Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Goose's Mom

Dear Goose's Momma:
You told me one time if I ever needed to talk to you that you would be there for me, so I decided today I need to take you up on your offer.  I know you work real real close to God and Goose is always bringing us such kind and thoughtful messages but I am gonna warn you my letter to you isn't very kind or nice or sisterly.  I thought maybe if I wrote you just how mad I am at my dumb brother then you could help me not be so mad. 

First of all Sammer is a big dummy for running out into the highway on a foggy night. I mean he couldn't even see his feet in front of him and he is running away from mom like it is a silly joke! He should have just stayed up on the house, and pretended he was our gargoyle, or just stayed in the pen, or on the porch with me. Sometimes Sammer was just a dummy about staying safe!  Remember in the summertime when he ran away from mom and it was a million degrees outside and it took her 45 minutes to catch him. He could have died in the heat!

Sammer was the best brother I could have besides his bad traits, like stealing my treats, and taking my toys, and hogging Moms lap, and shoving trudie off the chair, well he was just the best. I am really really really mad at him for being so dumb and now he is gone.  Mom hung up our stocking last night and its to big for just me!  Last year it had mine, turd's and sammers presents from santa. Mom needs to take it down and put a little one up.  Maybe we should just mail it up to the rainbow bridge cos there would be lots of loved ones that could use it. Do you think I could sneak inside just to visit for Christmas, and then have Santa bring me home?
Stella Rose


  1. Stella we are right there with the stockings. I pulled out them there was Tuni's. My husband said I could hang it up but it would just keep reminding me she's not here and it being empty on Christmas morning I can't handle it. I hope you find a good answer on what to do with the big stocking. I hope you snuggle up close with Mom tonight Stella and let her talk to you about how silly your brother was too.


  2. Howdy Stella Rose, hugs to you little girl. We don't know much about stuffs but we do know being mad is perfectly ok. It's all part of the process of missing your brother cause he was loved so much and wishing he was still here. You just go and bite on a pillow and howl at the moon and let it all out. We're here for you little friend. No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  3. Stella Rose,
    Yousa have every right to be mad at proves yousa cares. Any emotion is good...that's what mama says anyways.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi
    (equally as guilty at running out the front door, where there is no fence, and running away from mommmy without listening!!) **Are you pugs listening to what I am typing to your friend Stella?? Now quit it!!*** Sorry Stella, Mama Mindy here had to get her two cent out for what they are worth.

  4. Your hearts are breaking and it's okay to be mad then sad and mad and sad again. We are having a Christmas without a sister too.

  5. I am so sorry for what you are going through and so sorry I did not know about this sooner. Being sad and mad at once is normal that is what grief is. We are thinkign of you

    urban hounds

  6. I am sitting at a bookstore reading this and sobbing. You broke my heart when you said Sammer should have been your gargoyle and I know your own heart must be in a million pieces. I am so sorry for your whole family.

  7. Stella I have just sent you an email from me and my MOM. To much to write on a blog space.

  8. We are right here for you Stella Rose. We felt the exact same way when Grandma died. We were angry at everyone!

    Maybe you can share some words of wisdom from Goose' Mom. We'd all like to know how to help heal broken hearts.

    Lily Belle

  9. It could be a sad time Stella Rose. We bet Goose is right there listening to you
    Benny & Lily

  10. I think it is OK to be mad ...sometimes things just don't make sense. Sending you lots of support across the miles.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. I think it okay and very normal to be mad too....
    The moon is full tonight- so I am planning a trip to the moon to see all my friends who live at the Bridge.
    We sit around the sea of transquility and share love.
    I go every full moon- and of course I will see Sammers there tonight- and I will tell him how much you really care about him.

    1. Tell him I am really mad at him! Tell him, he is a big dummy! Tell him that I will always and forever love him.
      stella rose

  12. Bless we just say stay strong. We know Gooses' mum will have all the right words. Take Care my sweets.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Oh dear... this is just awful... it made me so sad. We dropped by to send our power of paws and prayers.

    I hope you're okay, Miss Stella.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. It's okay to be mad. You can be mad at someone for being stupid and still love them a WHOLE BUNCH. I think you should keep your stocking, though. It will hurt for a little bit, but it will help you remember them for Christmas.

  15. I have been angry too, not sure at what or who, but just so mad that my angel Payton won't be here with us at Christmas time. I haven't even started to think about decorating yet because of it. Continue to let your feelings out, whatever they may be, because it will help. And we will totally understand and not judge.

  16. One just doesn't know whether to be sad or mad about something so terrible. I surely do understand, and I include you in my bedtime prayers. The good thing is that Sammers had the "bestest" of homes and sisters that a fellow could have while he was part of us. He will be missed, missed, missed, but he will live on in loving thoughts and funny, happy stories.
    Lady Caroline Lamb