Thursday, September 4, 2014


( Mom and mine favorite picture taken two years ago)

August is my Gotcha Day Month and Mom has been so busy we haven't even had time to celebrate it or take new pictures.  Momma said we would get that done this weekend.  She promised me if it is cooler outside we would go to the Lake together, just her and me, and look for signs of fall.  That is my best present, time with just mom.

 How I came to live with Mom and Dad is important to me, because that was the day that Mom became aware of Puppy Mills and how evil they can be.  From that day on, all the pugs that have lived with me, have came from an awful mill, so that always is special in my heart.  Mom has told me and my siblings that is ALWAYS important to remember that we are not victims but survivors who have made a difference in Mom and Dad's life.  We are their loves.

So Mom went with a friend of a friend to a breeders farm to deliver newspapers to her.  Mom was appalled and very sad when she saw the conditions of this farm.  She didn't even want to get out of the car.  The first thing this person asked mom is if she was from USDA and we guess she was worried she would be in TROUBLE for the conditions Mom was seeing.  Once she realized Mom was not and was basically held captive she showed Mom around. Mom said later it took her days to get that smell out of her nose and hair. 

( I had lived with mom and dad two years in this picture)

Mom and Dad's little minpin had just went to the rainbow bridge and they were not looking for a dog yet. She kept showing Mom old breeder dogs that Mom could just have, but Mom said no, and it broke her heart to do that. Mom said she was just in shock cos she didn't know about these places.  The nursery was in a creepy basement and as she showed Mom new puppies Mom said her eyes kept watering from the smell and her heart breaking.  They handed her a little black dog that was 4 months old-- that looked like a baby gorilla and told mom that she was almost blind and they couldn't sell her, so she would stay in the basement and become another breeder dog.  Mom somehow ended up carrying that stinky little dog around while she saw the rest of the place. 

(I had lived with mom and dad a whole year in this picture)

That little dog was living with 4 bigger dogs, so she was not well cared for nor well fed and did we mention she smelled really bad. When it was time to go, Mom got ready to hand the dog back to the devil woman, and the woman told her she could just keep her cos the vet bills for her would add up for the breeder. Mom said no they weren't ready for another little dog yet, BUTT when it was time to put her back in the cage, MY Mom froze up and her eyes were wet, and she looked into that little weird face and said she would take her home forever. .
(I am still sad here in this picture.)

 On the way home that little stinky dog laid in the seat beside MY Mom and Mom said I think your name should be STELLA ROSE cos you deserve something beautiful in this world.  I struggled at their home till I was almost a year old.  One minute I was a happy little pug and the next minute I would become angry at the world.  Mom told me later that she thought I didn't understand anything about love, and I just had to figure out in my own time that they would always love and trust me.  A few months later they went back and got my little brother who had been born right after I left, and once Sammy J. Simpson entered my life I started to settle down, and just let myself love everyone. 
(Sammy lives at the rainbow bridge now and watches over us)

That is my gotcha story.  That was just a small part of my life, only 4 months  and now I am 4.5 years old I have many more wonderful memories and  those are  what I think about. My mom loves me with all her heart and I love her with all my heart.  I have taught my Mom so many lessons in life and my Mom has taught me all about having a loving Mom and Dad. 

Here are a few more pictures of me. 

(4 months old)
(Do I look like a pumpkin?)

(My Christmas Picture for Stan)
Stella Rose Long


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Stella Rose! So nice to meet you, looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Stella Rose we cried bitter tears while reading. For you and all the other dogs who are condemned to a life in such puppy mills. I like that you mom gave you such a beautiful name, because you are beautiful and a SURVIVOR, that's for sure. Have a wonderful Gotcha Day, I'm so glad that your mom brought you home and you could leave this scary place. Thanks Stella Rose's Mom for rescuing a little pug girl.

  3. Oh Stella..Mommy's eyes are watering just from reading your story. You really lucked out finding such a loving family. Hap-Pee Gotcha Day!

  4. Oh Stella Rose, you have the most beautiful gotcha story we have ever read....We are so happy that you found such a wonderful furr-ever home with such a wonderful Mama!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Aw, so beautiful! Happy gotcha day Stella! Pawty like a huskerboo BOL!!!!


