Friday, July 26, 2013


This is a picture of me, Sammer and Trudie...Trudie is smiling cos Dad brought her home from the hell hole.

Anyway Mom talks about having pugs in her life as BEFORE PUGS and AFTER PUGS ..this is what she thinks about it.

1. Dog food was purchased from the grocery store-- whatever was on sale. Zeus lived to be 12 years old.
2. A toy was only purchased at Christmas.
3. Mom went shopping for herself more often.
4. The Vet was only seen once a year or as needed which was almost never.
5. Dogs slept on the floor on their blanket.  Never one time did Zeus sleep in their bed.
6. Dad gave real bacon as treats all the time or whatever meat he was cooking.
7. Mom and Dad would jump in the car and head off for the day and the dog would be just fine while they were gone.
8. In 12 years Zeus only had one accident on the floor and that was because he was sick. Mom NEVER bought pee pads.

1. Only grain free dog food is purchased ..if not there is alot of gas in the house and our fur is not as shiny as it should be.  Grain free dog food costs mom what a new outfit for work would each month.
2. At least one new toy is purchased each month, and always on our birthdays and of course at Christmas time. Sometimes we even get to play with baby toys that the grandmonsters used to play with.
3. Mom has not bought a new outfit for yourself for work in over a year.
4. We are on a first name basis with the Frankenvet. We know where they live, what their home phone number is, and what athletic events their children attend.  Now we go to a new vet so we are going to have to learn all these things all over again. Our vet is on speed dial.
5. We used to sleep with mom and dad until they changed bedrooms.  Now we have a great big bed of our own that Dad puts in the big bathroom each night.  We wish we could still sleep with Mom and Dad but I cannot see in their new room and I cry and want to go back to the old room.  Sometimes Mom feels sorry for us, and they get out the air mattress and sleep in the old bedroom with us.  Its like pretend camping.
6. Dad sneaks us little pieces of bacon but not very often cos Mom has a eagle eye about good and bad treats.  I eat alot of fruits and vegetables.
7. Dad and Mom only go places we can go which means they don't get to go as often.  People shy away from people who have three dogs so their human circle of friends have gotten much smaller.
8. In the 3.5 years I have been here I have had so many accidents on the floor Mom can't keep track!  Now, we are all doing much better. We should own stock in a pee pad company.

Angel Trudie. (wrong year on the date)

Devil Sammer and Me.  Sam always looked peeved off at the world.

Trudie killing the pee pad.

Gangsta #1

Gangsta #2

Mom says there must be a special place in heaven for pug owners....I tell mom she is already there.
The bikers are coming tomorrow......
stella rose


  1. Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard I need a pee pad. First off... it was so good to see Trudie and Sam, and you didn't even call Trudie "Turdie" once!
    It was nice to see Gangstas 1 and II, too... and guess what... things are different around here AP too!

  2. Aw! Well we are on a first name basis with our vet too, so don't feel so bad. And we have pee towels that we strategically place throughout the house when Charley is most prone to have an accident. We are often happily surprised when there isn't one, but sometimes there is. We understand!

  3. LOL! Our life was sort of like the bp life with our last dogs . . . . these current ones are way spoiled! You should save your pennies and buy mom a new outfit. Lee and Phod

  4. Yes, Mom says their whole lives revolve around us puggies. We are just like having kids. Some people don't understand but they would not be without us for all the money in the world.
    Even if some of us (what? who Me??) are a problem child!
    Bailey & Hazel too

  5. My Hunny told me AGAIN last night that he wants a lap dog. He's thinking a Shih Tzu, like my mom's pup. Would a Pug be a good choice? They're sturdy enough. And funky looking enough. But that whole potty training thing makes me a little leery. And I'm thinking we couldn't have just one, huh?

  6. Wait wait wait -- your momma and daddy LOCK YOU OUT of the bedroom at night?!?! No wonder you cry! What is UP with that?


  8. Mum and dad have a special place in their hearts for pugs for sure. So many have more than one pugs which says it all. Pugs are addictive. Looking forwards to the bikes. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Stella - I think the same thing but you know what, I think your mom would agree with me - I would't change a daggone thing :) My @SousPug runs our home and, while the Evil Minx may have an issue with it - I think it's A-Okay. Y'all are a blessing to your momma as my pug is to me :)

  10. It is a good thing your peeps changed things now that your are a pug home. But really, you should be sleeping in bed with your mom and dad. If there is not enough room maybe they should buy a bigger bed?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Ah Stella... the way I see it, pugs make the world a better place! I am still pugless, missing my sweet Angelmarie, but I am hoping to get pugged next year.

    xoxo Hugs from your friend Patty in NJ

  12. THEIR life ... BP... must have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING and hummmmDrummmmmmm .

    NOW... THEIR lives are complete.

    So who worries about new work clothes??? She COULD consider staying HOME (where she SHOULD be) and then that would be one problem solved. RIGHT??? Well, actually SEVERAL problems solved. Just sayin!!

  13. Mama 2nds your mama about the owning stock in the pee pad company!! :)
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  14. So funny, but so true! Great post! And it's true, having pugs is heaven. :-)

  15. This was hysterical!! Your mom is a good one for sure. And who needs a new outfit when you have dog furs to cover you. hehhehe

  16. Oh my goodness, hilarious and oh so true.
    Benny & Lily

  17. So funny ... but all true!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  18. Howdy Stella Rose, for some reason our mum thought this was funny butt it sounded normal to us. We don't use pee pads cause can you imagine the size Rory would need and he pees a lot, a real lot, we mean flippin, stand aside, there's a new lake in the backyard hehe.

    Bet your mum wouldn't change a thing. Well ok, a couple less pee pads but that is all for gosh sake. Our mum says living with a Dane means slobber everywhere. You know, on the ceiling, walls, bench tops, clothes, in the car, everywhere Rory can shake it. I of course, am just perfect ahahahahaha. Give everybuddy a slobbery hug from us. Maybe Father Christmas will bring your mum a new outfit!!
    No worries, and love, Stella (perfect dog) and Rory (slobber dog).

  19. I'd say LIFE IS GREAT!! You need to add to the Having Pug List: Lot's of LOVE every day.

    That was truly a remarkable post Stella!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. So funny. I especially like your final assessment of heaven, Stella Rose. Keep remindin' the momma about that.

  21. Stella how true! Lee says her grandmothers farm dog lived to be 19 years and only saw the vet every year for rabies shot and one time when he was bitten by a rat. He slept in the barn or by the backdoor. Timmy ate dry dog food, fresh milk from the cows and table scraps. What happened to the good old days. Why do I need all those shots and what's wrong with table scraps?
    Why if it good enough for Lee to eat I should be able to eat it also.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and being my friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  22. I get to sleep in the human bed, and I have to say that I LOVE it there :)