Saturday, September 20, 2014


So when you last saw Bailey and I we were peaking in a window

 trying to figure out just where we had ended up in the woods, I being the Jr. Officer thought we should just break down the door and demand to use their phone, but Bailey being the campaign manager was worried about

So we just stood outside in the freezing rain and snow and I whined to Bailey that my feets were getting COLD.  Bailey looked at me and reminded me that there was NO SNOW and NO FREEZING rain, but I toles him it made the story sound better, if I said that.  Bailey said there would be NO LYING in this campaign........sigh.....
Suddenly we heard voices coming up behind us, and I felt something poke into my back.  I screamed at Bailey, "oh no Bailey they have weapons!!!!!", but when we turned to look we saw they were using frozen hot dogs......whew!!!!  I realized we could overpower them and eat the dogs, cos I was a starving. 
Next thing I knew Bailey started talking to them like he ACTUALLY knew who they were,
BILBO and ARTY?????!!!!!   Dory's brothers.

Oh I was so relieved, I asked them if they were gonna fire up the grill for those weapons.....bahhahahah or if we was just gonna eat them frozen.....those boys didn't evens laugh at me.  That's when I faught me might be in a little trouble. 

They faught we were SPIES!!!!!   Boy oh boy...I was impressed but Bailey looked worried!  They threatened us with the latest methods used in their trusty manual on "What to do if yousa finds a spy in your backyard".  Bailey didn't want to get in the tub, but I was feeling a little stinky and wanted to pretty myself up in case any girls came around......

Bailey explained to them we had broke down and walked for hours in the woods trying to find a phone so I could call the tow truck.   We had to leave the rest of the crew back at the RV and I was really worried they were chowing down on all my snacks and talking to my GPS girl.....apparently Bailey and I had different worries, but then those boys told us even more information and I faught

No Nose!!!!!!!
Angus McConnell Long
MUrphy & Stanley, Doods for Mayors

  • Our Driver Angus McConnell Long from RV Travel & More Where Safety Comes First
  • Our lovely opponent Dory and her campaign team Bilbo, Arty & Jakey
  • Blogville's first mayor ever and the debate host  Frankie Furter



    1. Wow, Gussie & Bailey, this is an edge-of-your-doggiebed adventure! I gotta know what happens next.. Did you get baths, did you eat those hotdog weapons, did you get a tow truck????? Come on...tell us! OMD how long till the next installment?
      Grr and Woof,
      Sarge, Furiend

    2. I had the same idea as I read about frozen hot dogs... but they are not really in the mood for a BBQ, huh?

    3. Gussie for sure you will need to return your GPS after you get home...
      if nearly got you in trouble with Bilbo he is a no nonsense kinda guy doesn't like introoders.
      Hugs madi your bfff

    4. Oh, about those snacks . . . we think your GPS girl ate them!

      Your Pals,

      Murphy & Stanley

    5. Will there be any snacks left? Will twatnav GPS girl run off with someone else? OMD the plot thickens. Have a super Saturday.
      Best wishes Molly

    6. What a relief you ended up at Dory's house! But OMD, they think you're spies?! Never!!

    7. We're glad you got in out of the freezing snow and rain. :)

    8. OH NO! How will they get out of this one!!!!

    9. Well DARN Gussie..... I (Ernie) really LIKED the pawt about the Freezing SNOW and RAIN... Sorry that it got NIXED in the bud, Buddy.
      Butt I am pretty worried about this Pawsible Water Torture stuffs.. You are TOO YOUNG to resist such Tactics. Start Screaming about the Geneva Convention... and DAWG Rights... and stuffs...

    10. Oh My Gawd. You were captured like spies and had the horrid water torture. Oh, no. Poor Rory has run outside yelping, and crying cause you are in the bath Angus. We hope you escape or are rescued soon. Paws crossed here. Gulp.
      No worries (we hope) and love, Stella and Rory

    11. Food is important- get some food my friends!

    12. This is getting so intense! How could they NOT laugh at the frozen hot dog joke?? BOL