  6. it is a sad but happy tale .....we rescued a little sheltie girl from a puppy mill and nearly lost her a few times to sickness but she eventually got strong and became the perfect little girl

  7. Stella Rose, we are so glad your mom and dad adopted you and eventually your brother. You - all of you - deserve a better life than you had. Happy Gotcha Day.

  8. Your sweet story made my mom's eyes leak. It sounds like you and your mama were "meant to be" and that you are both very good at taking care of each other :)

  9. Happy Gotcha Day! Pawty big time!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day! We are so happy your ended up finding your "happy ever after!"

  11. Oh Stella Rose! I've heard your story before, but it makes me misty every time. I'm so glad your momma couldn't leave you in that awful place. It's hard remembering our awful beginnings, but they make us appreciate our fangtastic NOWs even more! Happy Gotcha Day!

  12. Bless your sweet heart Stella Rose...Your life truly began when you came to live with your peeps
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. Oh Stella.
    First of all we wish you a Happy Gotcha Day.. We think your momma picked out the perfect name for you- because you are beautiful-inside and out!!
    What a wonderful story,,, but our eyes filled with sad and happy tears.
    We are so happy for you-- that you have this wonderful home- full of love!

  14. Happy Gotcha Day sweetheart! Your mama loves you more than you will ever know ...

    Love, Ellen & The Fab Five

  15. Oh Stellie! What a lovely gotcha story you have...we are so glad that your momma came to get you that day and that you have been loved and snuggled like you deserve!

    Edgar and his mum

  16. WOWZERZ! Oh Stella - that iza bootiful gotcha story. We r so furry much thankful that your mom gave u such a most wunnerful home an'wuz able tue git u outta that dastardly mill.
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

  17. From one rose to another rose. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY BABES...........
    nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty puppy farms.

    Lots of luv's Cat Flap Cavalier.... X

  18. Happy Gotcha Day Stella Rose and we know you did not have the best of starts but in the end you got the best peeps ever who love you big time. That is the best thing ever.
    Have tremendousThursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  19. Dear Sweet Stella Rose, we are so happy your momma decided to give the wonderful home that you so deserve. And we are so happy to have you as a friend
    Happy Gotcha Day
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  20. happy Gotcha Day! We're so happy you were rescued.

  21. I wondered why there was no mention of the romance, so I am sure glad Stan got in there. I love all your pictures, Stella Rose, and am so glad you came to live with your mom and dad.

  22. Stella Rose Happy Gotcha Day! Your story started sad but now you have a very happy ending! I was a puppy mill girl too and I was kind of mean at first. I didn't trust any humans. I learned about love here too and now I am the happiest pup in the world. I am glad we have forever homes and wish all pals did. Have a great day!

    Love Sasha

  23. Happy Gotcha Day to you, Stella Rose and kudos to your Mom for bringing you home. Our eyes get wet every time we hear your story. We hope you have many more happy days filled with love with your wonderful family.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  24. Well glad you found Mom and saved her, thats what us rescues do best, make their lives better. Happy Gotcha Day Stella Rose!!!

    Da Sus

  25. Stella Rose, we got tears in our eyes too, for the beauty of the new life and love your mum and dad gave you, but also for the poor pups and dogs that have to endure such a horrid life. We're sending a huuuuge hug to your mum cause without her, we wouldn't know you!! Take care mates. Happy Gotcha Day Stella Rose. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    We are SO very VERY much thrilled that you are now in a loving caring home... where you are treated the way you Deserve to be treated.

  27. Great story Stella Rose. Happy Gotcha Day
    Lily & Edward

  28. So glad ya got a better life Miss Stella Rose!

  29. I love stories with happy endings. Happy Gotcha Day Stella Rose.

    Aroo to you,

  30. What a beautiful gotcha day story with such an important message. I thought I could have like or respected you more but I was wrong. You are a champ

  31. Happy Gotcha Day, Stella! I am so glad your mama couldn't leave you there, and took you home forever! You have the bestest home now, full of love and siblings!

    xoxo Patty

  32. Happy Gotcha Day! Glad you found a wonderful home!