Tuesday, July 9, 2013


That is what Mom calls me" her little diamond in the ruff." I don't really know why she does that just like I don't understand ,her bringing home Gangsta #1 and #2.  Ms. Ellen reminded me in a comment yesterday that I might has well buck up cos they are here to stay. Thank you Ms. Ellen for being a kind and considerate friend....I will remember that at Christmas time.

Mom was reading Ruebens book to us last night and we got to talking about my love for green beans and how it has caused many problems in our house.  First, Mom didn't even know I liked green beans but after I came to live with her she researched pugs on the internut and found out alot of things.  Mostly, how she shouldn't take me out in the hot hot august weather cos she could have killed me that day. She also read how lots of owners to help with weight control put green beans in their puggies food.  So she did.  I loved fresh, frozen and canned green beans.  I love green beans.

Then my angel-devil brother Sammer came to live with us, and the problems started. Everytime Mom would put green beans in our bowls, Sammer would gobble his down and then when my Mom's back was turned he would steal and eat the beans from my bowl.  I would scream a high pitched scream at my Mom so she would stop the thievery but she just would tell me to calm down!  She didn't know I could scream and throw myself back on the floor like a tired two year old until green beans came into the picture. Now of course any kind of fruit and green beans will set off that response, and of course Gangsta #1 and #2 think its funny when I have my meltdowns.  They don't even like fruit or green beans they just like me to make my loud piggy noises.

Yesterday, I went to play a game called Poker at Sarge's to help raise Money for our brother-in-heart Benny.  He is working real hard on kicking Cancer to the curb and he needs our strength and support and money to do it. So anyway, Ernie,(from Frankie and Ernie) taught me how to play poker so I can win big money for Benny, only I find out later, he really taught me how to play OLD MAIDS.  The boy sure does have a sense of humor.  There will be lots of games played over the next few weeks, so dive right in and have some fun.  Just make sure Ernie is not around you at anytime.  Here is how you can send the monies to help Benny and his family.

You can now use PayPal to make
your donations!
Mindy Slimmer of Pugs & Purrs has volunteered to allow folks to put donations in for Benny .... using HER PayPal Account.    Mindy will Pay all Fees HERSELF so any funds going through her account will go 100% directly to Benny/Andrea. And you can donate $1 or more
(GoFundMe has $5 minimum)
Using PayPal to add FUNDS for BENNY....   this will go through Mindy Slimmer's PayPal account and she will send every cent on to Andrea/Benny...  Mindy is going to pay all the fees herself.        PayPal can accommodate any type of currency exchange and convert it to U.S. Dollars.   
1.   go to YOUR OWN PayPal Account
2.  Go to where it says Transfer/Send Funds
3.  Enter   THIS   email address 
  That is Mindy's account address
4.  Enter the amount that you wish to donate....    from $1.00 to.... ????
5.  FILL OUT THE COMMENT BOX...with a) Your Name b) what game(s) or activity(s) you are paying for          ex.  I'm Cloud and I am paying for Sarge's Twister game
6.  scroll to the bottom and click  Send/Finish      

Stella Rose 


  1. You were fighting over GREEN BEANS? Oh no no no...fight over CHICKEN! NOMMMY!

  2. That's not nice for anyone to take your green beans!

  3. Fighting over green beans! I haven't seen that in my house yet, but I am sure it is bound to happen!

  4. Oh dear Stella Rose...I won't be fighting anyone for g beans...I don't eat green food. MOL
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  5. Yikes we don't do anything green .......opps may be green papers but we don't have any of those to harvest either. LOL. Great poker night Stella. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Poor Benny, it so heartbreaking! :(

    You should get your mom to video tape you screaming at your brother and sister, we would love to see and hear it!

  7. oh Stella Rose,

    I just love you :)


  8. FURST I want to aPAWligize fur ERNIE's Bad behavior at the Poker Pawty... I have that little CHEATER on 87 hours of restrictions!!!

    OMD... GREEN BEANS... those thingys are MAGICAL FOODS... we go out in the garden and PICK our OWN... Ernie eats like 87 of them beclaws HE is not only Cheater... butt he is a PIGGY.
    THANKS sooooooo much fur putting the PayPal info up. YOU are the BESTEST!!!

  9. I love green beans, lettuce, carrots, wallymelon, you name it and I am likely to like it. I do not like spinach before it is cooked, though. No one steals my food because I eat it so fast. Molly eats SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! so I usually find myself "helping" her finish.
    Love Noodles

  10. Oh Stella Rose you are the sweetest ever!! Thank you, you were awesome at poker. BOL and we do love green beans
    Benny & Lily

  11. I love anything green :) We can't wait to play all the games that are being held for Benny :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie