Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Answering Some Questions

Yesterday on our Post we were asked several questions most of them REFERRING to Baby Gus and I thought I should be the spokespug for our family.  We thought for today's Wordless Wednesday Post we would answer them.  (yes, the concept of Wordless is totally lost on my mom)

1. Mary Ann asked us about our USB cord and if it ever got to us from the jungles of the  Actually, Mary Ann it arrived at our house on MOnday. You can imagine Mom's happiness and plans of downloading the 120,000.00 pictures she has taken of us and the grandmonsters, BUTT the camera wouldn't turn on.  Mom rushed to the store and bought new batteries, BUTT it still won't turn on.  Tonight Mom is going to check just to make sure she has them in correctly.  Enuf said about MY mom and batteries. (Mary Ann when Mom got home she realized she had put the batteries in wrong several times...we now have a working camera!!)

We don't know why the date is screwy but this is Mom, Macey, and Kenna the day they took the puppies to meet their rescue people.

2. Murphy and Stanley wanted to know JUST HOW BIG Baby Gus is now, cos from MOM's pictures he looks pretty big.  Almost as big as Rory. Well, he weighed in at the Vets a whooping 9.5 lbs. which shows us he has grown from 2.5 lbs. that he weighed when he was 3 months old.  I think its true about a camera making you look 10 lbs. bigger cos he still is pretty small, just tall.  Mom thought he would be short and stubby  like me, (MOM!!!!) but I think I must have broken the mold!!   Murphy and Stanley also asked about his stitches from his boy surgery.  They used self-dissolving stitches and not glue.  That is probably a good thing cos when Mom went home today to check on him, he was a swinging on the lampshade in the kitchen.  We think its time for mom to dial down the pain pills.

This is Baby Gussie enjoying his "rock a bye baby moment with Mom"

3. The pugs from Idaho thought maybe he was behaving that way (crying, bawling,  screaming, and shaking) cos he was coming out of his anesthesia.  Yep, your right guys that is exactly what was going on, or he was faking it ...I am still not sure.

Here is Baby Gussie as a little baby....He kinda looks like me.

4.  Frankie and Ernie suggested we get that squirt cheese that comes in a can so he will take his pills from now on.  Well, all I know is if it doesn't work for him nothing is lost cos Dad and I sure will chow down on that can of cheese cos we both love it.  Mom often wonders when she sees Dad squirt that lovely cheese in his mouth, IF he knows she shares it with me also.  Molly the Wally said jam and peanut butter also...ummm Molly that sounds just wonderful to me, but Gussie is very very very picky about what he does and doesn't like.

 This is Gussie pretending he is a Baby French Bulldog.

5. MOM at the Slimmer PUgs suggested pill pockets, which Mom is getting when she goes to the vet today to get my nails cut.  Hopefully those things will help trick us when we need medicine.

Well thanks again for all your kind comments this week.  Mom is glad the surgery and visits to the vet is over till next time we need our shots.  Have a great hump day...oh yeah that is one thing Gussie still thinks he can do to Maggie, the Vet said to give him a couple of months to stop.....Poor Maggie.

This is Maggie asking for a treat.  See the dried glue on the Kitchen floor and the pretty hardwood under it.  Mom has slowly been scraping if off when she is not working it is taking 100 years to do it.

Sweet Baby Piper.



  1. Piper...You's cute!

    Maggie....don't count on it. Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) still tries to hump me and him lost his boy pawts 9 years ago.

    {Shhhhh...don't tell nobuddy, butt me tries to hump hims too) HeHeHe

  2. I live in Kansas but close to MO. Do you live in MO?

    Baby Piper is so so so cute!


  3. Thank you for all your answers to the questions. It was good to know. Baby Piper is cute, but we think you guys are cuter! Lee and Phod

  4. That was a great Q&A post Stella, we really enjoyed it.

    Muffin is a BIG humper. This morning she went to hump Mommy's leg, slipped off the side of the couch, banged into the table, spilled Mommy's coffee all over the laptop, cell phone, 2 tables and the white carpet. Then she was so scared she went and barfed all over the carpet twice! I keep telling her humping is NO good!

    We have a question for you. Our neighbors are pug's (Coco & Rocky.) They are around 2 years old and are WILD! Jumping all over the place, doing zoomies all the time, up in your grill type of Pug's. Is that normal for pug's? Your crew seems so calm compared to them. Just wondering.

    Lily Belle

  5. Piper is Cute as a Bug in a RUG!!

    I tried those pill pocket thingys... I WOULD eat them when EMPTY... butt if there was a PILL in there... I spit it OUT...
    BaaaaWaaaah your DAD eats your Squirt Cheese??? THAT is soooooo funny.... Does he get into your Kibble and Snacks too??? So he is a SACK SURFER instead of a Counter Surfer, RIGHT??? BaaaaaWaaaaah.
    WE hump Each other ALL the time... THAT is some FUN stuffs to do. Like Lifting our Legs when we fire off our Pee Shooters. It is a GUY thing...that you girrrls just wouldn't understand.
    SO glad that Gus is gettin all better so FAST.

  6. Heeheehee, baby Gus is looking good, thinkin that baby part needs to be dropped, glad all went well with the parts removal.

    Sorry Dad missed you guys, driving required speeding to get there and back home for dumb work!

    The Mad Scots

  7. What a great post, it's nice to put out peoples questions and answer them :) look at Baby Bean, too cute, adorable, squeeeeeel. xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Pictures! Yay! We do the squirt cheese thing at my house too, and it works pretty well.

  9. Great Q & A. Love seeing all the pix now. Hopefully the batteries are in the right way LOL. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Wonderful pics! Thanks for answering all the questions! Stanley used to hump me (and mom and sometimes dad) and it did take a couple months after before he stopped. I have NEVER done that! It seems so disrespectful! To address your comment, yes Stanley is bigger than I am. He was the biggest one in our litter and I was the littlest one. When we were little he used to take the food right out of my mouth! Right now there is almost a 12 pound difference. I did weigh 20 pounds but lost a few ounces on my last weigh in. But I am ALL muscle!! Stanley weighs just over 31 pounds. Sometimes mom calls him a St. Bernard.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Sometimes when us girls are playing and wrestling Bailey gets a little frisky - usually with Hazel not me.
    Glad the "stuff" arrived. Hope it helps Bear. It might take a week or so to see a difference.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  12. Just wonderin' if Maggir has to fart.

    Oh and I am as lame as they come cuz I had no idea Gussie went in fur his boy parts to be taken off...I is a sucky furiend. I hopes he is recoverin' nicely. Nows, take it from me da best way to takes pills is withs beer.

    Nows, is dat pikture of your mom? Hers is BEAUTIFULS and has such a purty smile.


  13. Catching up on all the news. It's so hard to keep pups quiet after surgery!

    Rita is very fussy too. She's the first dog I've had who doesn't like peanut butter - which is hte old standby around here for pills! Will have to try the squirt cheese thing if she ever needs to take some pills!



  15. Wonderful question & answer post and wonderful photos!!!

  16. Oh that baby Gussie is something else
    Benny & Lily

  17. If all the others don't work, try canned corn beef. With it's texture mine usually don't notice the pills. lol Anything to get it done.

    Janice, Snuggles, Sassy, and Dixie

  18. Your momma is gorgeousful... You better put a short leash on her or your daddy might lose her.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,