Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Blogging

This weekend mom got to actually meet in person "Bear" the little shelter dog that the grandmonsters rescued.  She fell in love love love with him. She said he is just purrfect.  He goes to the door to go potty, he sits, he listens and well he is purrfect.  I think if she could have brought him home she would have.  She said she can't believe someone would give him up for anything in the world.  She also said now she has to come home to Thing One and Thing Two!
Our computer at home and work is acting up so we might not be able to get back on here till the tech guy comes around. In that case we also wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanksgiving Day is Sammer's Gotcha Day!  Can you believe that! I just know he will get extra turkey and goodies now!  Sam has lived with us for two looooooong years!

Dad is home today frying up bacon for his (and ours) breakfast.  Mom cooked last night for her and one of the daughters and was pretty pleased it came out tasting good.  After all a can of soup mixed with chicken breast usually doesn't fail UNLESS you forget and burn it black. (Remember the hot dogs)

Today I was looking for my little bear in the toybox.  Mom bought the toybox and some toys for me when she brought me home.  I have learned to play with and love my toys.  When they brought Sammer home they added a few more toys to the box.  He has learned to play with and love his toys AND MINE!  Sammer believes in his little black heart that ALL toys in OUR house belong to him!  If I have one in my mouth he steals it from me.  The only toy he can't get to is Turd's little blue bear and I hid it under the bed. It is mom's and my secret.  Turd is laughing from above!!

Stella Rose and Family


  1. Have some bacon for me. Happy Gotta Day to Sammer. And I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Make sure you get a little turkey.

  2. Ooh, happy early Gotcha Day to Sammer! I bet you'll both get some treats. Cinderella and I both get to eat cake on our birthdays. :)

  3. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy!

  4. Hope some buddy shares that bacon!
    Benny & Lily

  5. Oh, happy gotcha day to Sammer!! And happy Thanksgiving to us all!


  6. I am kinda like that with the toys, all are mine!!. But the other day Hazel & I actually played tug with a toy together! Mom was sooo pleased! Happy Gotcha day to Sammer!

    Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Stella Rose and family!

    Greta, Bailey, Hazel and Mom & Dad

  7. Happy Gotcha Day early... and I hope you got some bacon too, and remember Trudie on Thanksgiving day.

  8. Toys are hard to share but I think burnt food would be easy to share. LOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. We hope all gets sorted but if we don't see you before Thursday have a wonderful, spiffing, simply splendid Thanksgiving. Have a terrific Tuesday too.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Me and Dave like sharing toys! Not at the same time or anything, but we switch on and off!
    Mmm... bacon. Eat some for those of us who aren't allowed!
    Play bows,

  11. Oh, dear, it sounds like you better behave or your mom will trade you both for Bear. But how can you two live up to perfect? **shake heads**

  12. We can smell the bacon from here. Yummy!

    We have tons of toys too but don't often play with them unless there is a hooman on the ground to play with us.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  13. Love the thing one and thing two pic, cute! Have a good thanksgiving. We have zillions of toys spread all over the house and mom and dad often trip on them. Ping however, never ever plays with toys but the rest of us do

    urban hounds

  14. Howdy Mates, wowza Bear is a beauty. We love, love, love, the photo of him with the grandpeeps. Thing 1 and Thing 2?? We wish we were called such sweet names as that. You don't want us to write what we get called!

    Happy Gotcha Day Sammy Boy. Sending you hugs and slobbers. Mmmmm, hope you got to have some bacon. Happy Thanksgiving mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. You guys are just too cute! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, hope you get some treats too!

  16. Dat is one heck of a beautiful dog! He is so lucky to has found such a wonderful home full of kids.

    Girl, my mum and your mom must be related cuz hers don't cook and when her does...her furgets it. I is thinkin' I may has to go gets my own turkey dis year. It's okays though cuz I does like to hunt...hehehehe. Oh and here is s funny story...My Girl accidently cut half of paw nail off and it was bleedin' ALL overs da place. Da vet said to pack it in flour! Well guess what? We didn't even has no flour! Who don't has flour in there house?????? Us obviously.

    Anyways, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY SAMMER! Save me some bacon.