Sunday, September 14, 2014


"Your wings already exist......all you have to do is fly."

I was telling a friend the other day that when I started this blog I NEVER expected it to be like this.  You life, happy and sad, know all the things that our real everyday life entails.  After, all it was a blog about my dogs... how simple and fun would that be.  Well, it was fun, but it also grew into a whole field of flowers with names like "memories" "loss" and "goodbye".  I asked myself what happened to the funny blog about dogs???  How did my blog turn into life with real emotions ? 

Somedays I want to shut my blog down, and take the first train out of blogville, I may even start to pack my bags, and sit on the suitcase, when my mind starts to drift towards the evitable..."wonder what Frankie and Ernie are doing today?', "wonder if Twee is working on another poem?" " do I think Casey is going to see us at the Octoberfest?" "are Murphy and Stanley working on their campaign" and so on.  I worry if this friend is feeling better, or what happened to a friend I hadn't seen  for sometime.  Some days I spend more time in blogville then I do in realville, so I ask myself has blogville became my realville????

I don't know and I don't really care, cos I know blogville is someplace special and loving and comforting.  Its easier on the heart than the world I see outside this window.  So I choose to stay.

Today in blogville is about remembering all our loves who has gone ahead of us.  I know all of us have felt grief from a goodbye that comes to soon, it is the fabric that holds us to one another. 

When I go on quiet walks down to the river, I like to try to see if I can feel my Sammy J. and Trudie standing beside me. 

I feel the wind.

  I look out at all of Mother Nature around me, and I know their story has already been told, that the end is not any different today as it was on the day that they left me.  That my loss is slowly turning into a thanksgiving that I was given the chance even though short, to enjoy and feel their love.  My anger and heartache, turning into a soft whisper of a feather falling against my cheek. 

A lesson learned. 

And now little Greta.

  I always think of similarities between the Pug Ranch and Ours.  Three pugs, two girls and a boy, loving parents, funny pugs.  Adventures and laughter. And loss.  A strong foundation to build upon, giving and loving hearts.  Not fair, to young to lose, ........change.

Leaves fall, and the ground takes a rest, and before we know it, new leaves are budding and the sun is warm again, and a new year is laid before our eyes.  It takes real courage to put your foot in front of the other, to open your hearts to strangers, to make friends, go on.  They would not expect any less from us, would they.

Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell's Momma


  1. I so agree with you, I had no clue what blogging really is, as I started to post some pictures of my dog. But it's more than to post some pics and to leave some comments, it becomes a part of you after a while and I have to admit that the peeps&pets of Blogville are much more important for me than for the people who live around me. Thanks for a great post, you found the right words.

  2. I couldn't agree more…. "blogville is someplace special and loving and comforting". Have a serene Sunday.

  3. Beautiful xxx Don't you dare go anywhere :-) xxx

  4. I have had the same feelings recently. Too much 'real world' at times. But I did find, that at least unlike the real world media, there is always something good happening in Blogville. Something always brings a smile through the tears. There is also so much love.

    We do hope you stay, our lives would be missing something if you left.

    Hugs to you on Memorial Day.

  5. What a fantastic post. We agree with Ranger!
    Marty and Mom

  6. The most special place ever. Through thick and thin we are never alone here in Blogville. Love is really all around. Have a serene easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Thank you for sharing your huge heart, loving soul and wonderful wit with the world! You are cherished by many! <3

  8. You are loved and cherished by many! You share your loving soul, kind heart and wonderful wit with all those who meet you! Hugs! <3

  9. Wow! Wow! So eloquently stated! For a minute there I heard the words, "Take the last train from Blogville and I'll meet you at the station . . ." Yes, these furiends and friends have become part of our real lives. They're part of what makes life good.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. VERY VERY well put. WE see Blogville as being filled with our FURENDS... our extended FAMILY... so HOW could we ever hop that train and leave them?
    It is TRUE that our HEARTS do get TRAMPLED and CRUSHED...however that is ONLY beclaws... we LOVE our furends.
    If WE didn't care about THEM and THEY didn't care about US... it would roll off our backs like water from a Duck... we would RATHER be Drenched with TEARS than Miss out on all the FUN that ALSO comes along the tracks... and not be here fur those who NEED us. NOPE... we will just Wait at the Station and WAVE to the train as it pulls into the station. ALLLLLLLLLL Aboard... the BLOGVILLE EXPRESS...

  11. You should truly put a link to THIS post on your sidebar. For when we need again to read and feel these beautiful words in our hearts, they will be right there for us, close at hand.

    Bless you for this heartfelt post and comforting words of wisdom!

    Lily Belle, Muffin & Mommy Kim

  12. Dear sweet little Puggy friends....never will we understand why things like this happen...each passing takes a piece of our heart...the thing about K9 is they know how to enjoy each and every moment they have...and that gives us comfort. I, Madi's mom, hope she has just a tad of K9 in her so that she can enjoy each moment.
    Lots of hugs madi and her Mom

  13. Your right Blogville has turned into a real place, we share sadness and happiness here. It amazes me how I can care so much for those I've never met but I do.

    Aroo to you,

  14. Hello Friends! I love this post because you've said so well and reminded me of the things I love about blogging. Those snippets of our lives that we share are the threads that connect us together. I've found the blogging community to truly be a kind, caring place--Much better than real life sometimes. It's taken me to places I'll never go, and introduced me to meet people like you who I'm so glad (and lucky) to have met.

  15. So very well stated...I, on fact, moved out of Blogville for a bit because of this (and other things going on in our lives). I soon realized that life may get in the way, but Blogville is always there.

  16. A very , very beautiful tribute,,, so well said,,, so purfect.

  17. A beautiful post - I told my family about blogville - these are THE best friends that I will ever have that most likely I will never meet. I don't know what I would have done without all the love and support from my blogville friends right now
    Bailey & Hazel

  18. Oh, we so agree with every single word in this post! We love the Blogville community and the furfriends that bring us all together.

  19. Such sweet pictures of those little guys gone. Blogville is important to us because here we have people who understand the magnitude of loosing a pet, in the "real" world that often isn't the case

    retro rover

  20. I love that your loss turns into thanksgiving. You do feelings so well. I lost two hens to predators last week and am not ready to really talk about it yet. Reading your stories helps. Thank you. :)

  21. Blogville is a very REAL place. The location may be virtual, but the emotions are all real!

  22. What a beautiful sentiment. It is so hard to feel the pain of losing our four-legged friends. The memories are priceless. ♥