee, fed us breakfast and got ready for work.  Gussie was back to normal.  YAY!!!  Mom is gonna get him his benadryl today and try and figure out how the heck to get him to take it.  Thanks for all the comments yesterday, once again blogville stepped up to show its caring and loving heart, the real world didn't even ask.

Stella Rose


  1. Giving pills by force is NO fun. Sometimes Cinderella won't take her pills like normal and Momma has to do that, and she hates it! I guess I can see why your momma likes your daddy, even when he does silly things like tearing down the expanded Alcatraz, if he does stuff like that too. :)

    Glad Gus is feeling better this morning!

  2. Oh, I'm SO GLAD he's doing well... he's getting HUGE! Love that second picture! Did you get the USB cord?

    And YAYYY for Dad!

  3. Good to hear Gus is better today. When our dear Char Shu had a dental at the age of 17 the vet let us take him home right away (less stressful for him). She warned us that they tend to be disoriented and cry and thrash about for awhile as the anesthesia wears off, which proved to be true. Mom had to sit and hold him and comfort him for few hours. Maybe that is what was going on with Gus. When Mom gives me benedryl she stuffs it in a soft treat, most of the time that works.
    Greta, Bailey & Hazel too

  4. Hi Deb!
    Go to the vet and ask that they give you a mL syringe (no needle)...it SHOULD be free and help get the Benadryl in...think of it as a quick slip of medicine and you only need a straw hole size opening to stick it into Gussie's mouth. Next, while at vet, buy some pill pockets for those pills (they cost less than $7...and I think you get 30-40 in a package)...my pugs LOVE these things and the purpose is for easier pill taking without any struggle.
    Much Luck and Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

  5. Blogville is the best! :)

    So glad that the little guy is doing so much better. Dad might need a tranquilizer though. BOL

  6. GRRRRRREAT NEWS GUS !! Glad that you are doing so much better. Now about those pills... I (Frankie Furter) just HATE to take pills.. and mom ALMOST ALWAYS has to OPEN my mouth and Poke them in.... none of us LIKE it... butt that is just how it goes.. Once in a while I WILL take them if she puts them in a glob of SQUIRT CHEESE. Do you know about Squirt Cheese? It comes in a CAN and it squirts out and it is really yummy... no matter WHAT mom says about it. Ernie and I LOVE it. We get the KRAFT brand. Mom says THAT is the BEST of the Worst. BaaaaaWaaaah.. that just means that there is MORE fur Ernie and ME.
    PeeS... WE think your dad is super. Even though there is that Alcatraz issue.

  7. Back to normal already?!? Pawsome!!! My mom's Honey is wise to pills given in a finger full of peanut butter, but she'll eat a pill if the peanut butter has been scooped up on a meaty treat. Pill gone!

  8. Gus sometimes that grown up surgery and the sleepy meds can make our systems go all whacky.
    We are glad you are up and about today
    Hugs madi your bFFF

  9. Poor baby Gussie, it's ok being wimpy after what you went through with your little boy surgery. Pugs are the worse to get pills down due to the shape of their mouths. They are sneaky with being able to detect pills. Stella Rose, you have such a way with words. We love all of you.

    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

  10. First of all we have to say Gussie is looking really big! How big is he?? And dad did redeem himself a bit with the sleeping thing (but that fence needs put up)! When me and Stanley had our 2 weeks of quiet time our pawrents literally went crazy (and it may have included some yelling at each other). Mom said it was very stressful even though we never complained one peep! Our surgery wasn't too bad cuz we were young and the doc said there was a smaller incision cuz we were little. Did they glue Gussie's incision closed? Mom worried about our glue but it was fine. We never even licked cuz glue is more comfortable than stitches. We are glad Gussie is acting normal today. We had faith all would be fine but our mom worried like crazy over us too so we know how it is.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. What an adventure. We are so glad to hear Gussie is feeling better. We can't believe how big he is now! Our Lady has done the crazy things to make sure we are alright. Both of us came to her after that operation, but she lived through that before. We think they should let you sleep in the bedroom and that would solve half the problem LOL!

    Mom had a dog who didn't like meds before and found the greenie pill pocket things worked well. For liquid, she just squirted it down the throat and gave lots of treats after!

    Rest up Gus! Lee and Phod

  12. Gussy, you are suck a big handsome boy! Look how grown up you are!

    Glad you're feeling better bebe.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  13. Glad Guss is on the mend. We are awful about our pills but peeps after trying everything under the sun resorted to peanut butter and jam and chucks it down the bottom of our throats. We can resist the PB & J. Good luck. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Stella - I totally get the "headache" reason because sometimes bosses don't understand that the furbabies are just as important :) So glad that Gussie is on the mend and major kudos to you all for being there for the little guy! (Re: pills - the SousPug recommends a little bit of "ham" wrapped around the pill followed by a "ham chaser" - that's what works for him!)

  15. Hi Stella
    I really like the part about your Mom wanting to give your Dad one of Gus's pain pills! Hahahahahaha. Glad Gus is back to normal and not a cause for any more worry.
    Love Noodles

  16. Oh Gussie don't scare us like that! Did you just want mom to leave work early?
    Benny & Lily

  17. Howdy Angus, great job mate on making your mum and dad run around in a flap and look funny. Did ya get your sissys to take a video for your blog. Can't wait to see it! We always take tablets cause we're such pigs we don't care what they are poked into. Dont forget to still take it easy and get spoilt. You have ta make it last as long as pawsibble. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (big bro).

  18. Now sweet Gus, you be careful there! You don't wanna be popping anything apart, so you better take it easy on yourself for a few days. We always take our pills with Pill Pockets. They are AMAZING! Just make sure you buy the bigger sized treats (made for capsules) not the one's that are smaller in size made for pills. They hide more of the pill.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    P.S. My Mommy says "MEN!" She said your Mom would understand exactly what she means :)

  19. WE just think your story about Dad stayin g on the mattreess to keep Gus company through the night is so so special.
    Glad your better Gus

  20. So happy to hear that Gus is on the mend. Maybe hide the pills in peanut butter next time? Our pug is never the wiser about that.

  21. I sure hope Gus keeps improving. Still in my prayers.

  22. Hi Stella, Gussie is really catching up to you in size!
    I'm glad he's feeling better. My Angel's fav human treat was cheese, so I always wrapped her meds in cheese and it was gone in a flash! If we tried anything else, she somehow ate around it and spit out the pill on the floor!

    Happy Wednesday!

    xoxo Patty

  23. <3 Glad to see that he is still improving... We thinking the vet should prescribe meds to the whole family during these times!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,