Friday, August 30, 2013


Its supposed to hit 100 degrees here today which means it will be wayyyyyyyyy to hot for MOm to take us out on any kind of walk, which means we once again will be all wild and wooly tonight when our folks get home!!!!  Mom worries about Dietzy cos he is so old and he hates to stay in the house even when it is hot.  He eats a little and wants to go outside. 

Remember our wall of fame (otherwise known as the refrig) where Mom puts pictures that our bloggy friends send us.  Well guess what we got in the mail a few days ago.

Yes, its Greta from the Idaho Pugs and all her ribbons.  She even signed it for us.  Isn't she a cutie.  Thank you Greta!!!  And congrat's on your accomplishments.  We have been practicing at our house sit, and ....well sit for awhile....after that its just about the cheese.  Hopefully on Tuesday it will be cooler and we can go back to our classes.

Remember Leo, our cuzin that is at the rainbow bridge. 
Well this week they brought a new kitty to their home to keep Bear company and for the kids to love.  His name is Teddy.  We haven't got to meet him yet, we don't know if he will even like us.  He is a ragdoll cat also, whatever that means.  His eyes are really really blue.

I think he will have alot of love in this home .....

Here is Baby Bean getting her picture taken by Aunt Kylei....she doesn't look to happy does she.  We heard later that she annihilated that headband.

Mom's flowers are about all burnt up.  Its so hot outside Mom is ready for the fall time so she can clean up her gardens to get ready for the Winter.

This is made out of a leaf plaster.

We hopes everyone has a safe Labor Day and is able to stay cool.  We don't know what we are doing yet.  Probably just staying home with mom and dad and sleepin on their laps.

Stella Rose



  2. Hey Stella Rose!
    Wow, I like your photo gallery! I see F-n-E's zoomo's and Greta is a champ fur sure. Love all of her ribbons. I totally agree that most everything is about the cheese! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. It's super hot here now. 104 today! BUT August is almost over, and September brings wonderful COOL fall weather!

  4. We too are looking forward to Fall. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hi!! Glad you like the picture! You know I have been practicing my sit and down stays for a long time and it is still a work in progress. Start with short times and slowly work from there. When you practice outside, keep your leash on and Mom should stay close. Just slowly work at longer times and as you get better mom can move farther away. It is very hard to do when there are distraction everywhere.
    Bailey & Hazel too

    Pee Es
    We love the baby bean pic even though she looks so serious it's beautiful

  6. We can wait for cooler weather too. Look at all those ribbons!
    Benny & Lily

  7. It is too hot for Rita here today too! We've had such a cool summer, but all of a sudden it's HOT. Bleh. Don't like it.

    Great photos! The new kitty looks very sweet.

  8. OMD OMD that is so GRRRREAT of Greta to send that super pic of her!!


  9. Stay cool! (we would destroy the headband too! Lee and Phod

  10. Hope it cools down for you. Loved Loved the photo's xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie