Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well last night mom and dad weighed sammer and myself so they would know if I had REALLY gained weight or just looked heavier due to my wrinkles. Um..well anyway I now weigh 17.5 lbs.  Awhile back when NOODLES was put on a DIET I weighed 16 lbs.  Somehow between then and now i have gained 1.5 lbs.  Mom told Dad to stop giving us all those treats and good human food while she was at work!  Dad told Mom to stop overfeeding us our kibble.  No one wants to take the blame.  On the other hand SAMMER had gained 2 lbs and now weighs a massive 25 freaking lbs. of pure hard muscle.  Again, Mom and I think he is really a minature great dane, cos he looks just like RORY from Austrialia.  Or bigfoot.  So mom is now giving me more fruits and veg and less food.  It hasn't affected Sam's meals at all!  Life is not fair in Iowa.
I have also found out that Moms out there in the other world SEW as well as COOK!  I asked my robot mom about this and she said she just uses the stapler (or rivit gun in her case) cos it makes it much more simpler. Well OKAy!


  1. Well at least you will still get your green beans, I hope. Hey your mom and my MOM have something in common. When my MOM sews she gets out her sewing kit which contain a stapler and a roll of duct tape.

  2. THIS is just NOT RIGHT.. Not Right at ALL...
    I think that your Dad and Robot Mom should only be allowed to eat the stuffs that they are giving YOU... I'm just sayin.

  3. Why do YOU have to starve and not Sammer, when he's the MUCH MUCH HEAVIER?! That is SO not fair.

  4. Hmmmmm Abby and Gertie need to diet along with you, Stella Rose. Sorry!

  5. Stella Rose we left you a comment yesterday re Sammer. Well at least the frozen water diet has stopped and robot mum is giving you veggies. I eat what I like as I spend hours tearing around after squiggles so do not put on weight. Yea I am kinda lucky. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow, my Momma blames my Pops for my weight gain too. Something about those extra treats gets those dads in trouble all the time!

  7. My vet was real happy at my appointment yesterday that I had gained almost a pound. Maybe you need a new vet?
    Oh. And at the end of my check up, she gave me cheese-in-a-can on top of cookies. I <3 my vet!

  8. OMP ... Stella we feel your pain. Imagine the size of an eraser on a pencil ... that is about the size of our kibble. NOW imagine only getting 25 pieces - carefully counted out - twice a day. Add in 1/4 cup of frozen green beans. In the morning we also get 6 frozen blueberries and 1 TBSP of non-fat yogurt OR canned pumpkin. For dinner we get 6 slices of frozen carrots with our 1/4 cup of frozen green beans and 25 pieces of kibble.

    For some reason the boys always get more food than we do ... And they are bigger than us! It's just not fair!!!

    Love ya, sista ... Zoe, Whitney & Liberty
    (Peyton & Webster, too!)

    1. Your mom is like a mad scienctist or something....

  9. SHEEESH!! Reading all these comments about food is making us really hungry!! Isn't it time for dinner yet MOM!!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  10. Life is sure tough at your house Stella! The indignity of having to be on a D-word while Sammer can eat his weight in kibble. Haarrrumph!
    Time to roll out the exercycle.
    Love Noodles

  11. We feel your pain Tubby weighted 27 lbs at his last visit and though he is a big pug the diet started because 25 lbs is good for him. Ping is always up and down too and Bob as well, yet Norbert tends to be too thin and has to be prompted to eat and he is SO big (100 lbs) that he eats about 8 times as much food as us and even when he leaves some mom wont let us finish it.

    urban hounds

  12. Hee hee stapler..our Mom loves the hot glue gun that's how Emma's costume was made! Oh Stella we think you weigh just right...we both are heavier me Sequoia 19lbs and well Big Momma is 22lbs...yikes! When I went on a diet I got lots of green beans....yummy! Hope you enjoy your veggies!!


  13. Howdy Mates, diet? Diet? WTF is going on. You know us big dogs have big appetites and if Sammy is allowed big meals, then Stella Rose, you are too ok? Solid muscle, of course it is. I Stella, have a hearty appetite too. If the food gets too bad, let us know. The RSPCA is only a phone call away mates, hehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (Bigfoot)

  14. Stella, Don't you worry about loosing weight. I had to also when Mommy first got me and you can do it! I knowz you can lose that weight. You parents BOTH have to takez the blame and admit faults BOL! Swimming is great alternative to walking if it hurts to much!


  15. Poor Stella. Dieting is hard, but veggies are excellent to help you lose weight. And they are delicious! We eat an apple and a banana every day!

    Our mom does cook and sew our clothes. BUT then she makes us wear them! We are going to be chickens in our parade. CHICKENS! The indignity!
    Anyway, you have a dad and a mom so that evens it out. More hands for belly rubs and more laps to lounge in.

  16. Oh NO not the diet.. Humom goes mad at Daddy, he give'z me load'z of treat'z. She doesn't coz she'z mean. I love veggie'z xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. Oh squirrel snot...ya'll is in da same conundrum I is in. Mum says we is VOLUPTUOUS, I say we is still gawjuss so who cares? Run from da green beans...they is nasty stuffs and healthy...blah!

    I sees I is on my way to corrupt da minds of da children across da world...bwhahahahaha. Oh life is good. My Girl is 10 years old and has links to dog blogs so I guess I can't say nuttin'. You gives dat little grandbiped a hug from me okays?


  18. What is with that word ~ DIET! Hum.... Don't like it one bit!

    Mommy said "sew?" What in the heck is that? Obviously mine don't sew either.

    Guess we're in the same boat Stella Rose.

    Lily Belle

  19. Stella, what is it you're needing sewn? I sew! I don't clean house, ever ... but I sew!

  20. Whoa! I hates talking abouts my weight. Mum says this post sounds just likes our house. Everyone overfeeding me and no one taking responsibility.


  21. Poor Stella Rose. You really have it hard!