Friday, November 2, 2012


1. NO green beans were ever served with our meals! I am sure we will be developing rickets very soon.

2. Dad lost Sammer's hedgehog!!  Sammer and I believe the squirrels that Dad insists upon feeding stole him!

3. Dad did not know how to put my eyedrops in and sprayed my little nose instead!

4. We had to stay out on the porch on Tuesday when Dad worked from sunrise to sunset.  Even tho it is enclosed I am sure I saw the buzzards a circling our house!!

5. On Thursday nights Mom and us watch our favorite show...Dad turned the channel since mom is missing and watched a show about croc's instead.  I had nightmares.

6. Dad never ever one time sang us our bedtime song!

7. We are starting to shed cos Dad does not know how to use the furminator!

8.  Dad does not change the sheets as often as Mom does.  OUr house is starting to look unsanitary!!

9. Dad brought home chicken last night but he only gave us one bite each.  He ate the rest himself.  Who does he think he is fooling...Sammer and I knew there was 25 wings in that box!!

10. Sammer and I are thinking about traveling to see our friend Goose cos he said he would always have our backs, and then after that visit going to Noodles house to see her.  I figure somewhere along the way we will find our robot mom and bring her home.  Dad said that grandma is doing better and they think that they got all the big bad "C" from her eye.  I am worried that Mom decided to fly to cancun or somewhere warm and is laying on the beach without us. I am going to kick her butt when I find her.  Maybe she tried out for the part of the tin man in Hollywood?
Stella Rose


  1. This doesn't sound good. Hope she comes home real soon!

  2. Ooooooh furs da love of dogs I can not believes your mom lefted ya'll withs da dad...I hope my mum knows betters. What I find horrificer more than anything is dat he not sing to ya'll...OMD. I really and truthfully hopes dat ya'll is not gonna need any therapies afters all dis trauma.
    Believes me, Goose will has your back...and I'll has da beer.


  3. Next time you are abandoned, just come stay with us- we get fresh green beans too so you won't starve (and we get lots of chicken- WHN buys us chicken nuggets whenever we go through a drive through window- Tasha orders them and we share nicely-

  4. Your name is on the list under Stella Rose Long but I will change it to The Three little pugs


  5. Uh oh. Sounds like a horror movie for Halloween!

  6. Have your Mom, when she finally returns from Mexico, email WHn about bandanas- WHN has PUG patterns!

  7. Oh no rickets , next it will be berri berri and the buzzards circling. Yikes pals we think you'd better send out urgent sos. Mum come home soon. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishs Molly

  8. Stella Rose, youz come and stay wiff uz..Plenty of green beans and treats to go round. Youz can watch whatever youz like on the telly. I'll even share my toys and bed wiff ya :) We can play bitey faces wiff Alfie, he loves that and being chased around the house.. Oh wat fun, say you'll come.. xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  9. OMP Stella! Hope your mom comes home soon. Bailey and Hazel have gone through this type of torture but I have not ever been without Mom home at night! I don't know if I could handle it. My naughtiness would probably get out of control!!!

    Greta, Bailey & Hazel too!

  10. I got your back and your tail and I got your green beans. I just sent MOM out to buy extra and we are all set for you and Sammers to head on over here. My MOM is not much of a singer, but she does sing to me everyday and I know she would love to sing to you as well. And even if MOM has to go somewhere you can be assured that you two will come with us and if she can't take us we will go to Bert's. I just refuse to believe that your mom has abandoned you. I think you might have been right and she just got a little rusty in the rain. We will find her. But if that is not to be you have a home right here with me. You can even sleep on MOM's bed with me, she won't mind taking the couch. Come on over!

  11. Hi Stella!
    Wesa saw you aresa on the Holiday Card Exchange list. Wesa are, too!! Wesa so excited. BTW, you are listed under "Three Little Pugs" and we are listed under "The Slimmer Pugs & Purrs."
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi
    PS: No goodnight song!! The horror!!

  12. Oh dear, we are sure you will be so happy to see your mama you will cover her in kisses

    urban hounds

  13. The fact that your dad doesn't change the sheets as often as your mom does and the fact that your dad left you on an enclosed porch while he worked from sun up to sun down is reason enough for me to fly over there and lend a hand asap! What airport should I fly into? I hope your mom is at least reading these posts (cries for help) while she's lying on the beach in Cancun!

  14. Stella, you are making me laugh out loud! But as hard as life is for you right now, I'm so happy about your grandma!

  15. OMD, your dad is SOOOOOO cruel! He didn't even sing you your bedtime song?! If Goose is busy, you guys are welcome to come stay with me ANY time.