Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Traveling down the highway, listening to my buddy Willie telling stories to his momma, ....a guy like me needs to take Willie's solid advice about momma's and girls....I should be writing it all down but Bailey has a rule about keeping bof my hands on the wheel while driving.  He nevers said anyfing about my feets so sometimes I play my guitar wif Willie as I is speeding on down the highway.....wif the cruise control on.

They are working hard in the back of the RV to get ready for the big campaign....

when all of a sudden over the blare of my buddy Willie I hear SIRENS.  At first I fink they are just in the CD cos Willie and Sirens kinda go together, but then I hear them again, and then I sees them and I finks OH NOSE....the cops are coming!!!

Bailey comes up front
and tells me to step out of the RV wif him, and being a Jr. Officer I feels it would be a good idea, so I grabs my license out of the glove box, AND NOT MY MEDICINE....cough....cough....
 and head out to meet with the police.
Bailey asked them what is wrong and they say NUFFIN is wrong, they just see this real nice RV and this handsome driver, that looks like Willie Nelson and they finks it would be so NICE to meet him.  (Bailey toles me later that they really said our turning signal was out)   Anyway Bailey has a treat for them, and since I just NOSE they loves Willie Nelson, Isa also haf's a treat for them so we can get off the side of the road, and get back on the campaign trial.
I hand them over my real license and slip them all some special little tickets Isa been carrying around.
It also doesn't hurt to 
  throw in Officer Bites name and Sheriff Dan.
Angus McConnell
  • Murphy & Stanley, Doods for Mayors
  • Our lovely opponent Dory and her campaign team Bilbo, Arty & Jakey



    1. We Beaglebratz r so furry much glad that u wuzn't sidelined fer long - u'all gotz lotza impawtent stuffz tue due.
      Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

    2. All the raids are blocked cause you are on the way
      Lily & Edward

    3. Whew, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious! Bailey's a smart guy, offering them donuts!

    4. Gussie thank goodness you had Willie riding shotgun..he was sure to sing you right out of jail time. Hugs madi your bfff

    5. Oh my gosh, I am SO GLAD YOU GOT OUT OF THAT ONE!!!!

    6. We are so glad you didn't get into any trouble...but we would have come to bail you out...We also think it was a good idea that you left your cough medicine in the glove box!!
      Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    7. donuts are important while car driving with Willie... oh and I'm glad he sang not Whiskey River that moment as the police stopped your bus :o)

    8. Hope you weren't smokin' weed with Willie! (Mama laughs when she hears that song by Toby Keith!)

      Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

    9. Glad we got out of that one Gus! Now lets keep our minds on the road ahead, we might need to make up some time
      Mr Bailey & Hazel

    10. That was close, glad you didn't go to jail b/c then we'd have a campaign scandal on our hands.

      Aroo to you,

    11. Glad you weren't arrested! "Perp walks" never make for good campaign photos! (And, Gus, I want you to come along next time we do a road trip - you can drive and play guitar at the same time??! That's pawesome!)

    12. Hey Gussie!
      Wow, great job handling those guys! I can tell you from my Dad's pawsonal experience that the donuts were the ticket to avoid the ticket. BWAR HAR HAR I'm sure the WN tickets helped too. Dad wants to know if you have any glazed or powdered sugar ones left.
      Grr and Woof,
      Sarge, Pol Comm

    13. Phew. Angus, for a moment we thought you would be singing Johhny Cash, Folsem Prison Blues. Glad everything was sorted. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    14. STAY OUTTA THEM DONUTS ANGUS....wait for ME and Bites to get there!

      Da Sus

    15. Whew, we were worried for a bit. We were afraid you would get tazed! Travel on Gus!

      Your Pals,

      Murphy & Stanley

    16. Whoa, that sure was a close one - better be extra careful now!

      Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    17. That was a close call!! Be sure not to be speeding!

    18. It's sure a wild campaign trail
      Retro rover

    19. So it worked? They got the donuts and you got moving again?

    20. Quick thinking there, Gussie! I'm so proud of you for thinking on your feet - even with the cough! I'm amazed you still have a voice!!!